Women’s Strength Training – Ultimate Strength Training Plan Without Equipment

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Women’s Strength Training – Ultimate Strength Training Plan Without Equipment

The fitness industry is an interesting space in so many ways. There are several ‘schools’ of thought. There are different kinds of workouts and fitness routines. You can also choose training routines based on age, gender and specific health concerns too. According to an official source in the health industry, when it comes to women’s fitness, there are several choices to be made and one of them is to adopt strength training routines without any extra equipment.

Here are a few ways in which women can become stronger with simple exercises that do away with extra or gym equipment.


There is a reason why this exercise is popular. It works out:

  • Calves
  • Quads
  • Your sense of balance and makes it better.

Place your left leg ahead of the right and slowly lower your body as far as you can. Keep your back completely straight. Your right knee should almost touch the floor. Hold this position and then come back smoothly and slowly. Repeat with the right leg in front. Your arms should be held to your sides.

Push ups

This is also a classic move and has withstood the test of time because it delivers stronger muscles, if you have never done pushups before, start with wall pushups. These are performed in a standing position with your hands on a wall. You can then move lower to the floor once you have gained in strength and confidence. Of course, you can make further progress by going in for one-armed pushups too.


Build core muscles and flattens your stomach! The plank is all about holding a position just short of a full push up. There are many ways to do a plank. The forearm plank will see you lying face down with legs extended fully. You raise yourself so that the only points of contact between your body and the floor are your toes, forearms and hands that are clasped together.

Plank For Women

Women Doing Plank

You could try variants such as:

  • Straight arm plank
  • Planks with arm and leg lifts
  • Side planks
  • Dolphin plank – where you go from the forearm plank to raising your hips till you make a bow-shape.

Step ups

There are many surfaces in and around your home or even your office where you can perform this move. Watch your glutes, hamstrings and adductors getting stronger with this set of exercises. It involves you stepping onto and stepping off a platform. This platform can be created with a chair, your sofa, a low stool and even the steps in your house. You can do this sideways – lateral step ups. You can also do this as front step ups and rear step ups too. Remember to keep your body straight when doing this exercise and keep breathing normally.

Jumping Jacks Exersice

Jumping Jacks in Gym

Jumping jacks

Invest in a high-quality pair of shoes. That’s all the equipment you will need in order to perform this exercise. Remember to keep your movements smooth and break-free. Jumping to place your feet apart and bringing your arms straight up and then reversing the stance should be done as a single move.

4 Exercises You Need To Know For A Smaller Waist  

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Admit it; all ladies would love to have a smaller waist. After all, a smaller waist will make them look better when they wear body hugging outfits, sexy ensembles and of course, hot bikinis and swimsuits. But sadly, not all of us have been blessed with the small waist that we all dream of.

Lucky for you, there are many things that you can do to make your waist smaller, and I am here to help you out! Below are some of the tried and tested exercises that will help you achieve your dream waist size.

1.) Corkscrew

This is actually an advanced Pilates move, and it is amazing in balancing and strengthening your body, particularly your hip flexor muscles and abdominals. Because it targets the muscles in the abdominal area, it can help tone that area and narrowing your waist.

How to Do:

Lie on your back and place your arms on the side of your body. Straighten your legs and keep them close together. Slowly and gently bring your legs closer to your head. Your legs and your body should create a 45-degree angle. Keep in mind that your head, arms, and shoulders must still be flat on the floor. Roll back down your spine, leaning to your right, until you engage your oblique muscles. You should still keep your feet close together. Put legs back in the center but do not put it on the floor. Repeat the steps again. This time, lean on your left. Complete three sets on each side.

2.) Burpees

This is more than just an abdominal workout. Doing this exercise can actually give you a total body workout. This move works just about all the muscles in your body and can also be considered to be a cardio workout as it will definitely get your heart pumping. The combination of strength training and cardio elements of this exercise can surely help you lose weight and trim your waist.

How to Do:

Go to a plank position. Jump and bring both feet in between your hands. From that position, jump straight up as high as you can. After landing, put your hands down shoulder width apart and jump your legs back to return to plank position. Do this for as many times as you can.

3.) Vertical Hip Lifts

This simple move can activate your TVA muscles and can also boost the flexibility of your hamstrings and hips. You will be amazed at how small your waist will look after doing this exercise for just a couple of weeks.

How to Do:

Lie on your back and raise your legs until your feet are above your hips, creating an L shape. From the starting position, slowly raise your hips off the floor. It’s as if you are pushing the ceiling with your feet. While you do this, your legs will tend to sway from one side to another. There will be times when it will bend. Try to stay balanced and avoid doing all that. Inhale and hold the position for a few seconds. Exhale and slowly go back to original position. Do this move for 15 times.

4.) Weighted Twists

Contrary to popular belief, it is your core muscles that generate the strength that you need to do weighted twists, and not your arms. Because of this, doing this exercise can help you strengthen your core, build your abdominals and obliques and achieve a smaller waist.

For this exercise, you can use either a weight plate or dumbbell.

How to Do:

Hold your chosen weights with two hands. Sit on the mat with knees bent, and feet flat on the floor. Try to lean your body back to create a 45-degree angle. Straighten your arms in front of your chest.

Rotate your torso to the right. Go back to starting position. Rotate the torso to the left. Do this as far as you can. Do the rotation for 30 times on each side.

Perform these exercises on a regular basis and you can surely achieve a smaller waist. If you wish to make the most out of your efforts, it is also recommended that you wear a waist trimmer that can help boost fat loss in your tummy area.

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