9 Professional Moving Tips and Tricks for Moving

Packing and Moving Tips and Tricks

Moving can get stressful if you’re unsure how to proceed. Packing and moving to a new house is a process, and it would help if you had time and endurance to shift through your home and wrap up everything. If you’re haphazard about the process, you may end up creating a mess for yourself.

Everything in life needs planning, especially something as detailed as packing. So as you prepare to move out, make sure you know what you’re doing. Since we want to save you the hassle, here’s a list of moving tricks you should know. After you read through all these points, packing should be a piece of cake:

1. Create A Checklist

Make a check list of all the tasks that you need to do for packing and moving

You need to start by jotting down what you need to do. Your list should include all the rooms you need to tackle, plus storage. You also need a timeline that would help you align packing goals with your dates. Suppose you write you need to clear the TV room. In that case, it would help if you also write what components make up the TV room. Is there furniture that needs disassembling? Once you have all the details, then you should start your packing process.

2. Check A Storage Unit Before Hand

Check A Storage Unit Before Hand For Additional Storage for Moving

When you’re moving to a new place, you’ll need extra storage. Even if you’re a minimalist, you need to move things around, and storage is an inevitable situation. Fortunately for you, if you’re moving to Fort Worth, Texas, multiple facilities can come in handy. You can start by looking up storage units Fort Worth TX, near me, and book a storage facility online. Make sure you book an appropriate space for yourself right away. So when you’re about to move, there is already a place waiting for your additional items.

3. Consider Hiring A Moving Company

Hire a Moving Company for Your Move

You will need help to transfer your things, and professional moving companies will help you pack. Packing takes time while you can eventually wrap up everything. You’ll get exhausted, tired, and ultimately burned out. In some cases, you may even collapse, which can cause you a great deal of harm than good. So it is a good idea that you consider hiring a company. However, make sure you sit and do your research first. You don’t want to end up getting scammed. Always check if the company has a legitimate certificate and substantial experience moving. If you’re not careful, you’ll do more harm than good.

4. Invest In Good Boxes

Sturdy Packing Boxes

You may feel tempted to grab boxes from your local grocery store but avoid doing that. While grocery store boxes are cheap, they are weak. They may cave under the weight of your possessions. If you buy good boxes, you can ensure that your items stay safe. These boxes will also not tear as you load them onto a truck. Durability is essential since you will move fragile items too. You don’t want to unlock your vehicle and see all the damaged goods from your house. So while they may cost extra, get excellent and sturdy boxes. While you’re packing, also make sure you don’t over-pack one package. So go easy with the clutter.

5. Declutter As You Pack

Decluttering Concept, Storage Boxes To Sort Between Objects To K

You’ll never get an opportunity such as moving again to declutter your house. With time you accumulate things. These can be clothing, essentials, and possessions. So it’s essential before you make a move, you start getting rid of items you don’t want. Donate items that you don’t use and make sure you give them to good charities. Don’t take anything you don’t need needlessly.

6. Keep A Separate Tote For Moving

Keep A Separate Tote For Moving

A tote bag has all the essential items you need for moving. When you enter your new space, you would want a day or two for yourself. So a tote bag comes handy since you wouldn’t want to unpack right away. It also comes in handy when you’re staying in a hotel overnight. Some cities are far away from each other and require pit stops along the way. Your tote bag will help you make your stay comfortable. When preparing a bag, make sure you keep your chargers, laptop, and keys in there. You will also need all your medicines and a change of clothing. If you have children, help them prepare their tote bag and make a move.

7. Color Code Your Boxes

Color Code Your Boxes For Moving

While labeling is helpful, it’s even better to color code boxes instead. You can use different colored masking tape or markers to help label each box. If you have access to boxes that come in different colors, go for those. Color coding helps in the organization process. You can tell what item is supposed to be in each box. It also saves you the time from unstacking every box to read the labels. You can also help the movers use color-coding to guide them in moving boxes to each room.

8. Always Keep Chemicals Separate

Always Keep Chemicals Separate While Packing

Some things are hazardous when you plan to move. You may need to move them into a separate box to avoid leaking or falling on precious items. Never pack your clothing with any chemicals. Even while packing your cleaning supplies keep fluids together. Don’t pack ammonia, fire extinguishers, and even heating agents together. Paint and varnishes go in another box. Even if you think you’re crafty with space, don’t make a mistake. You can’t afford chemical leaks or mixing.

9. Calculate The Distance Of Your Travel

Calculate The Distance To Your New Home Before Moving To It

While you make plans to move, you need to do one final project. That is you need to calculate how far your new house is. If you’re going by road, that would mean a long journey. You will need to plan for pit breaks and rest stops. Don’t ever move at the last minute. If you need to start a new job, make sure you’re at your new place at least three weeks early. Leaving a day before is a significant risk. You will feel anxious, rushed, and may mess up a moving day. So when you time yourself, you give yourself the room to get used to your new surroundings slowly. You will need time to unpack your house, meet neighbors and get used to the new city. If you have children, they will also require you to support them through a move emotionally.

Wrap Up

You need to time your moving day correctly. It can easily fall from the best day to a packing day nightmare. Packing up your house requires proper planning. You have years’ worth of things to sort through. So it’s a good idea to declutter and pack while you focus on moving. If you feel like your house will take time, don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are services available that can help you pack your things properly. If you’re doing the process on your own, have a system. Make sure you keep a separate tote bag and fill it according to the distance you’ll travel. Packing is all about calculating and wrapping up a room. So, with these few tips, you’ll settle in nicely in no time.

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