6 Ways the Pandemic Has Influenced the Beauty Industry

6 Ways the Pandemic Has Influenced the Beauty Industry

So many businesses were hit hard by the pandemic, and the beauty industry was no different. Granted, with a drop in sales of about 30%, the sector wasn’t as hard done by as some of the others out there, but Covid-19 still caused some major waves. The industry had to adapt in several ways – let’s take a look at six of them.

Beauty Goes Virtual

The pandemic forced just about every industry to go virtual in as many ways as possible, and the beauty industry responded with some true innovation. We’re not just talking about online stores here brands have painstakingly tried to recreate the in-store beauty counter experience using technology.

Digital makeovers, online consultations, virtual beauty classes, videos, rather than photos, of models wearing different products – beauty brands have been pulling out all of the stops to try to stay ahead of the competition in the virtual realm. Some have even created their own Instagram filter, which not only gives consumers a way to test out various products but also encourages them to share this on social media, therefore spreading the word.

The Self Care Trend

Skin Care

It’s easy to see how the pandemic turned self-care into such a huge trend. The concept promotes both physical and mental health, encouraging people to spend precious time truly caring for themselves. And, during all of those lockdowns, time is something that so many people had to spare.

Skincare is a big part of self-care, making it hardly surprising that many skincare brands started experiencing a rise in sales thanks to the trend. However, consumers have also been spending their time reading up on what actually goes into the products that they’re lavishing onto their skin, meaning that the clean beauty concept is being increasingly embraced too.

As a result, more and more brands are now producing their own clean beauty formulas – products that are brimming with botanical ingredients, without any nasty, skin-damaging chemicals. Read some of the True Botanicals reviews out there to get acquainted with one such brand that has green beauty at its heart.

Eye Makeup is Favored

Eye Makeup

Covid-19 caused an unusual split among makeup products. Those that are used on the bottom half of the face, ie. the part that’s covered with a face mask, saw a rapid decline in sales. Lipsticks and foundations were the most heavily affected – sales were down by over 70%. On the other hand, makeup products designed to be used around the eyes saw significant growth.

The eyes became the focus of just about every beautiful look. Eyeshadows, mascaras, eyeliners – these products became highly sought after, meaning that beauty brands that had never before ventured into this arena are now producing their own eye makeup lines.

It’s difficult to say how long face masks are going to be around, but this will pretty much dictate the way forward for the makeup sector.

Hygiene is Everything

Hygienic beauty products

2021 saw a huge rise in the number of people shopping for hygienic beauty products, and this is understandable. After all, hand sanitizers are one thing, but shouldn’t all of the other exposed areas of your skin also be receiving some antibacterial goodness? Granted, this has also led to an increase in germaphobes, but all of this has been nothing but good news for beauty brands – diversification into personal hygiene seemed like a natural way forward for many.

Thanks to the pandemic, the term “antibacterial” is now splashed across such a wide range of products. From face wipes to body washes, consumers are actively seeking out these properties in as many personal care products as possible. Whether or not these extra efforts are actually helping to keep germs at bay is another matter – so long as the demand is there, you can expect to see the hygienic beauty market continue to steadily grow.

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Subscription Services are Now in Demand

The pandemic has seen subscription services boom across all sectors, and the beauty industry was no exception. Even now, with the pandemic calming down in many countries, subscription services are still in high demand, and beauty brands have responded to this well.

Beauty subscription services have a couple of advantages. For starters, they offer people a way to add some excitement to their otherwise monotonous days spent in lockdown. They feel indulgent, yet aren’t an overly frivolous purchase – their ability to encourage people to take some time out makes them well worth their price.

This is even more so the case with sample-sized subscription products. With more and more consumers now feeling uneasy about trying out in-store samples (after all, who knows what germs they carry), being able to still enjoy this experience, but in a safe way, is very appealing. While this may once again change in a post-pandemic world, the public’s new love for beauty subscriptions looks as though it’s here to stay.

At-Home Spa Days Have Become the Norm

At-Home Spa Day

Take a look at some of the Google Trends during the pandemic and you’ll notice that searches for “at home spa days” shot up by over 900%. With so many spas and salons being forced to close due to Covid-19 restrictions, it only makes sense that people would want to try recreating that stress-relieving experience at home.

As a result, there are now so many products out there that cater to this. You can keep things simple with a spa-day skincare set, or you could go all out and invest in some aromatherapy candles, silk pajamas, and soothing sounds. Either way, there’s no shortage of options – it’s now easier than ever to treat yourself to a day at the spa from the comfort of your own home.

This is a good thing too – even as more and more spas are now opening up again, the range of services that they’re allowed to offer, due to government guidelines, is restricted. In order to stay afloat, many of these spas have been producing their own product lines, although it’s not yet clear how successful these will be in an already saturated market.


There’s no denying that the pandemic has influenced the beauty industry in so many different ways. It has forced brands in new directions, pushing them into taking innovative approaches in order to reach their customers. Whether all of these changes are for the better or worse – only time will tell.

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