5 Innovative Beauty Products You Should Have In Your Purse

Automatic Eyeliner

5 Innovative Beauty Products You Should Have In Your Purse

While there are people who say natural beauty without makeup is best, we know for a fact that makeup does more than just enhance a person’s natural beauty. Makeup actually helps boost a person’s confidence and makes them feel even more beautiful. The feeling you have when you step out of your home with a freshly made-up face—looking like you just walked off the pages of a fashion magazine—is priceless.

However, there are times when, after a long day, your makeup does not look as fresh and as good as when you first put it on. This is why you need to have some beauty essentials in your purse at all times. On top of getting the basics, you should also look into some of the newer and more innovative beauty products that are now in the market. In this article, we’ll introduce you to some of them.

Automatic– Once you experience the convenience it provides, it’s going to be hard to step out of the house without an auto eyeliner in tow. With the help of these beauties, you now don’t have to line your eyes with a pencil that leaves shavings when sharpened. Automatic eyeliners make it easy to make your eyes look beautiful with a simple twist of the pencil’s body.

There are automatic eyeliners that come with a thin color stick that always has a sharp tip due to its thinness, and there are those like the 10-second Auto Eyeliner from the Korean makeup brand Beauty People, which has a special tip shaper that allows the user to easily form a sharp tip every time they need it.

Auto eyebrow pencil – Also equally important and ingenious is the instant eyebrow pencil, which also does not require a sharpener for that fine tip needed for perfect eyebrows. The auto eyebrow pencil is not only easy to use but also usually comes with its own fine eyebrow brush.

And as if that is not enough, many auto eyebrow pencils are also waterproof, ensuring that you do not have runny eyebrows when you get caught in the rain or if you break out a sweat in the gym. They also typically come in various colors, with medium brown, dark brown, and grey being among the most popular.


Mascara reviver – When you put on mascara for the day, doing so once is enough. Adding another layer to freshen up your lashes for a night out will only result in clumpy and fake-looking lashes. What do you do to make your lashes look as fresh as if the mascara was just first applied, then? You use a mascara reviver.

This product helps remove the dried-up clumps on your lashes and softens your mascara enough to make it look freshly applied. Use this to give your lashes a fresh boost without making them look chunky because of too much mascara.

Peel-Off Gel Lip Tints – if you want to have vibrantly colored lips but do not like the sticky feel of lipstick, you might want to consider gel lip tints. Korean cosmetic brand Berrisom has a line of gel lip tints that leave behind brightly colored lips after the gel that you apply on your kisser dries up and is peeled off.

Easy to apply and hydrating too, these lip tints are guaranteed to give your  lips long-lasting color—up to 12 hours and without smudge! Leaving no heavy, sticky feeling on your lips and coming in a multitude of color choices, this product is designed to be left on the lips for 10 minutes before it is peeled off.

Cushion Foundation – Gone are the days when heavy, cakey foundation is applied on your face to create that flawless canvas for your makeup. These days, light is in, so what better way to cover up flaws on your skin (while still keeping it light and bright-looking) than by using a cushion foundation? This “BB cream in compact form” comes in a small case and is applied with a small powder puff, leaving a smooth matte surface on the face. When shopping for a cushion foundation, look for one that has moisturizers and offers SPF protection to help safeguard your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

All of these products improve on the beauty staples that have been around for many years. Have them in your purse, and you’re sure to keep your flawless look all day long!


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