The General Rewards and Risks of an Acupuncture Therapy Clinic

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The General Rewards and Risks of an Acupuncture Therapy Clinic

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Acupuncture is a very old practice that originated in China but is popular across the world today. Acupuncture as a form of physical therapy has been around for many centuries but the developed countries, particularly those in the west, have been introduced to it in the twentieth century. Ever since its soaring popularity acupuncture has been endorsed by many for medical reasons and for non-medical purposes.

Acupuncture therapy has many benefits but it also has some risks. If you are planning to sign up for a session or sessions, you must be acquainted with the benefits and the risks.

The benefits of acupuncture therapy primarily are pain relief, relaxation, de-stressing and increased mobility. Acupuncture deals with special therapies that involve piercing needles through the skin to various depths for optimum relief of stress and pain. The needles are very thin and they are inserted at strategic points, which are also known as pressure points. Inserting these needles increase blood circulation, calms down the nerves and also facilitates smoother venous and arterial circulation.


Acupuncture therapy also reduces blood pressure so the symptoms it treats are wide ranging indeed.

Acupuncture is particularly beneficial for those who are in chronic pain and also those who do not respond to pain relief medications. Chronic ailments require ongoing medications and instead of drugs regulating the symptoms, acupuncture is a better alternative. Acupuncture is also safe and has no side effects whatsoever. However, there are some exceptions regarding the side effects and safety which is where the risks come in.

Acupuncture can be quite risky if it is not done by trained hands or by experts at a state of the art clinic with someone who is qualified and experienced in the ancient therapy. Using poor quality needles or needles that are not sterilized or new can have serious consequences. Improper insertion of the needles will have far reaching consequences if not done correctly. Those who are on specific types of medications may have side effects but these are generally considered quite rare and your acupuncturist will ask you about this at your session. Those who take blood thinning medications or have a bleeding disorder will be at greater risks with acupuncture. It is thus advisable to consult an expert and discuss the entire medical history to know if acupuncture is perfectly safe and suitable for you.

There are some other risk factors in acupuncture such as the needle breaking while inside the body or rupturing some tissues or nerves or even bodily organs in specific places. But these risks are almost nonexistent. There have been almost no cases involving such extremities.

If you choose the right expert at the right clinic and the safety measures are executed properly, then acupuncture can be extremely beneficial so it should be a definite consideration if you are experiencing pain or have reduced mobility and have not found a cure so far with more conventional treatments.

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