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Racing Mind? Here Are 6 Ways to Silence the Stress

6 Ways to Silence the Stress
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What did you do today? What do you still have to do? What didn’t you do? What won’t you have time to do? But wait, what did she say about that thing you were supposed to do after that stuff he had asked you to do?

These days, it seems like our thoughts are wild and out of control. Between family, work and social obligations, our calendars and task lists – whether physical, mental or digital – are always brimming with new things to get done. 

While life may not be slowing down any time soon, your thoughts can. You can silence the stress! In this article, we’ll explain how everything from writing daily to CBD tinctures can make that happen for you.

Why’s Your Mind Racing?

What exactly does it mean to have a “racing mind” and why’s it off running out of control, anyway?

When your thoughts are coming (and leaving) at high speeds, crowding each other out, repeating themselves endlessly and making it hard to focus on just about anything, you may be suffering from a racing mind.

The causes vary but are usually linked to daily stresses that, when left unmanaged and unchecked, can evolve into bigger issues.

It’s reported that almost 10 percent of the U.S. adult population have been affected by a mood disorder over the past year. And when it comes to these sorts of issues, a racing mind is going to play a role, especially regarding stress and anxiety.

That’s why it’s handy to have some go-to tactics to calm that overactive mind of yours. Let’s review some ways to silence the stress and slow down that mind. 

6 Ways to Silence the Stress

1. Talk It Out

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Keeping everything bottled up inside isn’t healthy and sometimes we need to express our stress, anxiety, fears and frustrations to another person. That can be a trusted friend, a loving partner or even our therapist. But when talking to non-professionals, it’s a good idea to be clear about what you’re looking for when confiding in that individual.

Do you want a Listener Friend or Advice-Giver Friend? Or perhaps you need an Agree with Everything Lovingly Friend? Just be clear on this front; otherwise, if you’re the subject of unsolicited advice when all you wanted was someone to listen, you may end up with more thoughts racing around that mind of yours.

2. Work It Out

Meditating. Close Up Female Hands Prayer

You can grab that fancy gym membership later once you’re sure you’ll make good use of it – or deep dive into it with a personal trainer from the get-go if that’s your jam! But do something to get yourself up and moving. Physical stagnation will only feed your stress. Removing yourself from the workplace or home situation that is a source of stress can also help change your mind. Then when you return, you’re fresh and better-equipped to handle things.

3. Write It Out

Writing is a therapeutic technique

Writing is a therapeutic practice that can allow you to get the stress out of your head and down on paper. If your mind is constantly racing, try engaging in some stream of consciousness writing. That means writing exactly what you’re thinking at that moment, whether it’s a cohesive, logical thought or not. Get all those worries, annoyances and thoughts down on paper so they don’t have to crowd around in your head.

Do a page in the morning when you wake up to clear the way for the day and another just before you go to sleep so you can rest easy. You don’t ever have to read them again and definitely don’t show them to anyone. Just the simple act will be beneficial.

4. Go Inside

And by inside, we mean internally. Look at how your body is doing. Aches and pains? Digestive issues? Constant headaches? All of these things are either signs of stress or can contribute to them. And you can be sure they’ll weigh heavily on your mind. So, it’s best to deal with them.

You can try adding supplements to your routine like CBD capsules that will promote relaxation and calmness. Or you can bolster your intake of prebiotic and probiotic-rich foods like leafy greens and certain yogurts. Ensuring your internal systems are functioning well will be a great way to help you better handle the stress that life tosses at you.

5. Go Outside

Go Outside to Keep Your Mind at Peace

Spending time outdoors is really great for our mental health. The Japanese have a practice called shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing that explains this need and connection well. It’s not about exercising, hiking or being active. It’s about communing and connecting with the natural world to promote mental health and feelings of relaxation and calmness.

Not all of us have access to beautiful Japanese forests though, so we’ll have to look around for different ways to connect with nature. It might be a walk through a local park or spending time in a community garden with neighbors. These types of activities will help with stress, slow the mind and bring you a deeper sense of calm

6. Take a Deep Breath… and then Another… and Then Another…

Girl breathing in the green nature

Whether you want to refer to it as deep breathing or meditation, various mindfulness exercises and practices are gaining in popularity these days. And for good reason. They’re little mental health hacks such as counting your steps as you climb the stairs and using apps to remind you to inhale and exhale deeply on a regular basis. What they’re designed to do is pull you away from the mental chaos of a racing mind and bring you into the present moment. Deep breathing is also a great way to help you fall asleep at night, which pairs perfectly with a sleep aid such as CBN oil to ensure you’re well-rested and able to come at the new day recharged and ready.

Bonus Tip: Stop and Smell the…

Flowers. Donuts. Crayons. Whatever.

It doesn’t really matter what it is you’re stopping to smell, just do it. Because the operative word here is stop. Notice the life that is happening right now around you and, for a moment, your stress levels will dissipate. Your mind will calm. Learning how to do that can be the tricky part, but we hope we’ve given you some techniques here.

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