How Social Media Affects SEO? | Top 5 Ways

5 Ways That Social Media Affects SEO

The question of whether social media affects SEO has been on the lips of many website owners and digital marketers. But the simple truth is that indeed, social media SEO does affect it in a big way.

Actually, in today’s world, it has become quite difficult to distinguish between digital marketing, SEO and social media; the three are closely intertwined, and if correctly used, they can have a great impact.

Before we even discuss the 5 main ways that social media affects SEO, we must understand that Google acts as the gatekeeper. Google’s primary allegiance is to internet users; Google seeks to protect the users, spare them of fake sites or unhelpful content, and basically ensure that they have a nice experience when browsing.

5 Ways That Social Media Affects SEO

1. Ascertaining a Site’s Worth

Ascertaining a Site’s Worth

Undoubtedly, Google can use the huge traffic and activity on your social media platforms to ascertain that; indeed your site is a valid and genuine one. Moreover, the more people mention your brand or company name on social media and share; then the more Google is likely to rank your site on top.

2. Sharing

However, when you generate unique and fresh content; people are likely to share it on Facebook and other social media platforms, and when they share, they do so by sharing your URL links. Again, the search engines will use this intense activity relating to your site to give it some prominence.

3. Social Media Profiles

Have you ever searched for a product or company name; only for the profile of that company on Pinterest or LinkedIn to show up at the top? Well, your profile on social media also matters much when it comes to gaining prominence on the search engines.

4. Social Media Platforms as Search Engines

Furthermore, As people and internet users become more acquainted with how search engines work; they are no longer relying on the traditional search engines like Google or Bing to do their searches. For instance, a user will type in the phrase “car hire services in London” on Facebook.

Social Media Platforms as Search Engines

The result with the most likes or members will pop up on the top, and that alone is enough to help the user get what they are looking for.

5. Bing

Although, Google is more popularly used compared to Bing; Bing tends to favor sites that are more active on social media. Indeed, Bing is famous for once stating that; we do look at the social authority of a user. We look at how many people you follow, how many follow you; and this can add a little weight to a listing in regular search results.


Social media and SEO are closely intertwined, and if used correctly; they have the potential to get your site top rankings on the major search engines.

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