Top Good Morning Greeting

Top Good Morning Greeting

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good morning GreetingYou decide, make choices in your life. Think, reflect and act … Always seek the good, LIVE, LEARN, GROW, EVOLVE, SHARE, HELP.

We are just passing through. Live, short life. Do your best and constantly seek help … genuineness. There is still time! LIVE, DO MORE AND SHARE

I do not need to hurt hearts
I am and emotions; Yes!
Every street that step
more I fill the space
and know curves and colors.

The simplest and unforgettable things are expensive because they are priceless.

The world presents us with several possibilities to be sad and shoot us, but it also has numerous other possibilities to rejoice and raise.

Lorraine des that you knew not stopped thinking  about you spend the night comes the day only you back my joy

When we do good produce the the true happiness.

Happiness is something so sublime that everyone should live at least for a second.

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I love stolen kiss, unshaven, a chemical maddening, that smile that makes me want you so much. Author: Aurilene Damaceno

There are no perfect couples. . There are people who do well for some time … years … even for a lifetime Author: Aurilene Damaceno

We are only happy when you decide to be happy. No one brings us happiness or make us unhappy. This power is in our hands. Author: Aurilene Damaceno

The best thing in the world is the son sees the father a friend, and mother, a confidant. A child who has parents as friends is not lost on the way, or feel alone and lost. Author: Aurilene Damaceno

The Love itself is the first of all loves. Author: Aurilene Damaceno

Every child is a prince to his mother. It is not necessary title or honor for it. Author: Aurilene Damaceno

Things do not always happen as we want. In fact not always what we want really need to happen. Author: Aurilene Damaceno

Compassion is not reason, it is emotion, are guts and viscera writhe inside Author: Aurilene Damaceno

Feeling compassion is not pity. Feeling compassion is not being politically correct. Feeling compassion is not to tip the waiter or alms beggar. Feeling compassion is not charity day. Author: Aurilene Damaceno

Compassion has power. And the more power it has is to save lives.Author: Aurilene Damaceno

A great impression of someone is not sure of success. A bad impression is not sure of failure. No relationship is sure of anything. The prince can turn a sapo, or sapo can turn a prince. Author: Aurilene Damaceno

There is no formula for a relationship to work. Many people get in the way, many people pretend to be what they are not to please, but no one can keep a personality that is not theirs for long. Author: Aurilene Damaceno

Pride is necessary in life, but to a certain extent, because otherwise, he steals your life, your dreams, your history. Author: Aurilene Damaceno

Happiness is the only good that multiply by dividing.

Falsehood is such that the lie does not find doors.

Fate has given us the privilege of love, hope has allowed us to jump on our emotions. And the dream of our union is revealed reality that will be blessed by God.

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If love is a verb in the infinitive, God will love you forever

Flora, cheerful Goddess
Flora, brings passion
Come dance in our fields
Gracing planting.

The day I hold you, there will be another day like any other or a dream come true. It will be more, much more than that!

The day I embrace you, cease to be a day like any other or a dream come true. It will be more, much more than that! (Perhaps it is inexplicable)

If you do not have everything that makes you happy, be happy with everything you have!

Sometimes our long awaited and cherished freedom is subject only to a single smile of a person expected.

“It’s always good to renew, brings life to our living.”

Whoever arisque to turn away from God, must learn that in the same proportion there is a decrease of joy.

“Other than us today lacking food of body and soul, and we can proceed with discernment, gratitude and joy.”

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