The UK’s world renowned gin flavors are something special

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The UK’s world renowned gin flavors are something special

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Gin has been distilled in the U.K. for more than 400 years, so it is no wonder the British are so good at it.

Drinking gin in the United Kingdom is something of a treat nowadays, though. That is because you will find gin all around the U.K. with distinct British flavor notes not found anywhere else.

Jawbox Classic Dry Gin — Complete with flavor notes of peppers, pine, juniper and green angelica, this dry gin is spectacular served with a slice of ginger.

Newcastle Gin — This is the first gin distilled in Newcastle in over 200 years, and has already become known for its hints of rose petal, coriander, juniper, sumac, orange peel and Iranian hibiscus. Serve this with lemon or mint and you will soon be coming back for more.

Manchester Three Rivers Gin — Manchester city center’s first dedicated gin distillery, Three Rivers Gin comes with unique flavor notes of cinnamon, almond, black pepper, vanilla, cardamom and oats. Served with a cherry or a sprig of rosemary, and this gin will thrill every sense you have.

Brecon Botanicals Gin — A true top-drawer gin, Brecon Botanicals Gin won the International Spirits Challenge and the Gin Masters gold award for two years running.

No surprise really as Brecons Botanicals Gin’s flavor notes of saffron, lemon, cinnamon, orange, bergamot, coriander and juniper provide an explosion of sensations in your mouth, especially when drunk with a slice of lemon.


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