5 Everyday Objects to Make Interesting Decorations for Your Home

5 every day objects to make interesting decorations for your home

When you are ready to redecorate your home, you may not be prepared to spend the money associated with a home makeover. If you need a change but are on a budget, there is hope!

Super crafty people have shared some of their tips and tricks for creating fantastic home decor using items that you probably have lying around the house.

With minimal investment for supplies and some of your time, you too can transform your home. If you are tired of your current home and need to switch things up, check out some of these cool Portland homes for sale and make that change.

If not, here are 5 everyday objects to make interesting decorations for your home, which you can try hands-on to give your house a fresh look.

1. Glitter Lights

a room having glitter lights and a crystal ball

It’s no secret, changing the lighting and fixtures can alter the feel and look in any room. But lighting fixtures can also be costly to get exactly what you want. A fun way to change the accessories in your room is by making glitter lights.

Glitter lights provide a soft sparkle that will set the ambiance in your place. You can play with the different colors to fit your mood.

All you need to do is take burnt-out light bulbs, dip them in glue, roll them in glitter, and hang them around your room for a pretty look.

2. Wine Corks

N-shaped decoration piece filled with wine corks on a wooden shelf

If you’re like us, you love wine! If you don’t already, you should be saving all your wine corks to repurpose. There are so many fresh ideas that can be done with wine corks and a hot glue gun.

You could try to make a stencil and fill it with wine corks to hang on your wall, like your last name or monogram.

One adorable thing we like to see is people making trivets out of wine corks. This is especially cute when you are entertaining. Pro-tip — have your friends over for a wine party and crafting session!

3. Bottles

a girl painting flowers on a plastic bottle

Along the same lines, you can repurpose your wine and plastic bottles into a stunning decor. You could try to turn them into a candle or light holder to place around your accent tables.

Or if you are crafty, you could paint different designs on them and use them as vases, or just pretty glass to put around your home.

4. Pans

a girl painting a metal pan white

When your baking sheets and pans have seen better days, you could turn them into a photo or a message board.

Most pans are magnetic, so they lend themselves very well to hang up for notes. You can paint them a fun color and purchase some cute button magnets to use with them.

5. CD’s

A purple colored CD craft having MUM written on it

Do you have tons of CD’s that you don’t use anymore? There are many fun ideas on Pinterest for making crafts out of them.

Many people break them up into smaller pieces to use in mosaics for trays or wall hangings. One of the best we’ve seen is fun glass and wine bottle coasters. The possibilities are endless!

Here are some more home decoration tips and tricks to enhance the beauty and elegance of your home.


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