Top 17 Things That Attract Women To Men

Attracting WomenWhat does attract a woman to a man? Is it just physiology and human nature, by that I mean, is it just nature taking its course or as intelligent, intellectual beings is it more than that.

What are those specific things that solidify the whole process of becoming attracted to and attracting one another?

We use all our senses, sight, touch, smell, taste and then our feelings, our inner and outer reactions based on sometimes an unspoken connection. We use our hearts, heads and even our souls.

So by human nature we use our sight first, we take in what catches our eye, then a few seconds later it becomes a feeling.

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That pull in the middle of your chest, that feeling like you just jumped off the swings. That warm sensation throughout your body that stirs below the waist, even in a woman. All of that happens in less than ten seconds. But what else attracts, specifically, a woman to a man? What does a woman really take into consideration, after those ten seconds are over?

Foremost in a man’s mind is the stereotype that you can’t deny does take place; that a woman is attracted to only money and power. Those things might help, but there are more powerful traits that attract women to men, and here are the top 17 things.

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1. Looks

A smile goes a long way. Smiling with your eyes is extremely attractive. It shows that you are happy with your life. Whatever your personal style, no hair, neat cut, long hair, beard, make it look its best. If you are trying to attract a woman within the first glance, make sure you are confident in how you present yourself, whatever the situation may be. Not every woman is attracted to the same look, but you should show off all your assets, just don’t be egotistical about it, that’s very unattractive.

2. Personality

Outgoing or shy, super smart, gamer, athlete, geek, nerd or shop boy whatever your personality, being open about who you really are is very attractive. A woman will watch how you interact with your friends and your family to gage how you react to different situations.  Women like givers, and what I mean by that is, giving of yourself.

“Also a relaxed approach to personality quirks of your own, or a woman’s, goes a long way.”

Everyone has certain personality traits that make them unique, and having enough personality to see that everyone is unique is extremely attractive.

3. Body Type

Women are attracted to all sorts of body types. Short, tall, skinny, athletic or teddy bears, there is a type that appeals to every woman. If you are athletic then you might want to show off your athletic prowess to attract that woman that is into the same lifestyle you are. If you are the teddy bear type, then show off that asset, like that warm smile, your motorcycle or those famous hugs, to attract the woman that you want. To some body type doesn’t matter, but as humans we do procreate, so some women do look for that body type that appeals to them when they decide to have children in the future.

4. Body Language

Body language is important in attracting a woman. If you have your head down and arms close to your body, then you look closed off. A first glance at body language can even show the woman looking your individual personality. When you have open, relaxed body language and look comfortable with yourself, it’s quite attractive. Show off a little ruggedness or roughness in your body language, there is that primal attractive feeling that we all get that’s very sexy.

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5. Energy

No woman is attracted to a lazy man. Whether you are athletic minded or just like to take long romantic walks, being active is very attractive. Leading a healthy lifestyle is also a plus in attracting a woman. Having energy shows you have initiative to get things done. You don’t need to be hyperactive or show you can work 80 hours a week, but finding a great balance and showing that you have one, is appealing. However, a man who takes lazy days to relax with his woman, well that is the most attractive energy there is.

6. Humor

Not everyone has the same sense of humor, but a ‘like’ humor is great. Having a sense of humor is a great quality to attract a woman. You can have loud humor, where you are the life of the party, or you can have that ever so attractive quiet, sarcastic humor. Whatever your humor tastes, being tasteless is extremely unattractive. Being able to cheer someone up at the right time is a wonderful asset to have. But rolling on the floor laughing sometimes is extremely attractive and awesome.

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7. Social Skills

Can you control yourself in public? Can you hold a conversation on just about anything? How you behave in a social setting says a lot more about you than you would think. Having manners and chivalry are two very attractive things to a woman. Being able to handle yourself in any social situation shows a maturity and an understanding of you and your surroundings. Having the right social skills for your lifestyle will definitely attract the type of woman you are looking for.

8. Honesty

Honesty is a hugely attractive trait for a man to have. Honesty is what builds relationships. Being honest and genuine in today’s world is what every woman is looking for. Especially if the woman you are trying to attract is one that you would like to start a relationship with. Of course, starting out, you don’t want to overload a woman with your whole life in five minutes, but being genuine and taking your time to be honest from the beginning is an extremely attractive and powerful trait to possess.

9. Confidence

Self-confidence is where a man is self-assured in his personal judgements. Having self-confidence is very attractive. Confidence leads into self-esteem, and showing you are confident in yourself and who you are, appeals to women. Having confidence is also how you represent yourself in any situation, and not being confident in how you handle yourself can be unattractive, also being over confident can have the same effect.

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10. Be Protective

A woman wants security and being protective shows that you care and is very attractive.  When you are out and you attract a woman and things are going well, and some person comes in and makes your date uncomfortable, taking control of the situation and protecting your date from harm shows a woman that you care about her well-being and safety. Very attractive and very sexy.

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11. Show Commitment

As stated above, a woman loves a sense of security, and showing you can commit is definitely attractive. Being able to commit shows that you can take things in life seriously and that you don’t have problems making the tough decisions.  Also being that shoulder to lean on is a great trait to possess. You don’t need to jump into full commitment right away, but committing to that second date and showing up on time and with a warm smile and hug, is very attractive.

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12. Goal Oriented

Knowing what you want in life and going after it is extremely attractive. Having a sense of direction shows that you have plans for the future and that is very appealing to a woman. Striving for what you want and setting goals and achieving them, is a great perspective to have in life.

13. Intelligence

There are different types of intelligence. You can have book smarts or street smarts, and showing you can make smart decisions shows that you can be successful. Knowing certain quirky facts about the things that interest a woman is quite attractive. A man with the intelligence to not be quick to judge and knows when to say the right thing at the right time is a huge bonus. Being savvy with your intelligence in getting the right flowers that she likes and ordering that perfect wine, can make any woman’s knees weak.

14. Sincerity

Being sincere shows that you care about the other person, also being yourself and being confident and comfortable about it, is very attractive. No woman wants or is attracted to a man who says wonderful things, but is not sincere about what he says. Showing who you really are is tough, but it is definitely worth doing for the right person. Sincerity is an endearing quality that every woman loves.

15. Independence

Independence is attractive in that it shows a woman that you are capable of having and building your own life. Standing on your own and being able to handle what life throws at you, also shows a woman that you are capable of making plans and carrying them out. It’s attractive to a woman when you are independent enough to include her in your future plans.

16. Listening

To look a woman in the eyes and actually, really listen can solidify that attraction you feel between you. Showing courtesy and listening proves that you can take in and remember what is important to the woman you are attracting. Showing this quality and acting on it will give you the same benefits in return. There is nothing like that good feeling you get when you are really listened to and heard. It is such an important part in any relationship, and one of the key’s to attracting the woman of your dreams.

17. Passion

Being passionate in anything you do is an extremely attractive quality to possess. Having ambition in life show’s that you have heart and believe in what you do and love. Showing passion in your interests and hobbies, whatever they may be, can spark a conversation that can lead to exciting things. Demonstrating your passion outside in the world, can give a woman a great idea of how you may be in the bedroom. A man who is happy with their life and enjoys every moment certainly attracts women.

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So now that you are armed with the top 17 things that attract women to men, all you have to do is put them into practice. It is quite the long list, but a very comprehensive and useful important one. So let’s start at the beginning and put this all together. We know that as humans, we use all our senses when we are trying to attract each other, and then there are the things that women look at when a man is trying to attract her.

Women start with looks and zone in on what they find attractive about you, if you are fit and well groomed, and also neat and clean. Next personality stands out as they size up your behavior, are you open or closed off, shy or outgoing? Whatever your personality, make it shine.

That leads into body language, are you comfortable with yourself and your surroundings, and if you are don’t be afraid to show it. Social skills will show off your energy and how you are able to handle yourself in any situation. Having a sense of humor also shows off a part of your social skills and a light heartedness that is extremely attractive.

Confidence is important to show that you are self-assured and can accomplish the goals you set out for yourself.  Together with showing commitment, being protective and independence and you are well on your way to attracting that woman you’ve always wanted.

Don’t forget intelligence, a man who is smart in reading the opposite sex and using that trait positively, is sure to attract the right woman. Finally with the utmost sincerity in all you do and really listening to a woman, you can spark a romance for the ages. Put all of that together with passion and attracting the woman of your dreams is truly in your reach.

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