Is vaping a good alternative to smoking?

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Is vaping a good alternative to smoking?

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Well it amuses me when I come across people asking this question. To me it is the same as asking whether poison will kill you more quickly than a bullet. No matter which road you take in the end your health will be affected no matter what you do. So for those who resort to vapes or e-cigarettes need to realize that it is just an illusion they create to help them sleep at night whereas the truth is moth of them are bad for your health not equally but definitely.  But it is also important to note that those who are addicted would prefer the least damaging alternative for which vaping might be helpful. Although the ultimate goal is to get rid of the addiction entirely, leaving the real cigarette might be a start.

For those of you who are unaware of what a vape is let us get you onboard. It is basically a smoking apparatus which is powered by battery and creates an illusion of smoking closer to the real deal. It is less harmful than actual cigarettes. However, there is still an ongoing debate over the use of vapes. It has some proponents who believe it is a useful alternative whereas the opponents argue that it has its own set of harms and disadvantages.

If you want to look at the advantages of using a vape or e-liquid then here you go. The amount of carcinogens produced by vapes is significantly less. The harmful chemicals produced by a traditional cigarette are between four thousand and seven thousand which are higher as compared to vapes. Believe it or not vapes are a step towards quitting smoking. It brings you a notch down from the actual cigarette which means that your addiction is gradually decreasing. It helps you leave smoking for good. Some studies show that e cigarettes can be as helpful as nicotine patches. The overall second hand effects of vaping are lower than cigarettes. The magnitude in totality is lower. They have gained a social acceptance as a less harmful alternative to cigarette moreover they do not have an odor that can cause nausea. They do not harm your teeth and fingernails but fulfill your habit of daily nicotine intake. Since they are not a onetime use apparatus so they cost comparatively less than a cigarette which has to be bought on regular basis.

Moving on from the advantages we must look at the darker side of the picture as well. Whether you use it through a traditional cigarette or an e-cigarette it is still nicotine which is going inside your body. It might not be present in all vapes but is still there in most of them. Unfortunately these are the more popular ones. It effects the brain’s neurotransmitters which cause addiction. We all know hoe damaging addiction can be. It may be in a lesser amount but vapes do still emit carcinogens. They use nicotine in liquid form which is highly dangerous even if it is used in smaller amounts. They idea which the vapes have created of being a less harmful alternative to smoking cigarettes has attracted more youth towards it which is alarming because these are the people who could’ve stayed away from smoking entirely if they weren’t introduced something which claimed to cause minimum damage. They believe less harmful means less risk and it somehow makes them look up to beat and helps them fit in.



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