Treatment for Bipolar Disorder Can Be Fast and Effective

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Treatment for Bipolar Disorder Can Be Fast and Effective

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Manic-depressive illness, is also widely knowns as bipolar disorder. It is a brain disorder that causes unusual swings in a person’s mood, activity, and energy levels. Those who suffer from the disorder find it difficult to carry out routine, daily tasks. The disorder can only be successfully treated by skilled and experienced psychiatrists and clinical team members that may include social workers, psychologists, and psychiatric nurses.


A treatment facility or program will provide the proper diagnosis and determine the best methods of treatment. Clinicians will provide bipolar disorder treatment that brings the patient’s symptoms under control. The doctors can also recommend inpatient or outpatient treatment, depending on the severity of the affliction. Quite often, there are co-occurring disorders that inflame bipolar disorder. Those disorders may include a drug or alcohol addiction. Bipolar is extremely difficult to manage if a patient is struggling with an addiction.

Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatments for drug or alcohol addictions can be intense. Patients are monitored around the clock and given medications to ease their detox symptoms. Once the patient navigates detox, rehab will follow with continued medications, if needed, and a number of cognitive therapies and counseling. Counseling can include family members or friends with the patient’s approval.

Such counseling can help the patient and others understand bipolar and addiction. For everyone, the patient’s dual conditions can be a challenge to deal with. At some point along the way, a bipolar disorder or an addiction can completely ruin family and social relationships. Finances may be stretched to the limit, and careers ruined or placed on hold. Cognitive behavioral therapy provides insights about how their thoughts have affected their behavior. Patients come to a better understanding of how to cope with life.

What Substance Abuse Detox Offers

If there is a drug or alcohol addiction, and a person has checked in for rehab treatments, detoxification is an integral part the program. Detox can be one the most difficult treatment stages. The body and mind will be denied something they have grown addicted to. As such, a sudden removal of toxins from the body will bring on withdrawal symptoms that may be extremely uncomfortable or deadly.

Lifelong Treatments

Bipolar disorder treatment requires lifelong maintenance. Even when patients feel better, patients are required to receive maintenance treatments or risk relapse of the bipolar symptoms. They may also be required to deal with a drug addiction for life. Dealing with just bipolar disorder must surely represent a challenge. When a person has an addiction as well, life takes on a whole new meaning.

Treatment for bipolar disorder may also suggest that patients develop an exercise routine, hobbies or interests, and a lifestyle that keeps them occupied and positive. Finding purpose in life can go a long way in helping keep patients healthy.

Signs of bipolar disorder may include an inability to experience pleasure (void of emotions), energy loss and unexplainable fatigue, mental sluggishness, thought of suicide or death, weight variations, or problems sleeping.

As anyone can fathom, it would take a doctor or psychiatrist to diagnosis either a drug addiction or bipolar condition. The best solution for yourself or a loved one is to seek rehab assistance if there is an addiction or suspicion of a mental disorder. Rehab facilities have the tools and experience necessary to treat both conditions concurrently.  The first brave step is admitting there is a mental disorder or drug addiction. The next step is finding the help needed to break free of the addiction or receive the medications and therapies that allows one to survive and thrive with their bipolar affliction.

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