The Ten Benefits Of A Keto Diet

benefits of a keto diet

The Ten Benefits Of A Keto Diet

When it comes to weight loss, it’s imperative for you to ensure that you have an effective diet. But the meal plans you choose to follow shouldn’t only help you cut the calories and burn fat, but it should also help you stay fit and healthy as well!

So if you’re wondering about a good diet to follow, that’s where the keto diet comes along! You might ask yourself this question: “what is keto diet?” Well, while keto is not a new diet, many people still don’t know what it is and how it works. This type of diet does not restrict you from calories 100% like other diets, but just mostly carbs, so you are able to eat many other healthy satiating foods such as avocado or salmon!

But what can the keto diet do for you? Many things! There are many scientific studies on keto diet and its benefits. Read on to find out the awesome benefits of this diet!

The Ten Benefits Of A Keto Diet

Here are the ten amazing benefits the keto diet can do for you:

  1. Weight Loss

This is the main reason why people go on a keto diet! With a low-carb and high-fat meal plan, your body will be able to successfully burn fat as fuel instead of carbs, which helps you get a better a better body composition without the restriction in calories. You can read this guide to learn more how keto works for fat loss.

  1. It’s Anti-Aging!

When on a keto diet, your body will begin to lower its insulin levels as well, which helps lower oxidative stress and slow down your aging while increasing your lifespan! So not only will you be able to lengthen your lifespan, but you’ll also look younger!

  1. Helps Lower Insulin Levels

Like mentioned, being on a keto diet helps lower insulin levels and blood sugar because of the lack of carbs in the diet. Because of this, it’s very beneficial for those with diabetes Type II. Some patients lose body weight and do not need insulin anymore because of the keto diet.

  1. Better Brain Function and Stabilizes Mood

Many studies and reports from real dieters have proven that being on a keto diet has improved their brain function, as well as their clarity of thought and memory recall. It has also helped with mood stabilization for those with autism.

  1. Improves Your Endurance and Performance

For endurance athletes, then a keto diet will work best for you. Studies done have shown that the high-fat diet helped in lowering oxidative stress and lactate load, with the fat-turned-to-fuel helped with performance improvements. Ketones in the blood have also been known to help with one’s endurance performance.

  1. Less Pain and Inflammation

Ketosis is known to have anti-inflammatory properties, which helps relieve pain and help with inflammation around the body. Reducing the glucose metabolism has also helped with the lessened pain as well!

  1. Stable Energy Levels

While it may not be evident at first, those who have reached a state of ketosis will experience better energy levels with no sugar or caffeine cravings. This is thanks to the fats and ketones burned for fuel, so one is able to fast easily without the need for food or experience the drastic energy swings.

  1. Improved Cholesterol Levels

Being on a keto diet can lead to better cholesterol levels, as it would decrease the triglyceride and encourage the “good” cholesterols to enter your body.

  1. Helps With PCOS

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome occurs with insulin resistance, which causes hormonal ranges in women. With a keto diet, it addresses the insulin resistance, helping those with PCOS. Many have experienced an improvement in their insulin and condition.

  1. Helps With Some Cancers

Many cancer patients have reported the health benefits of the keto diet with their sickness. When deriving the cancer cells of the glucose from carbs, it also starts these cells, resulting in their death.

In Conclusion

If you plan on losing weight, then it’s time to start following an effective diet plan that will have you feel great with both your mind and body! The keto diet is a great way to start, as you won’t feel restricted and still reap the many benefits it has to offer.

I hope that this article on the benefits of a keto diet helped you out! So don’t wait any longer and begin planning your diet today.

Christmas Weight Loss Tips 2017

10 Christmas Weight Loss Tips

The Christmas season can be a minefield for those on a weight loss plan. Between parties, big family dinners, edible presents and rushed convenience foods you can easily end up overindulging, and completely undoing all your hard earned progress. These are some ways to avoid those Christmas weight gain traps:

1 Portion Control

If you want to have pudding, go ahead have a little pudding, but only a small portion. Dish up your food yourself if you can, and don’t be afraid to leave food on your plate if someone else is dishing up for you, just make sure you let the host know how amazing their food was.

2 Breakfast

Breakfast is key to kickstarting your metabolism every day. It is so much easier to make healthy eating choices when you aren’t starving and craving carbohydrates. Keep quick and healthy breakfast foods on hand so that you can grab them and go.

3 Track your Calories

Keeping track of your calorie intake and staying on track with your goals over the Christmas period is crucial. This self-regulated accountability will stop you from abandoning your healthy eating plan. Log your meals and snacks, and set reminders just in case the holiday chaos gets the better of you.

4 Make time to Exercise

Yes, Christmas is a busy time of year, but if you don’t find time to get a workout in then you will find yourself slipping and have so much more work to do to catch up in the New Year. Try to get in the most efficient workout in what little time you have spare. Work out plans from personal trainers can really help you to boost the impact of your work out.

5 Take the Healthy Option

Rather than having that super cheesy potato bake, go for the steamed beans. Rather than ice cream and pudding, have a fruit salad. Weigh up your options and pick the most healthy choice available.

6 Pick and choose your treats

If you know that you are going to have a junky dinner then maybe don’t go for those tasty treats at the office party. Work out which festive treats mean the most to you and prioritize them, let other goodies slide.

7 Present Intervention

Some family members and friends give chocolate and confectionary as gifts, which can be a wonderfully thoughtful gift, but not so much when you are watching your weight. If a serial treat giver asks what you would like, steer them away from junk food. But if you can’t stop them from giving you that box of chocolates, open them up and share them with others!

8 Stress Walk, Don’t Stress Eat

If your family gets too much for you, don’t stress eat, go for a walk. Getting some fresh air and perspective can be incredibly helpful for your physical and emotional health.

9  BYO Food

Bring a salad to a party to share with others, and to ensure that you have something to eat that meets your dietary requirements.

10 Get out and Enjoy!

Take on those energetic activities that you might normally dread and get out and enjoy the festive season.

Wherever you are and whatever challenges confront you, be prepared and you can keep your weight loss on track this Christmas. You’ll feel so much better if you stick to your plan and continue to meet your goals.


Gym fitness

Gym Workouts: Where to Start


If you do not know where to start, you may as well give up? Well not exactly, the process has already begun, it is just that maybe you have not recognised it yet. The start is both the easiest and hardest step. Anyone can say that they want to work out more, and then do nothing. But at least that is better than the person whose mind it never crosses.

That first tentative step however, from making a decision to undertake a workout, to actually doing so, is daunting, and indeed it is where many stop. Good intentions, but no action. Here we look at good places to start the rest of the journey towards a heathier lifestyle and how we can help turn the decision to change into an actual plan of action, and then follow it through.

1.         Find Some Good

Usually, when it comes to fitness, we focus on what we want to change, areas of our body that we do not like, that we wish to alter. Immediately that causes us to think in a negative way, that we are unhappy and that exercise is the only solution. When changes do not come quick enough, we then blame the exercise, again maintaining the negative, and dismiss it and give up.

Instead, find some things about yourself that you like, and make a note, and this will remind you that not everything is terrible, and that exercise isn’t a punishment for being a failure.

2.         Pictures

We are tech-savvy and live in a digital age, so use it. At the start of your journey, take some pictures of yourself, and keep them private if you wish, showing how it is that you actually look, rather than how you “think” you look. That way any change is properly documented, rather than guessed. When we guess if we have changed, we are cautious to be positive, but seeing an actual picture to compare yourself to, will highlight every real change that has occurred. Measurements and clothes sizes vary, so pick a picture every time.

3.         Small Is Beautiful…

And when it comes to steps and goals, it is the best place to start. If you have never run for a bus, do not think you will be able to run a mile on a treadmill. Instead, try walking at first, perhaps taking stairs rather than the lift, or getting off a bus stop early, or even parking further away from work on the car park. Little changes, enacted often, soon add up, so do not try to climb a mountain, be happy with the stairs for now.

4.         One at a Time

Changing your diet and exercise regime at the same time often overwhelms many and they come to see it as punishment for being unhealthy and then take it further by chastising themselves for their state of health in the first place. Little changes will add up to a greater cumulative effect, without having that sudden impact feeling.

5.         Habits

Hard to break, harder to form. Remember that certain habits such as a biscuit with a cup of tea seem normal, and that new habits like walking further feel odd. Stick at change, and the new healthier habits will replace the old ones.

6.         Gym

Not to be feared, but embraced. If you have never been to a gym, you are not alone. Don’t just sign up thinking that is the answer, it isn’t and gyms are not for everyone. By trying a gym day pass, with a good induction, you will see what they can offer, and then decide, paying to train when you want before committing long term. In the short term, gym day passes and flexible gym membership may cost a little more, but then, a full gym membership which is never used, is a true waste of money. Try before you buy, like you would a car.

7.         Slip-ups

Your resolve will weaken and you will slip up, don’t worry. It is how you go thereafter that matters, not the slip up itself.

8.        Week 3

Known to be the toughest, probably because your new regime feels hard and odd, and it has shown no results and thus it is easy to quit. True change takes time, so make sure you give it.

9.         Weight Loss

Look back at those photos, not down at the scales.

10.       Variety and Choice

Try lots of things, then pick one you really like. Every now and again, try some other things. A gym partner is a great idea to alleviate any nerves, but find one with the same goals as you

11.       D.I.F.Y

Do It For Yourself. It has to be for you, otherwise you will never commit in the long term.

Change can be daunting, especially when sudden and great. So takes things slow, have proper goals and ideas, and keep documents, especially the photographs. Remember that up until you make the decision to change, some of your habits will have been long standing and it will be tough to adjust. But, given time and a little self-belief and you will achieve all that you set out to do. 


Weight Loss

How to Lose Weight in College?


Unfortunately, it seems that an academic credential isn’t the only thing that we are prone to gain in college. There are more than a number of people that find themselves in a real earnest battle of the belly bulge as well. Here are some of the best tips we could find that will resource the best ways for you to lose those extra pounds or even avoid them all together:

  1. Join some exercise classes, group sports, or a student diet program. Not only will you get the benefit of getting in shape with this selection, you may even benefit academically. Some curriculums allow for this type of endeavor to add into your overall credit allowance.
  2. Try some form of martial arts training as a way to get into shape. This will boost your confidence and make you more self-reliant as you will gain the skills to get yourself freed from some questionable predicaments as well as hone your focusing skills.
  3. Use technology for the way it was intended, to better our lives. Using a fitness app will give you a reference to track your food choices, count your calories, and stay on top of your fitness levels.
  4. Refrain from sugary soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. It doesn’t matter who you are these types of drinks inevitably find their way to your waist despite all of your best efforts to avoid it.
  5. Shop smart and avoid the inner trappings of the aisles at the grocery store, you know the places where all the junk food is shelved. Stick to the outer fringes where the produce is, the meats, the dairy, and the frozen foods are usually found.
  6. Avoid the junk foods and the empty carbs and fillers that they contain.
  7. Use moderation at the next pizza party. Eat fewer slices, and resource the salad bar more, then follow-through with either ice water or unsweetened tea.
  8. Use the buddy system so that you can reference a familiar face in every situation. That helps to break the ice with others and get through awkward situations if you have someone along to share the load.
  9. Pay attention to what you eat and when you are eating it. It is better to resource the carbohydrates earlier in the day rather than late evening. That way you have energy to fuel your day, but you don’t carry them to bed with you.
  10. Get adequate rest so that you don’t have to worry with those midnight sugar cravings or the binge eating that lack of sleep inspires.
  11. If the selections that are available at the dining hall are unpalatable then ask the director to introduce tastier selections onto the menu.
  12. Try to reference the recommended serving portions as set by the USDA.
  13. Stay active. Along with the exercise classes, walk to class, bike across campus, take the stairs etc. any amount of physical activity helps.
  14. Get outside. Not only will the sunshine provide Vitamin D, in conjunction with the fresh air it will also inspire you to live in a physical sense more so than sitting around indoors will.
  15. Dress for those exercises as you dress for class. There are plenty of sportswear designs that can cross over now, they really are too cute to just limit to the gym.
  16. Count your calories in macros.
  17. Don’t be afraid to sweat a little, soap and water washes it away.
  18. Make smart food choices.
  19. Try cooking for yourself.
  20. Monitor with milestones and rewards. Don’t obsess.

Don’t stress yourself out. Follow these easy tips and you will get there in no time.

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