Finding Your Confidence: Tips for Inexperienced Dancers

Finding Your Confidence: Tips for Inexperienced Dancers

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Dancing can be quite frightening especially for inexperienced people who are just getting started. As much as you would like to be a great dancer, you might be afraid of messing up and looking ungraceful. How can you get over this hurdle and become the most confident dancer out there?

Here are some tips that will come in handy for inexperienced dancers:

YouTube Is Your Friend

You will come across thousands of dance videos on YouTube; all you have to do is type the genre you want to learn plus ‘beginner’. When you do this, you will find the best dance videos for beginners like you. The main advantage of using YouTube as a learning tool is that you can teach yourself how to dance from the confines of your own home.

You can learn how to dance at your own pace without feeling embarrassed because people are looking at you. Once you are confident enough to start dancing in public, you should give it a go.

Take Dance Classes from a Professional

The advantage of taking dance classes in person is that you will get the in-person experience that a YouTube lesson cannot offer. If you feel like you can learn better from a dance teacher, you should visit the local dance school in your region to see what they have to offer. Being proactive is often the first step in getting rid of fear and becoming the confident dancer that you have always dreamt of being.

Dance through the Mistakes

When you start dancing, it is natural to mess up the first few times. However, if people are watching you, you might start to lose your confidence. When your mind takes this turn, you should remind yourself that mistakes are a normal part of dancing. Even if your mind starts telling you that you are not good enough to be on the dance floor, you should ignore such thoughts.

Instead of entertaining this line of thinking, you need to dance through the fear. When you face this fear directly, you will be able to ignore it in future.

Lean on a Friend

If you have a friend who is good at dancing, you should ask him or her to teach you. This option might be better than going for professional dance lessons, as they are usually expensive. Moreover, your friend knows you better than the dance instructor does, which means that he/she can instruct you better.

When you ask a person who knows you to teach you, you will feel more comfortable and confident when learning the moves.

Nobody is Watching You  

What if you knew for sure that nobody cares if you make a mistake on the dance floor? Moreover, if someone cares enough to watch you and laugh at your mistakes, you should not be around such a person. When you accept this fact, you will be able to dance with more confidence.

Start Small

When you start feeling more confident with your dance moves, you need to show off what you got. However, you might still feel a bit uneasy dancing in front of people. If you are still uncomfortable dancing in public, you should start small by dancing around family and friends first.

That way, you will show off your dance moves around people who love and accept you. If you mess up, nobody will judge you; in fact, people will encourage you to keep trying.

Get Comfortable

You should wear clothes that make you feel good and are easy to dance in. Moreover, your shoes should make you feel comfortable and stable. It also helps if you feel good because wearing a flattering outfit will give you a much needed confidence boost.

You need to wear warm up clothes when warming up before your class. For instance, you can order the best team warm up jackets from Move U for your dance students.

Smile and Remain Positive

You should learn to smile even if you do not feel like it. By smiling at others and being jovial all the time, you will help in building a positive dance community and boosting the confidence of people around you. You should not be afraid to compliment people.

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