The 22 Most Interesting Sex Facts That You Need To Know About !!!

Facts About SexWe all learn the basics of sex when we are in High School, we learn the concept of reproduction, the reproductive organs, and that sex should be saved for someone we love, however, there are many facts about sex we don’t learn while we are in high school.

So here are 22 of the most interesting sex facts, which you need to know about.

1.) Women are often known for questioning their self-image, women are self-conscious about a few extra pounds, if they shaved in all the right places, and how they look naked. But what most people don’t know is that one in every four men turn off light lights during sex. I guess women aren’t the only ones with self-image issues. So ladies the next time you want to make love with the lights on, you my want to compliment your man on his physical appearance, to lift his spirits, and other things.

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2.) Sex is like a drug. Most people have heard this saying before and laugh because they think the people who say it is, well, men. But the truth is, it is a scientific fact. The more sex you have, the more you want to have sex. It triggers the addiction part of your brain that leaves you coming back for more…and more. Scientists have also shown that going without sex can also cause people to go through basic signs of withdrawal, I imagine moodiness  is probably one of the first symptoms you may experience.

3.) Not all states are open to naughty behavior. The state of Alabama and the state of Mississippi have put bans on store selling certain sex toys such as vibrators. The state believe that it is inappropriate to purchase products to assist you in achieving orgasm, so if you’re looking for a good time, stay away from certain areas of the good ole south. Mostly because of the rate of religion in these states, they believe that sex should be clean cut. People thought some of the old state laws restricting sexual positions was tough, but not being able to achieve orgasm on your own is just plain cruel.

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4.) The Vibrator was originally invented as a cure for hysteria. Hysteria is a disorder which people have no control over their emotions, it was popular in earlier times such as the earlier 1900’s, the invention of the vibrator was made to help women control their over excitement by giving them a means to calm down. I can only imagine what that prescription looked like, and I am no doctor, but I see more women coming down with Hysteria in the future.

5.) Many men are self-conscious when it comes to their “manhood,” and with good reason. A quarter of men experience a condition, which causes their penis to bend when they achieve erection. There are disorders that are so bad, the penis continues to bend over a course of time which can lead to pain, discomfort, and eventually loss of penis use. No wonder why men are so protective over their manhood.

6.) This fact can either be really exciting for men or really disappointing, however, current studies show that the average male penis is anywhere between 5-7 inches when fully erected. (Fact inside a fact: 75% of the male population is pulling out rulers right now). The rate of the average penis is changing over time, and this average may even include men who are using penis length enhancers to achieve optimal length. However men, remember, its not the size that counts!

7.) For couples that are trying to conceive, it is a scientific fact that when a man is away from the woman he loves, his sperm count actually decreases, so if you are looking for successful conception, spend some time together! Many sources of conception recommend having sex on a set schedule, however, this study may prove differently, the more a man spends time with the woman he loves, the higher his sperm count will be.

8.) Men are all about measurements in both themselves and their partners, they are constantly measuring their manhood, their spouse’s breasts, and sometimes they measure weight, but there is one fact of the male anatomy that you never thought to measure. The average speed of male ejection is 28 MPH, its no wonder the pregnancy rates are so high!

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9.) Want to get into shape? Most people spend hours pumping iron at the gym or running 4 miles around their neighborhood to get into shape. Well there is one workout most people probably don’t think of: that’s right, sex. For every 30 minutes of active sex, you are burning 200 calories. Most people also don’t know that with every ejaculation of a man there is 7 tablespoons of sperm in each ejaculation. Those 7 tablespoons of sperm are not only full of protein, but there is also 200 calories in those 7 tablespoons. So when you’re doing your calorie counting, don’t forget to include your semen intake. Who says that working out and getting healthy has to occur at the gym.  Take that elliptical!

10.) What if men knew that the secret of attraction was in a common vegetable? That’s right men; eating celery can actually increase your chances of having a woman be attracted to you. When you eat celery it releases endorphins in your body into your mouth, nose, and throat. These endorphins actually increase sent you put out. Many people may not know it, but human attraction is just like any other species, we emit scents to our partners, which make them attracted to us. So men, listen to your mothers advice and eat your greens!

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11.) When women have sex, their body releases an endorphin that helps ease pain. So next time you have a headache ladies, maybe you should take your husband up on his offer, because it is proven that sex is actually a natural pain reliever, look out Tylenol, you have got some competition. The body is full of natural healing methods for pain and other issues, sex not only is proven to help relieve pain, but it is also proven to have several other health benefits as well. So I guess ladies, there are no more excuses not to do the dirty.

12.) Who truly gets the most out of sex? This question is as old as time. Women and men argue which sex truly enjoys sex more. Well the numbers are in, and ladies we have some bad news. 75% of all men always achieve orgasm during intercourse, however only 29% of women achieve orgasm every time they have sex. This is because of the difference in sensation. Men are able to ejaculate due to the sensitivity of the tip of their penis, whereas women may require certain positions to be able to orgasm. There are women who can not orgasm during sex at all!  I guess that answers that question!

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13.) Ladies, do you ever wonder what is going on inside your husbands head, well studies can help you figure it out. Studies of the male brain show that men think about sex every 7 seconds! So next time you are wondering what your husband is thinking about, you can probably safely assume, that he is thinking about sex. We all assumed that men have a more natural obsession with sex, perhaps this is because they climax more then women do.

14.) We all have our fantasies and fetishes, whether these fetishes be fireman, muscles, or food. However, most people don’t know what the most common fetish to have is. Studies show that shoe and feet fetishes are the most popular fetishes. Hey, there are nothing sexier then sweaty feet and toes!

15.) A little fun fact about the men in our lives! Men have an erection about 11 times a day! Are you shocked? Most people may find this fact surprising, however, after learning that they think about sex every 7 seconds, I am surprised they don’t encounter more than that. Majority of these erections are proven to happen at night when men are sleeping and are not even aware they are having them.

16.) Earlier we touched base on how unfortunate women were when it came to reaching climax every time, however, there is another fact that may bring women back into the race of who enjoys sex more. Though men are more likely to orgasm every time they have sex, when women finally reach their climax, their orgasm lasts four times longer than a mans orgasm. Take that men!

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17.) Women if you are interested in yoga, you are going to love the natural yoga your body does during sex. When a woman is aroused, her vagina expands and stretches over 200 % when excited! I guess that your vaginas are catching on to all that daily yoga! It is interesting that women are considering vaginal reconstructive surgery to make their vaginas tighter, however, they can’t run from the bodies natural reaction I guess.

18.) As much as we all enjoy sex, we all enjoy practicing safe sex. However, studies show that women who take contraceptives are less likely to be in the mood to have sex. The contraceptive has an effect on our hormone levels; sometimes the effects of birth control may include lowering those hormones to where sex may not seem so appealing. Well played birth control, well played.

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19.) We have all heard of the winter blues and that women are more likely to experience depression during winter months, however, a fact we don’t know is women are more likely to experience a raise in their sexual desire during the summer months. I guess after a whole winter of feeling blue, there is no better way to snap you out of a winter funk, then some summer fun.

20.) We often see in movies couples that ravish in hours and hours of love making, then they fall into each others arms for a brief snuggle, only to begin hours and hours more of love making. Well, studies show just the opposite proving that movies are just a fantasy. Studies show that the average duration of sex is anywhere between 5-7 minutes. This is a disappointing jump from a long night of passionate love making, but at least you will have more time to fold that load of clothes in the dryer. So if you have been worried that your sex life is not meeting movie standards, rest at ease knowing that you are more average then you think. Not to mention the average person only has sex 2 times a week.

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21.) They say there are many different approaches to looking desirable to the opposite sex including wearing the right cologne, eating the right foods, and waxing inappropriate parts, however, one thing they don’t mention is the effects of holiday cheer on human sexuality. During the color red during the holiday season, not only makes you look festive, but also increases your chance of being approached by the opposite sex. So this holiday season show your holiday cheer to get some holiday cheer.

22.) For all the pressure that self-image puts on sex, brace yourself for a shocker. Studies show that men that have a few extra pounds gain a few extra minutes in the bedroom. It may sound insane, but studies have shown that heavier men lasted longer in the bed then those with a slim body build. Just so you know skinny guys, they beat you by a long shot.

Hopefully we have learned something new today from these 22 interesting facts about sex that you just had to know. We all learned something new about the capability of our bodies, what goes on in our mans mind, who gets the most out of sex, and what we can do to increase our chances of getting it. We all enjoy sex, so we should all benefit from learning about one of our favorite topics, especially all the health benefits that come from our favorite pastime.

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