Chelation Therapy for Heart Diseases May Offer a Small Benefit

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Chelation Therapy for Heart Diseases May Offer a Small Benefit

This FDA approved treatment that involves the use of heavy metal was a revolution. Chelation Therapy is meant for treating lead, mercury and other heavy metal poisoning like hemochromatosis (iron overload)) and various types of anemia. Chelating agent is infused into the blood stream to bind the toxins. The kidney is responsible for filtering all the chelating agents and metals through urination.


The hot topic of discussion these days is whether chelation therapy works for curing heart diseases. Can the chelating agent bind calcium in the fatty plague lines of the arteries of the heart? According to research, when the agent pulls out calcium, it sweeps away plaque too, which means the arteries are cleared just as clogged drain pipes are cleared up with pressure pumping. Once the plaque is removed from the arteries, their elasticity is restored and this results in improved blood flow to the brain, which is why many doctors also claim that chelation improves the cognitive processes. The analogy is wonderful, but it is not backed by any solid science yet.

What do Researchers Say About the Therapy?


The National Institute of Health funded the TACT (Trail to Access Chelation Therapy). The researchers concluded that the therapy reduces the risk of heart diseases. Most of all, it reduces the need of getting a bypass done. However, the scientists are still uncertain of the results because the chelation mixture contains not just chelating chemicals, but vitamins, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride and other ingredients and they are not certain which of these components has contributed to the treatment itself. The treatment was particularly successful for individuals with diabetes. That’s why most doctors said they do not feel this therapy is ready for clinical use yet.

Cost of the Chelation Therapy and Possible Risks

Each year, more than 100,000 Americans use the chelation therapy for getting their heart diseases treated. The therapy is not cheap and it is not free from risks either.

The cost lies between $75 and $125 and even after you are done with the treatment, you have to undergo sessions of infusions for several methods. The whole treatment can exceed the amount of $5000 and don’t fool yourself thinking your heath insurance will help.


So what are the risks? The patient might experience some side effects in the form of headaches, low blood pressure, and even drop in the calcium level. There have been cases in which patients are left with permanent kidney damage.

The fact remains intact, no pill, infusion, surgical procedure or therapy can give you a healthy life when it comes to the matter of heart disease.

Other Benefits of Chelation

Chelation Therapy is not just confined to treating cardiovascular diseases, it is a great treatment for a number of other health conditions like osteoporosis, hypertension, arthritis, cancer, ACV, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, thyroid trouble, auto-immune disorder, peripheral neuropathy and even Alzheimer’s disease. It can greatly improve the quality of life of a person. You will also feel that your organ functioning has improved because it helps improve blood pressure, reduce pain and cramps.

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