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6 Home AC Tune-Up Experts’ Advice Homeowners Must Follow

Aircondition service and maintenance, fixing AC unit and cleaning the filters.

One thing that could ruin your excitement for the summer months is the sweltering heat, but you can do something about it. One way to beat the heat is to keep your air conditioning unit running, especially during the unbearable hours from noon till late afternoon.

That said, you must make sure your air conditioning system at home is in tip-top shape. Remember, an efficiently functioning air conditioner won’t only make you feel comfortable and sweat-free during warm days and nights, but it’ll also keep your electricity bill from going through the roof.

AC Practices You Should Consider

Below is some top home AC tune-up advice from experts you should follow to prepare for the hot summer months:

1. Regular Maintenance Is Key

Often, people only make a service call to the nearest HVAC technician when there’s already something wrong with their cooling system. To ensure you’ll feel comfortable at home even during the hottest days, you might want to be proactive and schedule an AC cleaning and maintenance before the start of summer.

Some may think calling for maintenance in Virginia once or twice a year may be unreasonable and costly, more so if your air conditioning system is functioning properly.

But these regular checkups can help prolong the unit’s life, maintain its efficiency, and prevent other problems requiring expensive services and parts to fix.

In addition, it’d be best always to have preventative maintenance services such as air cooling tune-up Winchester even before the temperature levels become oppressively hot and humid.

2. Choose A Reputable HVAC Provider

Air conditioner expert doing service

It may sound self-serving for air conditioning technicians to advise homeowners about having regular AC tune-ups, but it makes sense to hire experts than going the DIY route. For one, trained technicians know what they’re doing. Plus, they come to your house prepared with a checklist of things to be done and the proper tools for the job.

Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous handymen out there that’ll promise you the moon and the stars. It’s not surprising for gardeners to volunteer to clean your air conditioning for a fraction of the cost.

But it’d help if you’re wary about working with untrained helpers because you risk experiencing more complicated problems with your AC, which may result in more expensive repair costs. You need to find a service company you can trust.

3. Refrigerant Is Not Always The Answer


It’s a knee-jerk reaction for many homeowners to refill the refrigerant at the first sign of an AC problem. Although leaking refrigerant is a common problem, replacing or filling it every time may not be the right solution.

Sometimes, this is an extreme action many homeowners make, particularly if they didn’t bother to check for leaks. Experts will usually look for a leaking problem first and do something about it before topping up the refrigerant.

4. Check Your AC System From Time To Time

Air-conditioner service and maintenance, fixing AC unit, and cleaning the filters.

With the increasing popularity of social media comes countless fictitious tales and myths about air conditioners. One such myth claims that the coils and fins of your air conditioning system don’t require checkup and cleaning. On the contrary, cleaning the AC coils and fins is vital for the proper functioning of the unit.

It’d help if you had your AC unit cleaned regularly, particularly after a storm. To keep the AC running smoothly, you should ensure the unit is free of dirt and debris that can block the grills, thereby hampering airflow.

Homeowners usually check and clean AC filters, but many won’t take time to look at the fins, coils, and other parts. By the time they learn the unit is clogged, there may already be problems needed to be fixed. So, it’s important to check your AC system from time to time, and if you encounter any problem, it’s important that you get help from the aircon servicing company.

5. Keep Air Filters Clean

AC filter cleaning

Experts will tell you a dirty filter is a common cause of AC problems. If you don’t want cooling system problems to escalate into compressor malfunction or condenser inefficiency, you may want to keep your unit clean.

If you use AC the whole year round, it’ll immensely help if you replace or clean your air conditioning filters at least once a month.

Remember, restricted airflow due to a dirty air filter is a minor problem you can address quickly. You don’t want your negligence to lead to a more complicated glitch that may be expensive to manage.

6. Inspect Seals in Ducts And Open Spaces

residential air cooling ducts

To keep your room cool and your AC is running optimally, cool air should be trapped inside your room or house. Thus, you ought to assess whether the seals in your doors, windows, and overall ductwork are in place.

Experts warn that let-in cold air escape might lead to expensive electricity bills and future AC problems because the system must work double-time to achieve the right room temperature.

Bottom Line

For your cooling system to perform well, especially during the warm summer months, you have to invest your time and effort in scheduling your regular AC cleaning. Like in humans, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of fixing when it comes to your air conditioning system.

Moreover, read other tips, and helpful guides on home improvement to add more value to your home and enhance the quality of living.

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