5 Best Saltwater Fish For Beginners

5 Best Saltwater Fish For Beginners

Anyone aspiring to build a new Saltwater aquarium may begin learning about fish species suitable for its artificial environment. Maintaining a saltwater fish tank is considered more complicated than a freshwater type. If you are a novice aquarist planning to start a saltwater aquarium, then acquiring vibrant colored saltwater fish is the recommended way to go.

How to Choose Saltwater Fish for Beginners

There is a list of attributes to consider when picking up your saltwater fish list for your saltwater marine container. Several experienced hobbyists that have hopped from freshwater to saltwater tank set-ups would tell you that maintaining saltwater aquariums requires effort, resources, and attention. Balancing a saltwater aquarium’s chemistry is a delicate process.

Many fish species are suitable for new saltwater aquarium owners’ initial capabilities while building upon their skillset and experience. These kinds of fishes are also compatible with small reef tanks and nano-scale aquariums. It is best to choose fishes that do not complicate the entire process of sustaining an aquatic container’s saltwater chemistry and artificially constructed habitat.

  • Compatibility

Compatibility tackles the ability of a particular species of fish to cohabitate with other species of aquatic mammals. When deciding to care for or acquire saltwater fishes, it is best to regard other fishes that can be predatory to their kind. Some community fishes, though, when left with other species in a small container, have the probability of becoming territorial and fighting amongst each other.

  • Sensitivity

Compared to freshwater fish types, saltwater fish variants are more sensitive to water fluctuations. Freshwater fish are used to natural water composition changes such as nutrient availability, temperature variations, and water quality. Few saltwater fishes are adaptable to frequent environmental changes.

  • Feeding Requirements

Saltwater fishes are used to hunting for their food while they live in the wild. These traits can be passed down to generations, even with fishes bred in captivity. Saltwater fishes are pickier with their food and nutrient intake rather than freshwater fish types.

What Are the Best Saltwater Fish for Beginners


clownfish for your saltwater tank

The clownfish is a popular aquarium pet due to the Pixar movie Finding Nemo. If you find that clownfish may add a colorful and vibrant appearance to your saltwater aquarium, you are in luck since the Clownfish are easy to care for and sustain. It is recommended to add anemones with clownfish tanks since both have a symbiotic relationship in their natural settings.

Fire Goby

Fire Goby for your saltwater tank

Famously known as the Magnificent Dartfish or Firefish, these fish species are natives of the Indo-Pacific region, particularly from Hawaii to Eastern Africa. The Fire Goby is nicknamed the Dartfish for their impulsive behavior of swiftly swimming from the open towards cover whenever they feel threatened. Members of the Firefish family are planktivores and feed on planktons and crustaceans.

Royal Gramma

Royal Gramma: a fish to start your saltwater tank

The Royal Gramma is an attractive saltwater fish due to its purple-colored head and orange to bright yellow posteriors. Royal Gramma fish types are considered peaceful and want to be provided with a small cave as their shelter. A saltwater aquarium with Royal Grammas is filled with live rocks, corals, and reef formations.

Chalk Bass

Add Chalk Bass fish to your saltwater tank

Chalk Bass fishes are one of the best fish choices for saltwater tank beginners. These fishes are predators of zooplankton, miniature crustaceans, and tiny invertebrates. They are notable for being community fish and can easily socialize with fish of other fish species.

Black Cap Basslet

Black Cap Basslet fish for your saltwater tank

The large Black Cap Basslet is a close relative of the Royal Gramma family. They are rare in the aquarium fish trading industry since they dwell mostly in deep water. The Black Cap Basslet is decorated with a singular blue stripe running from the top of its dorsal fin towards the front of its head. The whole body of the Basslet is colored with bright purple making it a fantastic saltwater aquarium pet.


Deciding when to start a saltwater aquarium tank comes with several considerations, such as the difficulty of maintaining water composition and choosing the best fishes that can live with its artificial environment. A few species are easy to sustain alongside the main task of caring for and preserving the balance of saltwater tank chemistry.

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