The 7 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

With Valentine’s day coming up, many of you men (And possibly women) are wondering what to get your significant other to show how much you love and appreciate them.

We live in an age of instant gratification and there are so many choices, making it difficult to settle on just one gift or even know where to start to find something unique rather than the stereotypical flowers and candy.

Personally, I find flowers and chocolates to be far too cliche and not well thought out, but that’s just me. I prefer something original, something that is personalized to my own likes and interests, not just something anyone could run down to a gas station or grocery store to buy at the last minute.

With that in mind, I’d like to share with you my ideas for the Best 7 Valentines Gifts For Her.

I will give information for each gift on how unique it is and how much it would cost, ranging from free to the ridiculously expensive.

No one ever said that the perfect gift has to cost an arm and a leg, but if you have the money and the inclination to absolutely spoil your boyfriend, girlfriend, fiance, or spouse, then feel free to!

Just make sure that if you’re spending a lot of money, you’re spending it on something they will actually enjoy so that it isn’t a waste.

A Getaway Trip

The first, and possibly most expensive gift in my list, depending on the package you choose to purchase, would be a getaway trip. This doesn’t necessarily have to cost much, considering how many sites offer discounted fares, hotel stays, and even all inclusive packages.

The gas might be the most costly item in the budget if you decide to take your beloved away for a one night trip to a nice hotel not too terribly far from where the two of you live, and you could budget cheaply for a nice little lunch or room service during your stay away from home. However, there are some packages that seem outrageously expensive that a girl like me would just absolutely adore.

To be honest, I love to travel, though I do it on the cheap, and if a guy surprised me with plane tickets and a limo ride to the airport, I would be his forever! I’d still be his even if he just showed up in his car with a printout of where we were going, though. Take her somewhere that has a beach or a mountain view, and you’ve scored major points. Trips can be tailored to be unique according to where she likes to travel or they can include little details like a trip to an antique mall or a photography class near the hotel.

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The Power of Scrap-booking

My second idea for the top gifts for her is nearly free, but very time consuming. Is she a creative type? You could buy a scrap-booking kit, or download one online if she is into technology. Then the two of you could spend some quality time together working on a project that commemorates the time that you have spent in love. Oh, I would just be so starry eyed if a guy would sit down with me for one hour each day to work on such a personal project!

There are many imaging programs available for free if you choose to digitally scrapbook, and you could then post your project to a website to share with your friends and family – there are some girls who would love to have something so unique for their personal website.

Cute girl is sharing her tips:

Pimp Up Her Phone

Third idea has a medium price range, anywhere from $20 to $200, and that would be an accessory for her cellular phone. You’d really have to know a girl well, though, to choose the right gift in this category. Phone cases are terribly personal, unless she’s like me and prefers functionality over how it looks. If that’s the case and she owns an iPhone or Galaxy, get her the military type Defender case that’s produced by Griffin Technology. I believe they produce cases for other types of phones, and my Defender case only cost me $9 plus tax at a local liquidation center.

As far as iPhones go, there are a plethora of accessories, including cameras and gaming items. I would kiss my guy so much if he got me a gaming accessory that costs around $45, or a camera accessory that would help me take pictures that look more professional.

Prepaid Visa Gift Card

4th on the list is a bit cliche, but perfect for the man or woman who isn’t quite sure what to get, and that would be a Visa gift card that you buy at your bank for a nominal fee. It’s a bit rude to buy one if you aren’t putting at least $50 on it, however, so if you know where she would like to shop, getting something more personal in the way of gift cards would be a better idea.

Another option similar to the last one, if you happen to have points saved up in a site like MyPoints, where you can cash in your points to get gift cards and other items, and you’re broke otherwise, is to let your girl choose something from the rewards section of the site. This is actually something that would be considered extremely sweet, because it means you’re giving her all the work you put into saving up those points, and while it is free, it definitely ranks among my favorite ideas for the Best 7 Valentines Gifts For Her.

Upgrade Her Tech

A fifth idea, especially if you are tech savvy and she is not, or if she is tech savvy but terribly broke, is to upgrade her technology. This doesn’t have to be that expensive. I got an Arnova tabled with the latest Android operating system on it for $150, and I need a USB keyboard and case for it so that it isn’t just banging around in my purse, so that would be something both functional and romantic.

A lot of girls spend so much time online now that technology, especially mobile computing, is no longer considered something that is just desired by men, so electronics easily make my list of The Best 7 Valentines Gifts For Her. If she doesn’t really need anything in the way of upgrades, you could consider the ways in which she uses the technology that she already owns.

If she’s a Kindle addict, you could add digital funds to her Amazon account so that she could download new books. The same would be applicable for Nook,, eBay, and many other websites that will store payment information or that issue digital gift cards. If she doesn’t have a particular site that she shops with on a regular basis, the Visa gift card could be used on various sites, including clothing sites such as Milanoo, which create custom tailored outfits based on the measurements that you send to them. This could really end up being a treat for you, if she’s the sort that likes to dress up and spoil you.

Groupon Her Up

If the two of you are more into the traditionally romantic gifts, you could always shop sites for something that pampers her. Does she have long nails? Take her to get a manicure and pedicure, and have nail art applied afterwards. Does she like to have facials and spend a day at the spa? There are always plenty of spa deals on Groupon that allow girls to go out and get pampered on the cheap, and the majority of them allow the holder of the Groupon to choose the services they want, unless the coupon is specifically for a stated service such as a type of facial.

Being pampered and spoiled means that your girl will come back all relaxed and happy and ready to spoil you back for being sweet enough to send her out for a day of pampering. Or, if you are metro-sexual or just the sort of guy who likes to be pampered as well, the two of you could both get certificates to spend some time at the spa, relaxing and chatting. Another way to pamper her would be a certificate for aromatherapy services, a nice long massage, or lessons in something that she wants desperately to learn but hasn’t had the time to.

Upgrade Her Creative Skills

That brings me to idea seven in the list of The Best 7 Valentines Gifts For Your Girlfriend, and that would be an idea that not only helps you, and treats her, but also helps the world, at least from my point of view. Help her learn something by getting her an educational package through any of the websites or local services that offer classes in something that she enjoys but that she doesn’t consider herself a master of. Does she have a natural talent for snapping photographs on her cell phone, but she’s never really had much time to learn photography?

Even if she only has a cheap digital camera or a cell phone camera, there are classes in digital photography, and who knows, maybe she could start a website that showcases her work while she saves up for a more professional camera. Is she naturally good with words, and she wants to travel?

Buy her classes in a language course and encourage her to save for a trip to the country of her choice. She could, in the meantime, make friends with people online from that country so that she could practice the language skills that she acquires. Is she a freelancer looking to find more opportunities to be hired during a tough economical crisis? There are certification packages on several sites that are offered for cheap, and I’m sure there’s one that covers her area of expertise, whether it’s an Adobe certification for Dreamweaver (for visual website designers), Adobe Certification in Photoshop (for Photographers), Adobe certification for Illustrator (for Digital Illustrators), or Adobe certification for Flash (for web designers who like to do Flash).

And that’s just for Adobe certifications! It doesn’t even cover the myriad of certifications available for computer programming, forensic science, and other lines of freelance work!

Is she a digital artist? You could always get her a subscription to Digital Artist Magazine, even if she’s in the United States. Actually, make that /especially/ if she is in the United States, because it covers so very much that American magazines don’t, and is an indispensable tool for freelance digital artists! I know I refer to it quite often and have learned so very much from it, and I personally balk at the single issue price.

I buy used collections of it on eBay due to the cost and I don’t even have a digital subscription for it instead of getting the physical magazine, because the digital subscription doesn’t include the many extras that come with the digital disc that comes with the publication. While this isn’t the most romantic gift, it certainly should be included on my personal list of the best 7 Valentines gifts for her due to functionality and how much I would use it.

Not to mention the fact that it has 12 issues a year, isn’t the cheapest gift out there, and even after February has ended, I would still have fond feelings for the person who got me the subscription because I would still be receiving issues. A cheaper thing to buy someone into digital art would be a collection of fonts, a collection of stock photos that they can use for commercial purposes, a subscription to deviantArt, one of their favorite designs printed on a shirt, coffee mug (especially if they enjoy hot tea or coffee), mousepad, or messenger bag.

Conclusion And Resources

Further inspiration for you regarding gift ideas:

When it comes down to it, buying a Valentine’s Day present doesn’t have to be a chore, nor does it have to be difficult, time consuming, or expensive, especially if you know enough about your significant other to make an educated guess as to what they would like. Do they prefer form or function? Is there something they would use that is /nearly/ a necessity, that they consider an indulgence? Anyhow, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the top gift inspirations for her, and I wish you the best of luck with your significant other this Friday!

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