7 Mehndi Dress Ideas for Pakistani Wedding Event in October 2020

Model Posing in Mehndi Dress
Model Posing in Mehndi Dress

Mehndi events in Pakistan are always a play of colors, and most will opt for bright ones in the best suitable combinations. Because it is their big day, the bride needs to dress to her best. When it comes to weddings in Pakistan, Mehndi dresses are often a blend of bright shades in the right combination.

The recent trends of 2019 have shown a wide variety of colors that are accepted as the Mehndi dress colors. The shift from traditional single color to the more diverse colors has been a new concept and has now been granted popularity.

Model Posing in Mehndi Dress

When it comes to a Mehndi event, people often look for a good Mehndi dress, which is both traditional and follows the new trends. The South Asian, Eastern trends usually follow maxi dress for Mehndi ceremony or, as the recent suggest, Shararas.

A Maxi dress for Mehndi is much out of trend and is replaced by Shararas today. When it comes to choosing a good Mehndi dress, people often find it hard, so a Mehndi dress 2019 from the latest collection may be a good option.

Mehndi Dress ideas 2020

With the recent trend coming up, there is a mix of shady colors that are attractive and liked by most. Yet these trends are temporary and very likely to change in the next few years as they have always been changing since the past.

To keep up with the latest trends of the year 2019, we have compiled for you some of the best ideas of Mehndi dress ideas for your big day!

7 mehndi dresses ideas for the latest wedding event in Pakistan

Are you having difficulty in keeping up with the recent variable trend of Pakistani weddings? Do you have a Mehndi event coming up and are uncertain of which type of dress to get designed? Here, we have collected some of the best mehndi dress ideas for you that keep you updated with the 2019 trends.


  1. Multi-color dresses for Mehndi

The recent trends of Mehndi dresses do not point out to a specific color, so you can easily go for a good blend of colors. Getting a multi-color dress for mehndi can be a good option. Like above, the blend of light color tones may give a soothing and amazing look.

Multi color dresses for Mehndi

The color blend choices depend on the combinations that you choose to use according to your taste.

Nonetheless, one good idea for Mehndi dress for 2019 Pakistani wedding will be using the colors of your choice in the right combination.


  1. The lehenga style for Mehndi event

If there’s something that doesn’t go out of fashion, it’s the Lehnga! The long-staying fashion of Lehngas as being the bridal wear has never gone out of fashion.

One of the oldest and still the most recent choices of Mehndi dresses for a Pakistani event is still a Lehnga.

lehenga for Mehndi

Be it a single color, or a mixture of close colors; lehnga is often the preferred choice of many when it comes to choosing the right Mehndi dress.


  1. Long Frocks for Mehndi event

While lehengas have never gone out of fashion, the recent shift of trend has been towards choosing a long Frok for a Mehndi event.

This type of Frok is often tight in the middle or has a belt to give the shape. When worn with the right color Dupatta, gives the perfect royal look for you to carry on your Mehndi event.

With the perfect size, perfect fit, and design, you are sure to rock your big day!

  1. The perfect sharara design for Mehndi event

Yes, a lehnga does look very nice for a Mehndi bride, but it is much more common than a Sharara design.

If you want to be a unique Mehndi bride who stands out from the rest of the crowd, this should definitely be your take.

sharara design for Mehndi

No matter what colors you choose to blend, the Sharara itself carries great beauty and uniqueness.

If you want to go for something common, you can choose a lehnga, but in order to stand out of the crowd, you may give preference to Sharara for the Mehndi event.


  1. Chunri bridal dresses for Mehndi

Chunri designs are among the most common designs for Mehndi wear. Being a blend of handicrafts from areas of Rajasthan and Gujrat, they present unique and elegant designs.

Chunri bridal dress

Because of the intricate and fine work done by hand, you are, without a doubt, going to stand as the center of attention on your Mehndi event.


  1. Long Kurti and churidar pajama for Mehndi event

A long Kurti with a chooridar pajama is also among the many options for an ideal dress for a Mehndi event.

This has been the new, rising trend and has been gaining popularity as the choice of many today.

Long kurti and churidar pajama

Many have moved away from the traditional Lehnga design dresses and started opting for long Kurti and a churidar pajama.

With the right mix of colors, you can rock your event and be the show stopper.


  1. Long shirt with lehenga for Mehndi event

While long Kurtis/shirts usually go with a pajama or sharara, it should not be forgotten that they are equally good with Lehngas aswell.

Whatever the color, the design on its own is quite unique and one that you will not in a common wedding’.

The colors and designing can be a personal choice here, but the design of wearing a long shirt with a lehnga is a rare one, yet quite impressive.

The trend in the early years of Pakistan was definitely revolving around the typical ideas of wearing a yellow on the Mehndi event, but if we take a look today, much of these trends has ended and has been replaced with colourful ideas, pictures, and cultures.

Over the period of time, there has been a shift from the traditional yellow mehndi color and towards a more colorful and mixture trend where everyone can wear whatever color and design they want without questioning their choice of the dress.

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