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20 Hairstyles For Thick Wavy Hair For All Ages

Best Hairstyles for thick wavy hair for all ages

Women who have thick hair often complain of difficulty in managing and styling their hair, and often end up using an iron to straighten them as a last resort. Even when they know that their hair is unique, they just cannot keep them as they are because of the messiness. Several hairstyles for thick wavy hair may often be a good option that will help these individuals in managing their hair and appreciating the uniqueness. With the right way of styling these thick wavy hairs, you will surely have no regrets!

It is commendable that a greater number of people are now embracing thick and curly hair and are carrying them in their specialty. Like any other hair type, people may occasionally get tired of keeping the hair in the same way, so wavy hairstyles can offer great ease for those looking for new ways to carry their hair. Whether it is a top knot style or a bun style, they can work with thick wavy hair. If you have thick, wavy hair, these 20 hairstyles are perfect for you!

20 Hairstyles For Thick, Wavy Hair To Try NOW!

Hairstyles for wavy hair are listed below that can help you carry your hair with freedom!

1. Bob Hairstyle

Bob Hairstyle for Wavy Hair

This amazing bob works perfectly for reducing the bulkiness of thick hair. This airy and bouncy hairstyle is a great option for those who wish to show the hair volume in the perfect light. With a little sea salt spray and scrunching, you can easily achieve this bob hairstyle. Take your curls on a wild adventure with this bob hairstyle that gives your hair volume and shape!

2. Wavy Shoulder-length Blonde Style

Wavy shoulder-length blonde hairstyle

Whether your thick wavy hair is long, medium, or short, dimension and texture play an essential in creating picture-perfect hair. Highlights mixed in darker shades of routes will give a perfect illusion of waves, depth, and give your hair the texture that they need. What a perfect way to carry your thick-wavy hair!

3. New Hollywood Wavy Hair

New Hollywood wave hairstyle

With a seal-like shine, being perfectly aligned with loose curls on one side of the face, this look is perfect for a classic Hollywood look. When hair has been straightly blow-dried, make a deep side part and use hair spray to hold them in place. This is a perfect, elegant look that you can carry anywhere, everywhere!

4. The Curly Shag

The Curly Shag Hairstyle for Wavy Hair

This curly shag look seems like a layered lob, and it is amongst the best hairstyles to pull off with thick-curly hair. The curly shag hairstyle goes well with more, if not all types of hair curls. Being a perfect way to tame your curly hair, it gives a perfect formal look for almost every occasion.

5. Fishtail Braid

fishtail braid hairstyles for Wavy Hair

While most people think that fishtail braids are not doable with curly hair, it’s quite the opposite. Fishtail braids can be perfect hair styled with thick, curly hair. Simply make a fishtail like you do with other hair and swipe your braid to the side to pull off a perfect, maintained look.

6. Long Lob

Long Lob Hairstyle for Wavy Hair

This long bob hairstyle is a perfect option for wavy and thick hair types because it is a cut with multiple layers that give it a natural body and a full volume look. This hairstyle is a perfectly tamed one for curly thick hair that is hard to manage.

7. Asymmetrical Curly Waves

Asymmetrical Curly Waves Hairstyle for Wavy Hair

This style of asymmetrical chops displays your perfect asymmetrical bobs and give your waves some true attitude. Get perfectly tamed hair with this style of asymmetrical chops!

8. Side Bangs

Side Bangs for Wavy Hair

With curly thick hair, a great hairstyle can be side bangs that give a pretty formal and stylish look while being easy to maintain.

9. Low-braided Ponytail

Low-braided Ponytail for Wavy Hair

Apart from a simple ponytail, you can include a Dutch-style cornrow. This style is easy to carry, easy to manage, and looks super amazing with thick, curly hair.

10. Messy Bun

Messy Bun for Wavy Hair

Curly thick hair can easily be packed up in a loose, messy bun which is easy to handle and gives a good, formal look.

11. The Braided Knot

The Braided Knot for Wavy Hair

Your thick curly hair can easily be managed by tying them into a knot. This hairstyle does not go with straight hair but will go perfectly with curly hair. Braided knots give you are a formal, yet elegant look.

12. Two-tailed Braids

Two-tailed Braids for Wavy Hair

With three-strand braids, one from each side can be rolled to the back as it is or can be turned into a single braid. This single braid will give you a perfect ponytail.

13. Curled Elevated Afro.

Curled Elevated Afro. for Wavy Hair

An elevated curly afro is all you need to style your hair for an event. Hold your hair with a hair pick for as long as you do not achieve the height and volume that you need.

14. Silky Waves

Silky Waves for Wavy Hair

For soft, silky, and smooth wavy hair, comb your strands thoroughly to get the perfect look. This is an ideal way to manage thick and curly hair.

15. Curls Half Up

Girl Having Curls Half Up Hairstyle for Her Wavy Hair

Pull your curled hair into a half-up style to carry up an ideal look, anyplace, anywhere! Super easy to do, and super easy to manage!

16. Messy Long Waves

Messy Long Waves for Wavy Hair

To pull off an easy, yet ideal look, messy long waves are a perfect choice for any formal dressing. 

17. Slick Parting

Slick Parting for Wavy Hair

Sometimes lovely hair waves may need to be slightly tamed to get a sleek, good, and refined look for any formal occasion.

18. Doll-face Bangs

Doll-face Bangs for Wavy Hair

With thick, wavy hair, some bouncy, shiny bangs will be a great addition to pull off an ideal formal look for your events.

19. Brushed Through Waves

Brushed Through Waves for Wavy Hair

Use a simple hairbrush to brush through the waves and get an easy, simple, yet amazing look to carry anywhere perfectly.

20. Frohawk

Frohawk for Wavy Hair

You can make a perfect cool look with your thick curly hair by tying your hair back to the back hair with a stylish hair accessory like a hairpin. Simple, yet satisfying, you are sure to enjoy this hair look!

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