5 Tips To Selecting A Responsible Dog Walking Service In Your Area Today

If you love to walk your dog and enjoy the environment outside but don’t have the extra time to spare due to your busy schedule, then it might be best for you to hire a responsible dog walker in your area to do the job for you. You see, our furry companions need to go outside and enjoy a feeling of freedom. Not only does it make them very happy, it also relieves them of the accumulated stress from being “trapped” within your property for long periods of time. Furthermore, dog walking is also a form of training for them. It improves their sociability and adaptability by meeting other dogs and seeing other people. As they get familiar with the place, they tend to become friendlier and less apprehensive. And lastly, we all know that dogs are very active animals. That is why it is very important that their bones and muscles are regularly used to ensure that they stay fit and healthy.

Now that we have emphasized the importance of walking your dogs, you must be now thoroughly convinced on hiring a dog walker to do the task for you. And to help you find the right dog walker for you, we have listed 5 tips below in order to ensure that you hire a responsible and trained dog walker.

  •    Training

It is very important that a dog walker is intensively trained in how to handle different kinds of dogs. There are many types of dogs, from small ones to big ones, sociable to loners and other categories. To ensure that your dog will be able to walk happily and enjoy his time outside meeting new people and dogs, as well as visiting and familiarizing with the areas around your place, the dog walker must be capable of handling them. Basic body language, understanding, and perception is a must. Furthermore, if they are walking on a group of dogs, proper mixing and matching must be observed as there are cases when different breeds don’t mix well with others or injuries and accidents happen due to small dogs being overwhelmed by the bigger dogs.

  •    Capacity

Next on the list is the capacity of the dog walker on how many dogs he or she can handle. If your dog loves to walk solo and is a little hostile when with others, then it might be best to choose someone who walks one dog per session as forcing your dog to be with other might bring about unwanted results.

  •    Attention

It is also very important that a dog walker has his or her full attention to the task. If the dog walker is walking with someone other than a fellow employee, then chances are, his or her attention will be split which would increase the chance of accidents or unwanted situations to happen.

  •    Reputation

Doing a background check on the dog walker is also very important as knowing their work history can assure the quality of their work and experience with the job. Today, with how much everybody is connected on the internet, particularly with the different social networking sites, you can easily do a background check on almost anyone.

  •    Ability to react to emergency situations

Last but not least, the dog walker must be trained with basic emergency first aid and other related protocol should an emergency situation arise. No matter how much a dog walker is trained and experienced, there are always variables that cannot be controlled. Thus, it is always better that they are equipped with the basic and important skills to react to these emergency situations.

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