6 Best Benefits of Losing Weight

We all know losing weight is great for your health, but what about the benefits no one talks about? It’s about more than helping you fit into your high school jeans or reducing your risk of diabetes. Shedding those unwanted pounds will change your life in a number of different ways.

While losing weight won’t magically alter your personality or give you the life of your dreams, it can help in many unexpected ways. Here’s what nobody tells you about losing weight. Find inspiration in these benefits to become the healthiest version of yourself.


1. You’ll feel more energized.

Most of the foods that naturally boost your weight loss also help you feel energized every day. When you’re carrying around more weight, it’s natural to feel sluggish and like you should hit that extra 20 minutes of snooze each morning. Losing weight improves on all of these things.

When you lose weight, you actually have an easier time keeping your body oxygenized. This helps you keep your breath throughout the day so you can do things like take the stairs and go to the gym after work. You’ll start to feel better just doing those everyday things that you used to dread before.

2. A whole new wardrobe opens to you.

Yes, one of the best benefits is still getting to fit all those clothes you left behind ages ago. While plus sizes clothes have come a long way in recent years, it’s still easier to shop within the “normal” ranges of 2 – 14. Having the opportunity to shop for a whole new wardrobe is a great way to define this new chapter in your life.  Shop online for some new outfit inspiration to keep yourself motivated along your journey. You’re going to look great!

3. You’ll remember things better.

We’ve all suffered some memory loss over the years. Maybe it takes longer to learn a new skill or you always forget to bring your sweater to work. No matter what it is, losing weight can actually help you stay focused and improve your memory.

That’s right, a Swedish study found that women actually scored better on memory tests when they followed a weight loss plan. There have also been similar studies linking obesity to poor memory, so this is something that will help in every area in your life. Your brain will be more equipped to stay active so you won’t need to use as many brain resources to recollect new information. Where was that when you were in school, right?

4. Food tastes better.

When you’re used to saturated, artificial foods, your taste buds change. They aren’t able to enjoy natural flavors like the vibrancy of a tomato or the richness of whole-wheat pasta. Luckily, this can change just by altering your diet for the better.

Losing weight in a small amount of time actually alters your taste buds. Most people report they have a “sharper” sense of taste after losing weight in a 3 month period. This is a good thing since it’ll help you stick to your healthy lifestyle choices.

5. You’ll find career success.

While there’s no reason overweight women can’t rock it in the boardroom, it’s shown that women who are normal weight make more money. It’s true that this is an unhealthy bias towards those of a healthier weight, but it is something that will come into play when you lose weight. If you’ve been planning on asking for that promotion, now might be the best time.

6. Sleep will come easier.

We’ve all struggled with insomnia or restless sleep at one point or another. However, that extra weight might have been getting in the way of your good night’s sleep. Those who lost at least 5% of their body weight in half a year sleep an average of 22 minutes longer.

That might sound insignificant, but it’s a big deal in the world of sleep. Having extra weight constrict your breathing and block airways leads to inefficient sleep, so you’ll find yourself sleeping much easier now that you’ve shed those pounds. Say hello to waking refreshed and ready for the day.  

Losing weight shouldn’t be a goal in itself. Make sure you’re losing weight for the right reasons, like these benefits above. There is a lot to gain by losing those extra pounds, and the best thing you can do is commit to a healthy lifestyle. It’s easy once you see what’s in it for your body on the other side of the scale.

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