The 11 Most Expensive Places To Take Your Girlfriend For Your Anniversary

The perfect time to surprise your significant other with a heartfelt gift is at the time of your anniversary. A gift that speaks of your truest and most devoted love is always the best kind. A beautiful vacation or outing to an exotic and gorgeous locale is one wonderful way to say I love you that will leave your betrothed weak in the knees.

Places To Take Your Girl1: If you prefer to stay in the states for your vacation or short weekend trip, there are many lovely yet very expensive and exclusive places to see from East to West. Of course the best place to stay is in the depths of your true love’s heart no matter where you go. If you do decide to travel, one of the most exotic yet expensive places in the United States is the city of Honolulu.

Hawaii is known for its beautiful ocean views and tropical paradises. Your lover will be swept away at the rare and enticing beauty of Honolulu, but be prepared to spend a fair amount of cash if you decide to take a vacation to this heavenly locale.

There is a romantic ambiance whenever the word Hawaii is mentioned. Visions of turquoise seas and warm tropical breezes whisk the heart to a place where the smell of lush beautiful blossoms perfume the air with the whisper of love.

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2: If city life is more your style then why not give your special someone the ultimate gift with a get-away to the big apple for a fantastic vacation for two. New York City is an endless font of fun and exciting thrills at every turn. It is expensive, but well worth the excitement for you and your girlfriend. She will be captivated by your devotion if you choose to take her to the most eclectic city in the world. Whether strolling hand in hand through Central Park or taking an enchanting ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty, or a stroll down Wall Street there is something of interest for anyone in the most glamorous city of the East.

3: If you really want to delve into the epitome of the wild and crazy night life a trip to Las Vegas, otherwise known as sin city, is the place for you. It brims over with exciting activities to do all night long. If you and your girlfriend love to live on the edge then Las Vegas is begging for your presence right now. From flowing champagne fountains to the most luxurious hotel accommodations on the planet, you can find the most thrilling and captivating night life in Las Vegas more than you can anywhere on the planet. The city that never sleeps offers any couple in love an exciting oasis away from it all.

4: For the utmost in cultural diversity and balmy nights walking alongside the turquoise ocean side why not whisk your sweetheart away to sunny Miami. Although known for being one of the most expensive cities to visit in the USA, Miami is also known for its fantastic music scene and diverse night life as well. If you desire to visit a bustling city complete with romantic lights reflecting off the crystalline sea, then Miami is the place to book your tickets for. The white sand beaches and the world class night clubs are the glitzy center of the southern part of the USA. This city is the heartbeat of Florida with a wide spectrum of people all over the world making this a highly desirable and classy destination for lovers from every continent.

5: For yet another exciting although expensive locale, Atlanta is the cultural hub of the southeast. From 5 star hotels to romantic river cruises, Atlanta has hearts on fire around every corner. Whether it’s the hustle and bustle of the city, the stately magnificent live oak lined streets, or the incredible history from days long past, Atlanta has more than something for everyone, it has everything! Your one and only will be caught up into the romantic whirlwind that captivates and confounds when you sweep her off her feet in nostalgic Atlanta, Georgia.

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6: Another thrilling and exciting town to visit with your sweetheart is Chicago, the windy city. Imagine captivating nights listening to a soulful sax while dancing arm and arm with your lover. The two of you can sip white wine until the wee hours of the morning while gazing into each other’s eyes. Chicago is a virtual hub of eclectic culture that is definitely for the couple with more refined and diverse tastes.

7: If the western hemisphere is more your cup of tea Phoenix Arizona is one of the most beautiful desert oasis’ on earth. Brimming over with Western culture and old west charm Phoenix is chock full of things to do from horseback riding to fine dining. If the outdoor life is more your style, then get ready to be entertained in the grandest way in the western desert paradise of Phoenix. If you wish to spend a bit of extra time exploring the western USA the Grand Canyon is a natural marvel that will simply take your breath away. Imagine proposing to your love while the panoramic view of the canyon lies beneath you. You can do this and much more when you take a tour of the beautiful west hand in hand with your special someone.

8: How about Denver, the cultural hub in the middle of the mountains, for another fantastically romantic getaway? This bustling city has more than its share of things to do and with a backdrop that is bathed in natural beauty. The distant mountains seem to loom with passion as they tower above the pristine placid lakes below. There is something very different about Denver. The nightlife is astounding and yet the daytime seems almost isolated as the wilderness surrounds it with splashes of green, white and gray.

A meeting place for some of the more elite of visitors, Denver has venues for every taste. Quaint coffee shops and 5 star restaurants all lining streets filled with visitors and residents alike. Surprise your girlfriend today with tickets to see the gorgeous city of Denver, Colorado and watch her eyes sparkle like the crystal lakes beneath Denver’s mountain peaks. You’ll both enjoy far more than simply a “Rocky Mountain High”. A romantic stay in the mile high city will have your hearts meeting in the clouds forever with memories that will never fade.

9: Wining dining and hobnobbing with the movie stars, LA has something for any inquisitive mind. The beaches, sports fishing, or just walking to the rocky coastline to sit and watch the sun disappear…or discover the fantastic array of a blending of culture and decadence is what Los Angeles offers along with its breathtaking and tantalizing night life. When it comes to rubbing elbows with the rich and famous Los Angeles it is a mecca for both culture and entertainment.

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10: If you want the ultimate in spectacular enchantment then Paris, France is one of the most gorgeous cities in the world and if you have the money to spend on such an elegant vacation for you and your valentine then consider Paris as your spot for romance. Most lovers find their hearts in Paris between the months of May and October and this is when it is its most exquisite that’s for sure. Paris puts the R in romance and no one can resist the stunning beauty that surrounds you at every turn. Starting at the Eiffel tower lovers can take daily tours down the breathtaking Seine River and fall madly in love all over again just like on their first date.

Paris is the perfect get-a-way for lovers all over this vast planet and many couples have fallen madly in love standing by the Eiffel tower or even touring this fascinating French paradise. It is also the perfect place to rekindle an old flame or spice up your existing love affair or marriage. If you can’t fall deeper in love in Paris, then you probably can’t anywhere. It isn’t a cheap vacation though and you will need to be prepared to spend hundreds of dollars just to rekindle the flame. This is of course an important factor to keep in mind. To woo your lover in Paris means you spending an enormous amount of money, but isn’t your true love worth it? An elegant vacation destination, Paris is a place where your money truly can buy happiness.

11: All of the cities mentioned thus far are certainly some of the most expensive locales you can romance your girlfriend or wife on your anniversary, but the premier country for true old world romance is none other than Italy. After all, this is a country built on love and romance. From touring the rich and emerald green wine country to dining at quaint and candlelit pizzerias, Italy is brimming with charm and enchantment like no other country in the world.

Rome and Venice are names synonymous with antiquity. Whether it’s taking in the ancient history hand in hand, or passionately hugging and kissing in a gondola amid beautiful music echoing across the water, you simply cannot find a more romantic venue in the world as Italy. Whether strolling down cobblestoned streets or taking in the perfumed air of the night underneath a canopy of twinkling stars, Italy is a passion filled oasis that will make you and your darling fall in love all over again.

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Imagine now you and your significant other feeding each other under the moonlit night of Rome or sharing sweet nothings on a boat ride down the river gazing into each other’s eyes dreaming of the future the two of you will share. You can do that and so much more with a romance filled vacation to the land of the lovers nestled in the heart of Italy.

Whether you prefer to stay state side with your betrothed or venture to another country, there are romantic adventures around every corner for you and your lover to enjoy.  Yes it is true they can be expensive, but isn’t the look in your girlfriend or wife’s eyes worth the money spent to see her happy? If you spend the extra time today researching your wide array of vacation options, you might just find a decent bargain on your lover’s wish list.

Maybe she has always desired to be swept away by New York’s thrilling night life, or possibly she desires the more charming old world allure of Italy. Either way there are vacations to be had for lovers from one end of this beautiful land to the other. If you spend a few months putting some extra money aside you can definitely afford to sweep your woman off of her feet again and again with a vacation that she has only ever dreamed of in her wildest imagination.

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A nice vacation is never a cheap adventure, but with a bit of careful planning it can be done and you and your lady can have the time of your lives wherever you go as long as you are in love and vacationing together. You may be newly in love or simply desire to put a new spark in your passion. Either way, a romantic get-away may just be what the love doctor ordered to spice things up between the two of you.

Picture you and your lover falling even more deeply in love than ever before. This picture can become a reality when you embark on the perfect vacation. Expensive yes, but any trip is worth it to salvage or even stoke the embers of love’s fire once again.

Everyone deserves at least one dream vacation once in a while, so why not make yours this year with that special someone one on your anniversary who captured your heart once before and will again. She will love you more than ever for it and the love in her eyes will say more than she could ever whisper in your ear.

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