What Increasing Overdoses Among Youth in Illinois Means for the City of Skokie

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What Increasing Overdoses Among Youth in Illinois Means for the City of Skokie

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In the state of Illinois, and more specifically in the greater Chicago area and in Skokie specifically, drug overdose death rates in general have skyrocketed, but the demographic that has been experiencing this the most sadly is adults and teenagers.  Sadly, of the twenty states that have had overdose death rates triple or quadruple, Illinois is one of them, and almost all thanks to overdose rates in Chicago and in Skokie.

Nationwide and for every state, the rate of death due abuse of such drugs have been increasing since last ten years. This trend has been observed in the people between 12-25 years old, the fact is inside the report of Trust for America’s Health.

Skokie and the greater Chicago area is now the heroin capital of the nation, and sure enough the increase in deaths that are occurring here and all across the nations because of massive drug abuse along with the consumption of heroin.  Sadly, it has been these twin epidemics that enhance the sadly increase in deaths due to abuse in Skokie, in Chicago, and all across the nation.

Economic recovery road sign

Economic recovery road sign

Prescription painkillers to be specific, such as OxyContin and Vicodin, were alone responsible for more than half of all drug overdose deaths in the year 2013, accounting for 22,700 fatalities all in all.  A lot of these deaths came from Skokie and from other places in and around Chicago. Since prescription medication seems to be a common drug to abuse, the best step to take is to sign up or be referred to a drug rehabilitation Skokie where they can get professional help for their addiction. If a loved one is consuming drugs, they can be referred to a drug rehab referral service where they are able to get assistance on the drug rehab of their choice based on finance or location. It can be difficult to find the perfect drug rehab because there are so many factors but with multiple drug rehab in southern Illinois it’ll be much easier to treat the residents of Skokie, Illinois.


Addiction Among Skokie Youth


Youth drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general is on its way up and in a big way too.  In honest truth, about forty percent of young adults in the United States, (of the age of 18 to 25 or older), participated in binge drinking in some way, shape, or form, and the overall rate of heavy drinking was 13.6% for such persons.  These rates were higher than the rates in the year of 2009.  Essentially, abusive or addictive drinking is definitely a big and major problem, and it is most definitely a problem for those who are younger.


Sadly, about fifteen percent if not more so of the persons of the age of twelve or older drove under the influence of alcohol at least once in the past year alone in the United States.  The overall rate of driving under the influence of alcohol was highest among persons of the ages of 21 to 25, (a full and no less than 23.4% of those who drove drunk last year were in this age range).

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