A Quick Guide To Finding Your Soulmate

A Quick Guide To Finding Your Soulmate

You might not believe it, but soulmates come in many forms, whether as lovers or trusted friends. Everyone in the world has that special someone. For many people, sometimes, finding them takes a lifetime.

Looking for your soulmate isn’t a walk in the park. It takes hard work, patience, and a lot of self-reflection. Expect a lot of heartbreaks and tears along the way. But once you find your partner for life, all the sacrifices will be worth it.

If you’re still looking for your destined soulmate, check out this guide to help you in your search.

1. Accept Your Flaws And StrengthsAccept Your Flaws And Strengths

Before you can pour your love onto someone else, you’ll need to give yourself that same love. It’s tricky, especially when you’re aware of your own faults. No one’s perfect, and you need to understand that. You may have qualities that some people find unattractive, while others might see them as an asset.

In some instances, you don’t know what your personality is truly like. You could be so confused about yourself and feel like you don’t belong to this world. Fortunately, there are online quizzes aplenty, like the starseed quiz, wherein you can discover yourself on a deeper level. Being a starseed could mean living a life or living in other star systems. These short tests often ask you about your preferences and possible reactions to specific circumstances to determine your character and skills. That’s how you can have a general idea of your own psyche before you start looking for your missing piece and accept yourself for who you are.

2. Understand Your Wants And NeedsWants And Needs

Everyone wants or needs something. You can find it in your environment or a particular person. However, not all people will answer your desires. An incompatible partner will hinder you from acquiring your needs or take too much from you.

A person who understands what your heart truly wants, maybe your soulmate. But it shouldn’t be a one-way street. Other people around you have desires, which you also have to understand. Love and friendship are give-and-take relationships. When you and another person grasp this idea, you could be each other’s soulmates.

3. Know Your Goals And Your ValuesGoals And Your Values

Being a human means having a dream, no matter how small. Having a goal or two gives you the reason to keep living your best life despite all the challenges. In the course of going year by year, you’ll eventually find someone who either shares the same goal or fully supports your goals. If you know what you’re aiming for, looking for a soulmate could be effortless.

It’s also important to understand where your values and morals lie. Let other people know which values you hold to your heart from the get-go. That way, those with the same principles might stay, and your relationship with them can grow. Meanwhile, those who disagree with you will leave and not be a bother in your life.

4. Be Yourself, Love YourselfLove Yourself

Most people don’t like being lied to, and they make it a point to seek the truth in others as much as possible. Your soulmate might not appreciate you if you pretend to be someone you’re not. You must show them your most genuine self and not a character you think they would love more. Besides, keeping that kind of lie may worsen your budding relationship and ultimately result in a falling out.

You can draw people with the same personality as you, weeding out those whose company you might not enjoy. Accepting and loving yourself is the first step in finding your soulmate.

Self-love isn’t easy, but you’ll eventually reap its benefits afterward. It’s a long, winding journey, but you’ll learn how to be your own person and serve as a mirror to other people around you one day.

5. Lower Your ExpectationsLower Your Expectations

You’ll be in for a real disappointment if you constantly expect only the best in your soulmate. Of course, you’ll have desires and fantasies you wish to see in them. But it’s almost impossible to find a perfect match. If you can’t let go of your expectations, stick to the more practical and realistic ones. In the case of romantic soulmates, it’s fine to want an attractive partner, but you’ll need to understand that beauty can fade over time. However, kindness, generosity, and other positive traits often stay with a person through old age. You’ll find it less stressful to look for someone who matches you perfectly when you lower your expectations.

6. Stay Open-MindedOpen Minded

You might believe that soulmates are a destined pair that, once broken up, can never find someone new to fill the gap. This isn’t entirely true as there are nearly eight billion people in the world. There’ll always be many fish in the sea if your soulmate is not your actual match or unavailable. Remember, there’s more to soulmates than romantic relationships. More than anything else, they’re here to help with your soul contracts.

Love and friendship are like photography. You won’t always get the perfect shot, so you need to take several tries to get it. Your first love might not be meant for you, and that’s fine. Keep your mind and field open for new people to enter your life and form connections with you. If you close yourself off after a breakup, you’ll miss the chance of finding someone else who could patch up your heart just the way you want it.

7. Put In The EffortPut In The Effort

Once you find a soulmate, keeping them in your life is the real challenge. Just because you’ve finally found your soulmate, it doesn’t mean that they’ll stay with you and continue to love you unconditionally. Your partner is a person with wants and goals too. If you put all the attention on yourself, your relationship won’t be as balanced as you imagined.

Many people believe that soulmates aren’t born but created and tended like seedlings with each lifetime. If you see your relationship beginning to fray, step up and communicate with your partner. Take time to reassess your personal needs and your expectations from each other. What you learn from each other may improve your love life and let it continue on for years.

8. Enjoy The Single LifeThe Single Life

Even if it takes you a whole lifetime to find your ‘twin flame’ or if you don’t encounter them, it’s not the end of the world. Being single is a blessing too. So, don’t fret over searching for a soulmate. It shouldn’t take up the focus of your life. Accepting your lack of a partner might even lead you to find that special someone who enjoys their own independence and respects yours. Moreover, with the many types of soulmates around, you’re bound to find one if you haven’t been born near one already.


Finding a soulmate is a life mission for some people. It’s not all about looking for someone physically attractive, but someone spiritually, psychologically, and mentally compatible with you to the end of helping you with your soul contract. The key is to be prepared to meet them by constantly developing a better version of yourself.

When you’ve found your partner for life, you’ll know when you feel contentment, a sense of completeness, and undying attraction for them. Your soulmate can appear in your life in different ways and always at the right time. Sometimes, it’s a serendipitous moment that makes meeting them more beautiful.

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