3 Easy Items to Check Off Your Wedding To-Do List

Wedding Check List

If you’re reading this, chances are your relationship status recently changed from “in a relationship” to “engaged.” At this point, you’ve likely already toasted the occasion with a bottle of bubbly, posted a ring selfie, and shared the news with close friends and family. 

But while you may not be ready to deep dive into the nitty-gritty of wedding planning, it’s completely normal for there to be some initial anxiety around ensuring your big day is perfect. To ease the stress, here’s a trio of easy items you can check off your wedding to-do list now:

1. Discuss the Big Picture with Your Betrothed

Everyone has a different vision for how they imagine their wedding day will look and feel. What time of year will it take place? Who will be invited? How much will you budget? You and your partner may have discussed your ideal wedding at length throughout your relationship, or on the other hand, it might be a topic you’ve only glanced over. 

Either way, it’s a good (and fun) idea to take the time to have a more serious conversation around your overall wedding vision, budget, and guest list early on in your engagement. Once you align on the big picture for your big day, it will be easier to make decisions and give clear direction.

Note: It’s recommended this conversation be fun and lighthearted and take place over a bottle of wine or a delicious meal; after all, you’re planning what’s meant to be the best day of your life.

Discuss the Big Picture with Your Betrothed

2. Pick the Perfect Date for Your Wedding

At this point, whether it’s a big spring wedding amidst the cherry blossoms or a destination wedding with a guest list of five, you and your partner have a pretty clear idea of the “who” and “where;” all that’s left to do is to decide on an ideal wedding date

When picking a date, it’s best to call around and ensure this time of year doesn’t clash with VIP guests like mom and dad or close friends, especially if it’s a busy time of year. For instance, you wouldn’t want to lock in a date that conflicts with your niece’s high school graduation or best friend’s due date. If you already have an ideal venue in mind, it’s a good idea to check their availability for your preferred wedding date. Once you’ve made your decision, memorize it. It will be your anniversary date and you surely don’t want to forget that one. 

3. Spread the Word Through Save-the-Date Cards

Another easy item to check off your wedding to-do list is sending out save-the-date cards. With your wedding date locked in, guest list sorted, and general location determined, it’s time to spread the word. When designing your save-the-date, keep in mind these cards will likely be stuck to your guest’s refrigerator for months leading up to your big day, so keep them classy, cute, and representative of you and your partner’s unique love story. Not only that, but sending out save-the-dates can help you to better gauge the headcount for your wedding ceremony and reception, as well as other events leading up to and following your big day.

Save-the-Date Cards

4. Sit Back to Celebrate and Savor Every Moment

Now that your guests have been informed about the wedding of the century with your stylish save-the-date cards, make sure to take a breather. Of course, there are still vendors to coordinate, a honeymoon to plan, and so many other odds and ends to sort out. But, at this point, with the big picture ironed out, your date noted on the calendar, and your guests told to save the date, it’s time to sit back and enjoy your engagement, if even only for a moment.

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