The Other 6 Men’s Dating Blogs We Think You Should Know About

Dating BlogsIn today’s fast paced world, dating is a topic that many guys have questions about. While there are sites geared towards finding women, there are guys that just want to know what to do to be successful in their dating relationships.

There are many people who have questions about their relationships or about the things they should be doing, and blogs are the answer.

Whether you are new to the dating scene or just need some advice on what you should or should not do to get a great woman, a great place to look is men’s dating blogs.

Men’s dating blogs will help you find answers to questions you do not know how to ask, don’t want to ask out loud, or simply just don’t know who to ask, all in the comfort of your own home.

These 6 men’s dating blogs will help you find the information you need to start a new relationship, take the one you are in to the next level, or even just give you insight into the elusive minds of women; all written for and by men who are dealing with the same things you are.

For a completely different take on men’s dating advice, our first stop on the list of top 6 men’s dating blogs is “Sex and the Single Guy” from This blog is written by Rich Santos, a self-admittedly clueless guy when it comes to dating. Rich gets his answers directly from the source; he poses the questions and allows females to provide their answers, which can provide some exciting insight into how the male and female thought processes differ.

This is made quite clear by the most often commented blog “8 Types of Guys that Won’t Commit. In this entertaining post Rich describes the different types of males who may be quite difficult to find commitment with, and gives insight into why these types are the way they are. Even though the blog is written in a sort of question and answer method, the questions posed are actually relevant to any man who wants to get a leg up in the dating game.

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For those who are already in relationships, there is plenty of information for them too, including advice on how to deal with the frightening engagement ring buying process, and how to deal with sex that could definitely use some improvement. If you are looking for a men’s dating blog that gives information and insight from actual women, this blog should help you find the answers to all your questions, and some you didn’t even know you had; and the great thing is it isn’t written in a way that makes it obvious that a woman is doing the explaining.

If you are a guy that truly wants to know what a woman thinks about the different aspects of dating like sex, text messaging, commitment, and even watching your favorite team play together, this blog will provide a fresh take on many of these topics. Be warned, there are some articles that can get pretty racy! is the second in our list of the top 6 men’s dating blogs, and this site is packed with advice from David Wygant. David is a well-known dating coach who has used his blogs, websites, videos, and books to help men and women figure out what they are doing wrong in the dating arena, and he does it all while just being a normal, average guy. He has had a great amount of success through his blogs, radio shows, books, and television appearances, but unlike many coaches he doesn’t have the typical letters after his name.

David explains that he just wanted to help guys like him figure out and understand the dating process, and he figured he was just as good as the next guy in getting this information out there. David’s blog is packed full of videos and guides to help any guy find the answers to those burning questions, including grooming tips, decorating advice to make your bachelor pad more woman-friendly, text etiquette, and advice for how to deal with holidays in the dating scene. Interestingly, the most-commented and popular article on the site is Dating Tips for Single Parents, even though a majority of users (according to Alexa page ranking) are college-educated men with no children. is a very informative site that allows users to ask their own questions, and they actually get answered in a thoughtful manner. The blogs on this site are different from many of the top blogging sites because it provides detailed information that explains how men should use their own personalities to their best advantage, without having to resort to cheesy pick-up lines or pretending to be something they are not.

David puts his real-world experiences to use and strives to create blogs that are relevant to today’s online and offline dating scenes, and he has become one of the leading dating experts today even though he does not have a degree.  He is also a writer, and he does plug his written works throughout his blog; however, he does so tastefully and when the books are actually relevant to his posts. The blog also encompasses Gant’s Playboy radio and television appearances, of which there are many.  If you are looking for a men’s dating blog that will provide you with more than just the standard “do this, don’t do that” type information, is definitely a dating blog that you should look into.

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The third stop on our list of the top 6 men’s dating blogs is the Dating Guy blog. This site is written by a guy who decided to share his dating experiences after he re-entered the dating scene. He provides in-depth articles on many different aspects of dating, including how to pick up women in general. While this blog seems as if it would be a bit on the cheesier side, the author strives to provide information that is relevant to different issues dating men face. The site currently lists fifty-six different approaches that guys may use to try to get a date.  The interesting part about the blog is that the author actually gives a play by play of each different approach, and how each one turned out for him.

If you want to find out whether or not it is a good idea to try to talk to a woman at a coffee shop, bar, a book store, or at the grocery store, this site will give you some pointers on how to make these situations work in your favor. If you are looking for more than just a what happened type blog, don’t worry – this site has several other articles that provide great dating insight too. This dating blog also includes articles that are meant to help those guys who are in “friends with benefits” type relationships, as well as more detailed ones like “How to Pick Up a Woman in 15 Easy Steps. From trying to figure out how to keep a successful dating relationship going to determining whether you need to change some of your current dating practices, this blog just might be what you are looking for.

Number four on our top 6 men’s dating blogs is called Social Natural, and with over 9,000 page views this month alone, there is obviously a lot to talk about! This site is geared towards men who are trying to improve their dating life, but also includes loads of information to help guys make connections in general. Dating is really no different than any other interaction that involves meeting new people, and this blog helps men understand the different things they can do to improve on their social skills in general.

For those who are already comfortable with their social skills, don’t worry – there is plenty here to help you with your dating questions too! Whether you need to overcome the simple things like talking to a woman properly, the proper time frame for asking a girl out after you meet her, or you just want to be able to turn her on with your conversation alone this blog can definitely help you find your answers.

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Blog author Gabriel Angelo approaches the world of dating advice for men in a way that doesn’t sugar-coat things; guys have questions, and he answers them in a simple, succinct manner. Gabriel backs up his blog with many links to books and videos that are tied in with his topics, and there are no fancy graphics to detract you from his advice. For a simple, clean blog that will help you find answers to your dating questions, is a blog that you should definitely check out.

Number five on our list of the top 6 men’s dating blogs is This site has blogs that pertain to anyone who is dealing with being single, but also has dedicated portions for men.  The blogs are designed to provide general information for single men, but also has areas for those from different religious and social backgrounds. The site also gives guidance on the basics of dating, but goes in-depth on the subject of online dating as well. Here, the author explains how the differences between normal dating and those relationships that are started online can really have an impact, as well as explaining how to deal with those differences.

He also uses posts like “A Good Online Personal to educate men on the best ways of presenting themselves in this type of format so they can actually get the types of women they are looking for. There are posts that apply to guys who are currently single, and others that are written for those who just need to understand how to keep the woman they have. The site also has  less heavy-hitting posts that include cocktail recipes and jokes like “20 Things You Must Never Say to a Woman (unless you are ready for an honest answer)”, all to provide a well-rounded site that most men will be able to use to find the dating advice and information they are looking for.

Learn about rules of healthy relationships: 15 Strategies To Maintain Strong and Healthy Relationship is the last stop on our tour of the top 6 men’s dating blogs. The blogger, Nick, goes deeper into the dating advice game to provide readers with insight into their own behaviors that could be holding them back. The advice on this site is for guys who don’t want to play the tired old games, and just want to find a relationship by presenting themselves honestly and as the gentlemen they are. Nick’s advice centers around the things that make a real, lasting relationship that is based on respect for both the guy and the girl, and he does this in an upbeat, captivating manner.

The blogs give guidance on the normal subjects like “How to Tell If She Likes You”, and how to use your different friendships to your advantage, but also goes into detail about other subjects including eye contact, body language, and making your woman feel sexy. Nick also goes in-depth on more modern subjects like “8 Basic Rules for Texting a Girl You Like, where he explains the importance of re-reading your texts before sending them, and how to use emoticons properly. This site is also different from other dating blogs because Nick is also a dating coach, and he will provide one on one consultations for those who really want to find out the best ways of finding, dating, and keeping the girl of their dreams.

The world of dating can be difficult for everyone, but many guys are just tired of having to sort through all of the sites that are filled with fluff or geared only towards women. If you are looking for dating blogs that will provide you with information that is useful without resorting to vulgar or insulting methods, this list of the 6 men’s dating blogs should help you get on the right path in the dating arena.

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