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6 Ways to Make Life Easier When a Loved One Suffers From Alzheimers

6 Ways to Make Life Easier When a Loved One Suffers From Alzheimers
6 Ways to Make Life Easier When a Loved One Suffers From Alzheimers

As we get older, our bodies start to deteriorate. Unfortunately, this can happen to the mind as well. It generally starts small with forgetting what they went to get in the room. It can continue to get worse until the patient doesn’t even remember their own family anymore. As caretakers and family members, this can be extraordinarily scary. Well, it’s even scarier for the person going through it. When we see a loved one struggling, we want to do everything that we can to help. If you’re looking for more details, here are 6 tips to make life easier for someone living with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Learn and Avoid Triggers

Most people with Alzheimer’s have specific triggers that cause the problem to get worse. Pay attention! Write down some of the triggers you’ve noticed. Compare notes with other relatives and caretakers. You can also feel free to ask the person themselves if they have noticed any triggers. Learning these things can help you avoid those triggers. Also, it can help you prepare when those triggers do come up. It’s inadvisable to try to force the patient to try to remember things that they simply can’t. It might make them feel overwhelmed. Rather, move on to the next topic.

Avoid Triggers in alzheimer

Provide a Safe Environment

Patients will Alzheimer’s might occasionally hurt themselves because of their disease. Some have been known to wander off on their own. They may become lost and even get injured. If the Alzheimer’s has gotten to a dangerous point, it’s important that your loved one lives in a safe home. This may mean hiding some of the items in your house. It may also mean hiring round the clock care. If you decide to do this, be sure that you go through a reputable company. You also want to make sure that your loved one gets along with the person who will be with them. In some situations, it might be best to move them to a senior center dedicated to treating people with Alzheimer’s. While it may be a difficult decision, these facilities are specially designed to care for people with similar problems. They also have plenty of people around and entertainment. Try to get your loved one on board with the decision like PHP treatment. If they are involved in choosing where they live, it gives them a sense of control.

Diet and Exercise

Diet and Exercise for Alzheimers Patients

As they say, if you take care of your body, you will also be taking care of your mind. The two seemingly separate parts of us are indeed combined. A healthy lifestyle will help anybody suffering from Alzheimer’s strengthen their mental capabilities. Sign up your loved one for a regular exercise class. It doesn’t need to be extremely strenuous to provide results. Look for classes aimed at seniors or even people with Alzheimer’s disease. Also, encourage them to eat foods with a lot of vitamins and antioxidants. We all get tempted by sweets and processed foods, but that should be the exception rather than the usual routine.

Develop a Regular Routine

A structure is very important for someone with Alzheimer’s. Try to help the person wake up at the same time every day. Have a regular routine when the patient wakes up. Eat meals at the same time every day. Have a regular schedule for bathing. Watch the same shows at the same time. If you visit this person, try to visit at the same time every week if possible. Regularity can be extremely comforting and give the person a sense of safety. For someone who lives in a world of uncertainty, a routine can be like a security blanket.

Develop a Regular Routine in Alzheimer


One of the best ways to prevent Alzheimer’s from getting worse is to provide constant stimulation. Like muscles, if you don’t use your brain regularly, it might get soft. There are plenty of things that you can do with the patient to help stimulate their mental processes. Some of those things include:

  • reading
  • cooking
  • games/ puzzles
  • cleaning
  • art
  • gardening

It’s also important to encourage them to express themselves as much as possible in whatever way they enjoy. This can be clothing, painting, singing, writing, or story-telling. Let them maintain an identity.

Simply talking with your loved one will also help stimulate them. Ask them plenty of questions. You can also watch television or movies together and talk about that. Find things that you share a common interest in if possible.

While stimulation is necessary, it’s also imperative that anyone with Alzheimer’s does not get exposed to too much stimulation. Avoid crowds and places with too much noise and light. This over-stimulation can scare the patient and result in unwanted behavior.


Education is key for both you and your loved one to get through this phase of life with this disease. Not only should you get yourself educated, but you should include the Alzheimer’s patient in the process. The more they know, the easier they can make the correct decisions for themselves. Read articles together to learn more. Go to the doctor with your loved one to hear what they have to say. Also, talk to other people who have gone through the experience. They may have tips or stories that can help you with your specific situation. Plus, learning how common the problem is and how people have worked through it successfully can give your loved one hope about their own outlook.

Alzheimer’s is very scary, but it doesn’t need to be the only aspect of a person’s life. They can still have friends and enjoy themselves. You can do a lot for your loved one with Alzheimer’s simply by being involved. Show them that you care by visiting and taking the time to learn about the disease. Finally, simply being patient can mean the world. When you do notice that your loved one is having a hard time, be kind. Remember that people can live happy lives even with the disease. For more information on how you can help, contact us today.

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