The Truth About Traits of Being An Attractive Man

What Makes a Man Attractive?

Not all men are Johnny Depp. It’s a fact. And it is absolutely cool that they are not (not as cool as Johnny Depp. Of course.) There are men that have a magnetism, an allure, that is as powerful as it is undefinable.

These are the Depps of the planet. The Daniel Craigs. These men are, let’s face it, the stuff of dreams; the stuff of movies. But there are men just walking around your neighborhood as I am typing these words.

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They are short, tall, of medium height, thin, fat, chubby, or skeletal. Some have grey hair with bushy black eyebrows, some sport sandy brown curly locks with freckles, while others wear their bright blond hair in a thick ponytail. The thing is, we know that there are men of all levels of physical attractiveness.

We get it; we will find ourselves smitten by men possessed of all kinds of physical attributes. But that is not what makes a man attractive. (Sure it helps sometimes. Let’s be real.) There are some other things that matter when our culture determines whether he is attractive or not. Let’s explore some of them.


Being confident in interactions in the world is an attractive quality in a man. We like to hang out with a guy who feels good about himself. This cannot be underestimated in the hierarchy of agreeable manly virtues. You need to be self confident like an alpha male. Because a confident guy is secure enough to invite you into his world. And you feel enveloped in a sphere of positivity, which brings us to our next point.

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Positive vibes

Negativity is definitely not where it is at when it comes to being an attractive male; it follows a person around like a weighty rain cloud. And the person who is walking with you feels the presence of that cloud. It is not enjoyable. The truth is that negativity breeds negativity; there are real challenges in life that must be faced head-on. With an enthusiastic approach. So, men who choose to see the best in others and in the planet will find it lots easier to find a partner to join them on their journey.

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Nah, it is not absolutely total shallow for security to be an important ingredient in the recipe for the attractive modern man. Not outrageous wealth but being on a path to where financial matters are not in total disarray.

“Having a reasonable home, a career that is fulfilling and generates a steady, proper income lays a foundation for a longterm relationship.”

And a guy that is in the position to be around for awhile, not searching aimlessly for a way forward in society, is a guy that gets lots of second looks. And quite a few third looks too.


Laughter is a fabulous thing. It feels great to giggle, to shake helplessly with amusement — and this is just when you are alone. A guy that can make you giggle, that can make you laugh for the belly…well, that is a guy that’s bringing something serious to the table. Sharing a sense of humor not only means that you can relax together in a fun way but could see you through some pretty tough situations that come up as well. Yep. A guy with a sense of humor goes a long way.

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Capable of intimacy

Intimacy is a word that gets thrown around a lot. In places like therapist’s offices and on bad TV shows that try to delve into what is wrong in sad relationships. But it is a real thing. You can spend countless hours, days, and years with a man and not feel connected in a deep, profound way; not in intimate ways. A male that shows that he is open to achieving intimacy with his partner is offering something very special to his prospective partners. We can think of it like he offers a partner a home to come to; this can be a powerful attribute.


Meh. Not an appealing state in a man; not getting jazzed about anything ever. Life is short and a man who really lives, who embraces his interests and explores them, attracts others who live out loud. Whether it is rising at 4 AM to drive to a cool fishing spot, or spending three hours making a Mexican meal to die for, or jogging along an ocean path four times a week — it doesn’t matter what it is, just that it something.

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Sex is not everything in a relationship but it is a primal way for two people to communicate and be together. A man who can express his sexuality in an open, inviting way will never have trouble getting a date.

Being inviting sexually, in a respectful way, is a way that you can show your tender and sensual side. This is most definitely a key ingredient in the wow-you-are-so-awesome recipe for eligible men.”

So what makes a man attractive in the end? All things that are — largely — under the control of men everywhere. Sure, there are those who seem to have things a little easier than others in the dating world; a certain “Je ne sais quoi”. Or a trust fund. Or blue eyes like James Avoy. But, you know, the real deal is that all men can cultivate and nurture attractive qualities.

Being a stable, open, positive, passionate, caring, funny man will surely bring you some success in your love life. Or, hey, just pick three of the list to work on. At the end of the day, we are all imperfect beings. But we should strive to live out loud, to embrace our lives,  take reasonable chances, and love. Life is short but there is lots of time to improve ourselves. So go for it.

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