4 Steps to Making a Stoner Fashion Statement

For some individuals, stoner fashion is but a fleeting style trend. However, there are a lot of people who claim it to be part of their lifestyle. And that’s not too hard to believe, because they really try to live their lives according to the snug and relaxed stoner school of thought.

Though there are a lot of garments and fashion accessories that can evoke that kind of style, only a few are considered to be stoner fashion essentials. If you want to incorporate this look into your everyday wear, here are four steps that can help you make a strong stoner fashion statement:

  1. Wear the Cannabis Leaf with Pride

The obvious way to tell the world that you subscribe to the stoner lifestyle is to wear the cannabis leaf proudly. It isn’t difficult to look for clothes with marijuana design these days since there are a lot of stores that cater to people like you. You can easily find snapback hats, t-shirts, polo shirts, pants, and socks decorated with cannabis among the product offerings of stoner fashion brands. There are even underwear pieces with marijuana print if you really want to commit to this style.

You don’ really have to wear marijuana-inspired clothing from head to toe. Often, wearing just one or two clothing items with this design will suffice.

  1. Put on Some Weed-Inspired Jewelry and Accessories

If you’re the type of stoner who wants to express their lifestyle inconspicuously, you can don some weed inspired jewelry and accessories instead. Earrings, belt buckles, and rings that are crafted in the image of a cannabis leaf are a subtle way to say that you love passing the joint.

Of course, to avoid making yourself look uncool, choose quality pieces that don’t go out of style. It’s also a good idea not to wear too many of these or you’ll lose all the subtlety.

  1. Dress Comfortably, Not Lazily

Comfort is the fundamental theme in every stoner’s wardrobe. When your body is able to breathe and relax, smoking a joint feels so much better and natural. However, don’t confuse comfort with laziness. Although both styles include loose, wide, or saggy clothing, comfort has a bit more flair.

Trippy colored baja hoodies, hipster ponchos, and beanies with “kush” written at the front are typical examples of comfortable stoner outfits. Big t-shirts that bear witty or cheesy one liners like “keep rolling” is also common. When it comes to bottoms, comfortable pieces like sweatpants, baggy jeans, flowing hemp pants are perfect. As for footwear, choose something that’s easy to put on like sandals, fashionable flip-flops, or slip-on shoes.

  1. Choose Colors That Express Your High State of Mind

Pulling off stoner fashion will never be complete if you don’t wear the right colors. Usually, green, gold, and red are incorporated in many marijuana-related merchandise, but tie dye, floral, and psychedelic patterns are also popular. It’s good to mix-and-match these shades and patterns with your more basic outfits to create a look that’s uniquely you. In addition, allowing your high state of mind to reflect through your wardrobe gives other people a glimpse of your lifestyle.

Stoner fashion might not be everyone’s style of choice, but at least you’re showing your love of cannabis and staying true to the lifestyle you live. After all, being comfortable in your own skin is important when you’re making a fashion statement.

Just remember to do everything in moderation to prevent yourself from looking tacky and unfashionable. Finally, always wear your stoner fashion statement with pride. It takes a lot of confidence in dressing away from the norm and showing off your real self to the world.

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