9 Exciting Anniversary Celebration Ideas You Should Add To Your List

Anniversary Celebration Ideas

For anniversary to be an exciting and memorable affair, it is vital to come up with unique ideas that aren’t just off the charts but also sweet enough to bring a broad smile. However, there might be times when you have to rack your brain for perfect anniversary celebration ideas. But please note that you don’t need expensive gifts or make extravagant plans to make your anniversary a memorable one. It’s the little things you both do together that sum up to become great things when you look back.

Take a look at these ideas that will help you both cherish every moment of your special day. Read on:

  1. Take Vows

You take vows on your wedding day thinking you will be able to maintain them. Do you remember them all? Well, those were the vows that you took because of the tradition but this anniversary, recreate your promises and make the ones you are sure of fulfilling for life.

  1. Volunteer For Good

This anniversary, visit those places which both of you have been planning to go since long. It could be an orphanage, an old age home, a blind school or even a dog shelter. Go out, help those souls and return with tons of blessings and a broad smile on your faces.

  1. Surprise Road Trip

When you have an option of going out, why not? Pack your essentials, refuel your car and head out to the nearest vacation spot. The idea is not only to visit a holiday destination, but to enjoy your journey to the place.

  1. House Party

Call your close friends and family, get the right music as per your partner’s choice, order some snacks, a bottle of wine and don’t forget to order your special marriage anniversary cake online for a memorable event.

  1. Revisit The Marriage Place

The place where you got married always stays in your soul. This anniversary, take your partner to the same location and relive those moments again. Be it the place where that delicious food was placed or the spot where your drunken friends were dancing, the feel of your wedding day would always stay in the spot. Go and capture that sweet scent of your marriage.

  1. Learn Something New

Join a class on something you are not at all good at, be it dancing, cooking, learning a new language or making furniture. The plus side of this will be that both of you would be giving time to each other everyday, during the class and also at home practicing the things which were taught. Most importantly, you will also skill yourself at a new trade.

  1. Plant A Tree

A Tree represents physical and spiritual nourishment, transformation, liberation, union and fertility. Planting a tree contributes to the society. You will also have a story to tell your grandchildren about the tree and how you nurtured it.

  1. Repeat

Take your partner to the spot where you had your first date, get clicked and relive that moment again. Sit on the same table, order the same food, gift her the same present and click your picture in the same pose as you did on your inaugural date after your marriage.

  1. Relax

Do nothing and relax with your partner throughout the day. Also, don’t forget to keep your gadgets switched off. You can order your food and the desserts online by scheduling the delivery a day before.


Make use of these thoughtful ideas to enjoy your day and we bet you’ll have a pleasant memory to be cherished forever.

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