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Top Tips To Lose Weight And Look Great

Obesity in America is a common and serious health issue, with more than one-third of US adults considered medically obese and one in six children and adolescents considered obese. It is a very alarming trend, leaving America in the midst of a health crisis that urgently needs to be tackled. If you’d like to lose weight and get healthy then now is a great time to think about what approach might work best for you. Losing weight can be challenging at any time of year, but soon you will be faced with delicious looking delights and chocolate Easter eggs everywhere. While it can be tempting to put-off your healthy eating and weight loss plan until after Easter, it is better to begin before so that you have good habits in place and that way a small indulgence is less likely to turn into a full-blown Easter egg binge. There are lots of resources available to help in your quest to lose weight and look great, and here are some top tips to get your started.

Eat a healthy balanced diet

It’s true what they say; you are what you eat. If you think of your body as an engine, you need to ensure that you put healthy foods in to make it run at an optimal level. Nutrition is key when it comes to keeping your body healthy both inside and out. Eating a healthy and balanced diet can help make sure your body gets all the nutrients it needs and that you don’t consume an excess of fats or sugars which can lead to obesity and other serious health risks. Your diet should contain at least five portions of fruit and vegetables per day, and when working out what to cook, it is best to try and eat a rainbow, as different colored vegetables and fruits contain different nutrients. For example, red fruits and vegetables such as beetroot or red grapes are full of lycopene, the natural coloring that makes them red. Lycopene is a wonderful antioxidant and can help keep your heart healthy and ward off certain forms of cancers. Dark leafy greens such as kale and spinach are rich in folate. To benefit from a daily range of colorful fruit and vegetables and to give your morning a boost why not whizz up a tasty smoothie adding a mixture of fruit and vegetables. A good combination is kale, cucumber, mango, kiwi fruit and orange juice, with a touch of ginger and some additional chia seeds for protein.

Your diet should also include wholegrain bread and cereals, legumes such as chickpeas, beans, and lentils, and dairy or calcium-enriched foods to help support your bones. Eating low salt and low sugar foods are important, as these can contribute to heart disease, obesity, and diabetes, and try to avoid processed foods when possible. Your body also needs regular water so make sure you drink lots, particularly when exercising, and you can always make it more exciting by adding mint leaves, sliced cucumber or pieces of fruit to your water bottle, leaving the flavors to infuse.

Don’t do a Beyonce and follow a fad diet

It can be tempting to follow the latest celebrity diet fad, especially when faced with endless images of how slim and toned the top celebrities are. Celebrity diets range from the bizarre to the ridiculous, for example, there is the Baby Food diet, as reportedly followed by Jennifer Aniston. As the title suggests, this involves eating one regular meal per day and only eating jarred baby food for the rest of the day. Your weight may drop off due to very small portion sizes, but the moment you stop consuming pureed baby food and go back to adult meals the weight may return. Another celebrity diet which reportedly did wonders to help Beyonce stay in top shape is the Master Cleanse diet, which involves drinking a mix of lemon water and sweet maple syrup spiced up with cayenne pepper for a whole ten days to two weeks straight. While this may help to lose weight, it does not include the range of nutrients or vitamins your body needs and is not encouraged by health professionals. Likewise, Gwyneth Paltrow was a famous supporter of the macrobiotic diet lifestyle, a plant-based diet that supposedly tries to balance yin and yang foods, and recommends avoiding fruits, dairy, and dark-colored vegetables. Recently, however, Gwyneth has admitted that she is suffering from osteopenia, which can cause weak and brittle bones, due to very low vitamin D levels. Although celebrity fad diets may offer a quick fix in terms of weight loss, they are not a long-term option and therefore it is best to adopt healthy eating patterns instead.

Get your body moving

Exercise is a key way to get your body in shape and to stay healthy. There is a sport or exercise to suit even the most exercise-averse person, from calming yoga to a high-octane spin class. Sign yourself up for a local gym that offers a range of classes for you to try, as this way you can see whether you prefer an aerobic dance class or a weight-lifting circuits class. Or make it a more social occasion and get your friends together to go for a regular run around a local park or on the beach. Do it a set time each day or week and write it in your diary and that way it will simply become part of your week and not something extra you have to try and fit in and often end up skipping or forgetting.

If getting sweaty in lycra does not appeal then go for a relaxing yoga class instead. It has the added bonus of helping your mind unwind and relax through the deep breathing exercises, as well as stretching and exercising the body. There are various styles of yoga so try a few to see which is most suited to your needs. For example, Ashtanga yoga is the most strength-based system, with a set series of postures in each class, which include sun salutations to wake the body up. Yin yoga is very different in style and pace from Ashtanga, and instead of moving through poses at a fairly fast pace in yin yoga you hold a pose for an extended period of time, allowing your muscles to release further. There are many more types of yoga; it just depends what you are looking for.

Or, if the thought of exercise classes, in general, make you come out in a cold sweat then why not take to the great outdoors and get healthy that way? Put on your hiking boots and take it at your own pace, from a leisurely stroll to a mountain hike, and get involved in nature as you get your body in shape. There are some stunning walks around America’s National Parks which can nourish your body and soul.

America has over 12,383 miles of coastline so head to one of the beaches and give surfing a go to experience a refreshing, full body workout in the waves. Surfing can increase your core strength, and give your arms, back muscles and legs a workout too. If you are new to surfing, it might be best to sign up for a course or do a few lessons to help you gain confidence and learn about surfing etiquette and how to read the sea so you will be able to stay away from rip currents and out of danger.


You could help your weight loss plan by taking supplements that can boost your weight loss without necessitating any major changes in exercise or diet. For example, Nutralu Garcinia contains Hydroxycitric acid from the Garcinia Cambogia fruit, a super fruit found in Southeast Asia and India. Hydroxycitric acid can help to burn excess body fat, help you remain fuller for longer, boost your moods and also give you more energy.

Ask for support

Ask your friends and family to help you to reach your ideal weight by encouraging you and not derailing your attempts. It can be common for friends to want to support you, but they may unintentionally sabotage you by bringing freshly baked cakes over for a coffee meet up, or wanting you to join them in eating ‘naughty’ foods, so they don’t eat alone or feel guilty themselves. Politely remind them that you are trying to stay healthy and stick to your own plan of what to put into your body.

Be kind to yourself

Perhaps the most important tip when trying to lose weight and stay healthy – be kind to yourself. All too often it can be easy to slip into negative ways of talking to yourself or looking in the mirror and finding fault with what you see. Instead, take a moment to recognize your strength and abilities. Recognize that by trying to lose weight you are putting yourself out there and committing to the challenge. Understand there may be harder days and easier ones and there will be slip-ups where you eat the extra bowl of ice cream or binge on chocolate bars as you watch a movie during an night in. Don’t beat yourself up about these slips. The important thing is to try again and to keep going when it gets tough.

Christmas Weight Loss Tips 2017

10 Christmas Weight Loss Tips

The Christmas season can be a minefield for those on a weight loss plan. Between parties, big family dinners, edible presents and rushed convenience foods you can easily end up overindulging, and completely undoing all your hard earned progress. These are some ways to avoid those Christmas weight gain traps:

1 Portion Control

If you want to have pudding, go ahead have a little pudding, but only a small portion. Dish up your food yourself if you can, and don’t be afraid to leave food on your plate if someone else is dishing up for you, just make sure you let the host know how amazing their food was.

2 Breakfast

Breakfast is key to kickstarting your metabolism every day. It is so much easier to make healthy eating choices when you aren’t starving and craving carbohydrates. Keep quick and healthy breakfast foods on hand so that you can grab them and go.

3 Track your Calories

Keeping track of your calorie intake and staying on track with your goals over the Christmas period is crucial. This self-regulated accountability will stop you from abandoning your healthy eating plan. Log your meals and snacks, and set reminders just in case the holiday chaos gets the better of you.

4 Make time to Exercise

Yes, Christmas is a busy time of year, but if you don’t find time to get a workout in then you will find yourself slipping and have so much more work to do to catch up in the New Year. Try to get in the most efficient workout in what little time you have spare. Work out plans from personal trainers can really help you to boost the impact of your work out.

5 Take the Healthy Option

Rather than having that super cheesy potato bake, go for the steamed beans. Rather than ice cream and pudding, have a fruit salad. Weigh up your options and pick the most healthy choice available.

6 Pick and choose your treats

If you know that you are going to have a junky dinner then maybe don’t go for those tasty treats at the office party. Work out which festive treats mean the most to you and prioritize them, let other goodies slide.

7 Present Intervention

Some family members and friends give chocolate and confectionary as gifts, which can be a wonderfully thoughtful gift, but not so much when you are watching your weight. If a serial treat giver asks what you would like, steer them away from junk food. But if you can’t stop them from giving you that box of chocolates, open them up and share them with others!

8 Stress Walk, Don’t Stress Eat

If your family gets too much for you, don’t stress eat, go for a walk. Getting some fresh air and perspective can be incredibly helpful for your physical and emotional health.

9  BYO Food

Bring a salad to a party to share with others, and to ensure that you have something to eat that meets your dietary requirements.

10 Get out and Enjoy!

Take on those energetic activities that you might normally dread and get out and enjoy the festive season.

Wherever you are and whatever challenges confront you, be prepared and you can keep your weight loss on track this Christmas. You’ll feel so much better if you stick to your plan and continue to meet your goals.


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