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Top Alternative Wedding Ideas 2018

There was once a time when weddings were simple enough. For your ceremony, you would go to your place of worship and have the officiant perform the legalities. In a traditional Christian wedding, the groom would stand at the end of the aisle and wait expectantly for his new bride to be walked up to him by his soon-to-be father in law. Afterward, a big white wedding reception would take place, with a first dance, cake cutting and hours of gathering people to pose for photos by a professional photographer. For some, this is still their ideal way to celebrate their union, but nowadays a lot of people are looking for something a bit different.

Some people may choose to elope, to sneak away in the middle of the night to a romantic destination and say their vows in secret, a romantic ceremony just between the two of them. In some relationships, other people would rather just go to the local registry office and go through the legalities without any ceremony at all. However, if you are looking for ideas of how to have a full ceremony and wedding reception where you can leave your mark and celebrate in a way that differs from traditional weddings, then this is the list for you. Here is a list of alternative wedding ideas that you could use on your wedding day.

The venue

Nowadays, you can pretty much get married where ever you would like to! One popular option is to have a destination wedding and fly a small wedding party out to another location. Perhaps you would like to have a wild Las Vegas wedding, complete with Elvis singing you down the aisle and the sound of slot machines ringing in the background. Or maybe you would like a quiet, romantic beachside ceremony with the sand under your feet and the sun setting over the sea. No matter your choice, make sure that you check the marriage laws in your chosen country, find out all the documentation that you will need to have with you and make sure that your venue will allow for a legitimate marriage ceremony to take place. If not, you can always have the ceremony and then get your marriage officiated legally at a later date. No matter where you choose to have your wedding venue, make it somewhere you would want to have memories of for the rest of your life.

The ceremony

The ceremony is the part of your wedding day when the big moment will happen, and you will officially become life partners with someone else. Traditionally, this is carried out by a religious leader, such as a vicar for Christian weddings. However, there are now lots of different options for who can oversee the proceedings of your wedding. For example, you can get an experienced celebrant, such as John Toussaint, to lead your ceremony. Talk with your celebrant in advance to plan the ceremony that best suits you and your partner.

Your ceremony can be as traditional or modern as you would like. There is a common misconception that the ring exchange is an official part of the ceremony, but you don’t have to exchange rings if you don’t wish to: you might like to exchange something else instead, such as another item of jewelry, or something else which is important to you. Alternatively, some people choose to have their wedding band tattooed on them as an unconventional substitute for traditional jewelry, and take the permanence of marriage to a whole new level.

The Reception

The wedding reception is an after party for your ceremony, and a chance for you to greet your guests as a newly married couple. In a traditional wedding, this part of the day usually involves speeches from friends and family, a sit-down meal, a grand wedding cake, music and the first dance. It is up to you how many, if any at all, of these features you would like to include in your special day. As an alternative to a sit-down meal, you might like to have a buffet, or food bar, to provide a greater variety of food for your guests, and reduce catering costs. The music for your wedding should be suited to your tastes and can be as personal to you as you would like, so don’t feel pressured into any traditionally romantic music if that isn’t something that you’d like. The first dance isn’t mandatory, so if the idea of getting up in front of your friends and family to dance with your new spouse doesn’t appeal to you, there is nothing to say that you have to do it.

You don’t have to have a traditional wedding cake either; there are plenty of alternatives out there for a dessert for your guests. Cupcake tiers are a great way to incorporate lots of different flavors and options for your guests, and this also allows guests to help themselves. Another possible substitute for a cake could be something like a profiterole tower, or a chocolate fountain with skewers of fruits and cakes people can dip; this would be a big hit with younger children especially. Of course, you don’t have to have a dessert at all.

The finishing touches

There are a few little things that you may want to consider for your big day. If you are having a big wedding party, then ‘save the date’ letters and RSVP cards can be important to find out who will be attending on the day. These can be as fancy or a simple as you like, from cards filled with confetti to a simple electronic invite via email. If you are considering a themed wedding, then you might want to decorate your RSVP cards to suit that style; the same could be said for your name place cards if you are planning on having a specific seating arrangement for the reception. Some people also like to have a guest book which can be signed on the day with little notes and well-wishes from your guests, as a nice keepsake from your wedding. As an alternative to an official wedding photographer, you could consider giving your guests disposable cameras which you can collect at the end of the day. This is a great way to get everyone involved and have a wider range of pictures to keep. Another idea could be to have a photo booth where people can take more laidback pictures, and this is something that would keep children occupied too.

The key to a wedding that you will enjoy and remember fondly is doing it in a way which will make you and your partner happy. Go for designs that reflect your personalities, and mold your wedding around yourselves, rather than other people.

Planning a Destination Wedding With Honeyfund

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Three great wedding trends have somehow collided and now is the time to be a bride! In the past few years, planning a destination wedding has taken off. Buying package deals and taking advantage of deals has made this great adventure.

The second trend which has shot off the charts is the Honeyfund. Why? Because it is just so easy. There is no charge and the now generation loves to shop from their chair.

Finally, there is the buddymoon. This is where the wedding party consist of a few very close friends, and everybody travels to the destination and stays for the honeymoon. All the expenses are shared and this turns into an adventure for the whole group!

So how does this work?

Choose your destination

Select the location for your buddymoon. Maybe you all want to go to Hawaii or maybe you want a week in an Ocean City resort. Come together and determine where you want to go.

Shop for your deal

Resorts have wedding packages that include the rooms, venue, wedding, and sometimes the photographer and career. Let them know the size of your group and make sure they have a block of rooms available.

Set up your Honeyfund!

Honeyfund is the leading honeymoon registry. It cost nothing to use and you can add a lot of cool options. Make it clear that you are going in a group.This will clear up any confusion if you list a gift as “Dinner for 6 on a riverboat”.

This is where things get fun. Because you are going as a group you share the expenses and share the wealth. Your wedding party can pitch in and combined with the Honeyfund cash and gift card gifts, you can make this a once in a lifetime trip. Everyone will be on board.

A Special Night

Be sure you set aside one night for just the two of you. Include this on your Honeyfund. Have one night in the honeymoon suite, with champagne on the balcony and a candlelit dinner on the shore. A couples massage and a late night dip in the hot tub will make this your romantic dream come true.

People who just do not get the whole buddymoon concept and people like your parents who want to give you something personal and special will want to gift you with these special items.


When you return home, hold a reception for all the wonderful people who made your trip possible. For an extra kick, wear your wedding clothes and order a wedding cake. Have lots of pictures to show on the big screen to show every wild and fun day of your journey.

Serve a meal that is a custom from the area where you traveled. Be sure to bring small thank you gifts for your family and friends.

This new way of having a destination wedding is a great way to enjoy yourself and make an impression on all the special people in your life.

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