The Top 9 Movies to Watch With Your Girlfriend

1. Schindler’s List

If the both of you are college professors or college students who cannot stand non-intelligent movies such as syrupy love stories or romantic comedies, Schindler’s List is a good movie to watch because it goes into lengthy detail discussing the plight of European Jews under the horrible tyranny of Adolf Hitler.

Before you buy the movie, you want to do research on this period in world history because this will give you an idea of the plot of the movie.

This movie is based on the life of German businessman who helped the Polish Jews by hiring them to work in his factories.

Schindler joined the Nazi Party in 1939 and shortly after this he opened an enamelware factory where Jews who were sentenced to forced labor started working at this factory. Years later in 1943, Schindler was horrified at the sight of the rounding up of Jews to concentration camps and some of the Jews who were murdered worked for him. It was at this time that he began efforts to protect and assist the Jews who were in danger of death and imprisonment.

2. Moonstruck

This is a good romantic movie to watch because it combines romance, humor and family life in a fabulous way. This story is about a woman who is engaged to an Italian-American man who is not very handsome and relies too heavily on his mother and other relatives. The woman invites her fiance’s brother to the ceremony but before the ceremony could take place, the woman falls hard for her fiance’s brother and this turns the movie into a funny yet romantic quest for love. This movie also contains elements of conflict as the woman has to choose between her fiance and fiance’s brother.

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3. Hitch

If you or your boyfriend are always trying to play the role of matchmaker in your friends’ lives, then you will like the movie Hitch. Will Smith stars in this movie and he plays the role of Alex “Hitch” Hitchens, a man who is a professional matchmaker. While working with client Albert Brennaman, he is also falling in love with a gossip columnist Sara Melas who is played by Eva Mendes. Sara wants to ruin Alex Hitchens’ career after finding out that one of his clients had a one night stand with her friend.

Alex tries to convince her that he never worked with this client. Meanwhile, Albert and his date Allegra, are having problems and soon Alex realizes that his methods won’t work for him. Eventually both of these couples reunite after Alex refocuses his own approach to his relationship and to his career.

4. Love Actually

This is a British romantic comedy that is centered around eight couples of various backgrounds and their quest to understand their relationships while others may not be happy with their relationships and look for new ones. We see one situation where a woman in a new marriage finds out that her husband’s friend has always been in love with her while in another case a man seeks solace in someone else after his girlfriend cheated on him.

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5. Ghost

This classic romantic movie features Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze and Whoopi Goldberg and in this movie Demi Moore plays the role of a wife whose husband dier and still communicates to her as a ghost, and he gives her insight into who was responsible for his death. Patrick Swayze plays the role of the husband and Whoopi Goldberg portrays the ghost. This movie combines romance and the paranormal.

6. You’ve Got Mail

Sure this is not a recent movie but with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan starring in it, you can’t go
wrong here. Those of you who are in long-distance relationships and who communicate
primarily online, you will relate to this movie. Since this movie can be watched for free at
several movie websites, both of you can experience a long-distance date and laugh together.

7. Wedding Movies

If you and your girlfriend will be husband and wife within a few months, here are some good wedding movies you can watch. My Big Fat Greek Wedding is about a Greek-American woman who marries a non-Greek and all of the humor and details that go into this type of Jumping The Broom was released last year and it deals with the ins and outs of wedding planning from an African American perspective. Father of the Bride is a nice wedding-related comedy and finally, there is The Wedding Planner, which is about a wedding planner who can’t find a mate of her own.

8. A Walk to Remember

This is a movie that is targeted towards a young adult audience and the movie is based on the book by Nicholas Sparks.It is about a popular but trouble-making young man who initially doesn’t get along with a less popular young lady in high school but after seeing her in a school play and getting to know her better and appreciating her inner and outer beauty, he falls in love with her but just as their romance blooms, she learns she has cancer but he sticks by her through her ordeal. This is a good movie that reminds us what real love is about.

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9. Chicago

This is a good movie to watch not because it has a well-defined plot but because of all the sizzle, sex appeal and romance in this film. You may be inspired to perform your own cabaret or burlesque show for your boyfriend that will knock his socks off with the inspiration you will get from this film.

Part Two: Planning a Movie Night With Your Girlfriend

Not every girlfriend is the same so when you decide to have a movie night with your girlfriend, you want to think about her tastes as well as your own and come to a healthy compromise. For example, if you love science fiction movies but she wants to watch war documentaries, you can divide the night by watching science fiction movies for the first four hours then letting her watch her favorite war documentaries the remainder of the time.

As for the kind of food to have for movie night, go beyond the popcorn and soft drinks. Instead, fix creative snacks such as mini savory cheesecakes, polenta bites, homemade potato chips, cheese fries or caramel apple slices with nuts on them.

Themed Movie Night

The possibilities are endless when deciding on a themed movie night. If the theme is 1970s, you would rent or buy classic 70s movies such as The Godfather, French Connection, Shaft, Saturday Night Fever, Carrie and Superfly. Or if the theme is Old Hollywood, you would look for movies with actors and actresses such as Clark Gable, Marlene Dietrich, Mae West, Lawrence Olivier, Robert Mitchum, Marilyn Monroe, Joan Crawford and Humnphrey Bogart.

Get Nostalgic With 80s Movies

If you and your girlfriend were teens in the 80s, you can relieve high school memories with these popular 80s movies. The Breakfast Club is an 80s cult classic and the soundtrack to this movie is just as good although at times corny. Back to the Future and ET were science fiction films that explored the idea of alien life and space exploration while Wall Street gave moviegoers a somewhat good insight into the ins and outs of the corporate world. If you like biographical films, The Killing Fields deals with the horrors of Pol Pot’s brutal reign in Cambodia that led to the slaughter of millions in this nation.

Cheap Ways to Get Movies

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to enjoy a good movie and here are ways to get movies cheap or free. If there is a movie rental store in your neighborhood, go there and rent as many movies as you’re allowed by the store. The public library lets you check out movies for free with a library card and another option is to borrow from friends who collect a lot of DVDs. Discount retailers often have DVDs on sale and even some supermarkets have good DVDs for decent prices.

Best Anime Movies

If you and your girlfriend have attended every Comic Con event your city has ever held and you both collect anime books, then you will like anime movies and here are some of the best ones to watch together. Akira is a must have for anyone who wants to seriously collect anime movies not only because it is a classic but also because the visual effects are far beyond what what you would normally see in today’s anime films. Howl’s Moving Castle is another good anime film to watch.

Finding Reviews of Movies

Before you and your girlfriend rent or buy DVDs, it is a good idea to read some reviews of the DVDs so you won’t waste time on bad movies. Look at what the reviewer wrote about the quality of the plot, the actors’ performances, length of the movie and if they feel it is worth purchasing. Your friends and relatives can also give you pointers on which movies you should buy based on your girlfriend’s preferences.

Movies to Watch If You or Your Girlfriend Is a Military History Buff

Here are some good movies to watch if you and your girlfriend enjoy all things military. Glory is an excellent movie and it deals with the first African-American troops to fight for the Union during the Civil War and the struggles they faced. Saving Private Ryan is the heartbreaking story of a mother who loses all but one of her sons in World War II. The Tuskegee Airmen is about a group of African-Americans who fought during World War II, and Letters from Iwo Jima is another great military film.

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Best Inspirational Movies

Roots was released in 1977 as a miniseries and it was written by author Alex Haley. This movie is based on the novel of the same name and it traces Alex Haley’s family heritage all the way back to the beginning of slavery up until the early 20th century. This is a good movie for history buffs. The Pursuit of Happiness is based on the life of stockbroker Chris Gardner who was a single dad and homeless before working his way up in his career and later owned his own firm. If your girlfriend likes country music, she will like Coal Miner’s Daughter since it details the life of Loretta Lynn.

Where to Find Good Foreign Films

For the adventurous couples who loves foreign films but not sure where to find them for collection purposes, here are some ideas. Youtube offers the opportunity to watch a variety of independent foreign films and there are other online sites that let you watch them for free. The local movie rental store has some foreign films but it is not a huge selection. Online movie retailers that specialize primarily in foreign films are great places to purchase foreign films and some ethnic markets may sell them.

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James Bond

Sex appeal, crimefighting and charm all fit the standard James Bond movie and if your girlfriend loves these movies, compromise with her and watch the movies even if you can’t stand them. The best James Bond movies are between the 60s and early 80s, when Roger Moore and Sean Connery portrayed this character beautifully and with little effort. The ones from the 80s forward don’t have the same charm and mystique.


You and your girlfriend have a variety of movies to choose from as seen in the above mentioned ideas, and you can add those movies by discovering more new movies as they are released each week on DVD. To avoid becoming a DVD pack rat, only buy movies that you and your girlfriend both like although you want to get DVDs that you’ve never seen so you’ll have variety in the collection. Finally, look for DVDs that will keep the romance in your relationship.

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