5 Types of Oil Change Stickers You Can Give to Your Customers

oil change stickers for due date

Oil change stickers are attached to the vehicle of the customer to remind them when to come back for the next oil change. It also tells them where to go for the job; that’s to the person who attached that sticker. This ensures your customers are happy with the service and they keep returning to you.

It also gives your workshop free promotion as people see your brand name wherever that vehicle goes. Here I have shared five types of oil change stickers you can get for your business.

SmartPrint Stickers

After you get stickers, you have to print the date and mileage on it as a reminder to your customer. Oil change stickers come in various sizes and materials and can’t be used with every printer. SmartPrint Stickers are specifically designed for the SmartPrint series of printers. This series includes printers like PennzPrint and ShellPrint. Most mechanics and auto repair shops use these oil change printers.

oil change stickers 2020

Godex Stickers

These types of stickers are used with the Godex RT200u printer and a ribbon. The combination of these two provides the best quality of oil change stickers that are high quality, clean, and smudge-free. This gives your business a perfectionist image that doesn’t compromise even on minor things. You can find the best quality of this and all other types of oil change stickers and printers on the website of Oil Label. They also have a customer service team to guide you on your requirements.


Zebra Stickers

These stickers are used with zebra printers to write information. They are the leading thermal printers in the quick lube industry that print every word and design neatly. They are regarded for the ability to print smear-resistant bold letters on any page. Zebra stickers easily and firmly attach with the car and don’t leave a sticky residue when taken off. This keeps the windshield of your customer’s cars clean ensuring they don’t get annoyed with anything you do.


Custom Stickers

There are several options, even when it comes to custom made stickers. The first option is to personalize one of the available templates that the company offers. You can also have a fully customized oil change sticker built from scratch. In the latter, you can select the material, colors, and printer compatibility according to your requirements. These cost you more, but you get a unique oil change sticker that stands out.


Handwritten Stickers

These stickers don’t need you to buy a printer. They are cost-effective, and you can write on them with a pen. They are also adhesive like other stickers and won’t leave a mark on the windshield. These stickers are made of a material that doesn’t spoil with rainwater. You can get just as good of a brand image with a handwritten sticker as one with printed information on it. However, it is suggested to use a fine tip sharpie for writing.

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