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5 Best Beauty Apps for Android


Friendly saying many people don’t know about “Beauty Apps” and still use different video and image editing apps to take photos and videos to next level before posting on social networking apps or websites.

If you have used any editing app then you may know that these apps help users to change their existing or capture images using different editing tools like filters, trimmer, sticker, transition, and many more.

Many professional users prefer Beauty apps over editing apps because these apps have special features which help to analyze your face and perform virtual makeovers according to your requirements for free.

If you are using beauty apps for the first time then you must read this whole article because, in this article, we will provide you information about the top 5 beauty app that we have gathered from a different website based on user’s review and rating.

What is Beauty Apps?


As you know that all smartphone users are active on social networking sites and apps. So, they share daily new statuses, posts, and videos to attract more audiences to their business and personal accounts.

After beauty apps, people have started using them instead of editing app because beauty apps have the latest technology which helps users to look more attractive and cooler.

Like video and images editing apps beauty apps have also come with different features and tools. So, it is not easy for a newbie to choose the best apps from hundreds of apps on the internet.

We have listed top beauty apps with the latest technology and tools which help you to analyze your face and make changes in your facial expression to look cooler and more attractive for free.

What are the top 5 beauty apps for the android device in 2021?

If you want the best beauty apps with more features and the latest technology then try these below-mentioned apps,

1. Real-Time Virtual Makeovers

 Mobile Beauty Apps

This new app helps users to make changes in their facial features by using different built-in beauty tools and make-up products like shades, textures of eyeshadow, lipsticks, foundations, etc.

Apart from making changes in your face users will also get a chance to scan their face using built-in dermatologist scanner technology which will help users to know about all skin issues like, wrinkles, redness, and dark spots.

One thing that keeps in your mind while scanning your face features is that all results are not true and real. Because this app is the mode for entertainment and education purposes only.

2. Face Retouching

Image of Mobile Beauty Apps

This app is also listed among the best beauty apps because it allows users to fix all issues which they see on their faces. If you have a double chin or your eyes look smaller or your noise is taller then don’t worry just try this new app.

It will help you to fix all above mentioned and other issues with the latest tools and beauty products for free. Apart from the above-mentioned issues, users will also get a chance to make changes in their teeth, hairs, bread, ears, eyes, and other facial expressions for free.

3. Pretty Makeup

Image of Mobile Beauty Apps

This new app only works with a selfie camera and allows users to makeover virtual using different tools before capturing a selfie. People can easily save captured images on their devices or share them on different websites or apps directly through this new app for free.

Apart from using different tools it also allows users to use automatically beauty option which will automatically add different filters and effects on your face which help you to look pretty.

4. YouFace Makeup

Image of Mobile Beauty Apps Download

This app is made for social networking users who want to post eye-popping images even for low ended android devices for free. In this app users will different tools and effects which help them to make changes in their eye color, hair color, lips, etc.

Apart from changing color users make also have the option to remove unwanted hairs, adjust skin tons and also edit other features of your face for free.

5. BeautyPlus

Image of Mobile Beauty Apps Apk

This new app work with both front and back camera and help users to make a change in color, texture, brightness, and other features of skin for free. It also has multiple face recognition features which work in real-time.

One thing to keep in your mind all these above-mentioned beauty apps are based on users’ reviews and ratings. So, we don’t know whether they are safe or legal to use and download.

Apart from these above-mentioned apps, you may also get tons of other beauty apps which you can also use on your device to get more features. You can easily download and install these above-mentioned beauty apps from any third party or official app store for free.

While downloading them from any third-party website allow all permissions and also enable unknown source sources from security settings. After downloading apps if you don’t understand to use them properly then watch a tutorial video that is uploaded by professional users.

Final Words

Beauty Apps are simple new platforms that help you to make changes in your facial features virtually using your smartphone and tablets. If you want to analyze your face features then try these new beauty apps and also share them with your family and friends. So that more users will get the advantage of these new apps.

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