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Alaina Marie Mathers Biography (Family Background, Life events & Net Worth)

Alaina Marie Mathers
Alaina Marie Mathers net worth and family
Full Name:Alaina Marie Mathers
Nick Name:Alaina
Age:27 years
Net Worth:$190 Million (Estimated)
Father’s Name:Eminem
Date of Birth (DOB):May 3rd, 1993
Mother’s Name:Dawn Scott
Siblings:Whitney Scott Mathers
Hailie Jade, Patrick Scott
Adam Scott
Nationality:United States of America, USA
Where she is right now:Student at Oakland University


While most of the people cognize Marshall Bruce Mathers III (Eminem), the first artisan to win Best Rap Album for three successive LPs, acknowledged as the king of rap and the 15 times AMA highflier, only a few are aware of his personal life. He is undeniably one of the most efficacious musicians in the present industry and Alaina Marie Mathers is one of his daughters whose entire life story we will be revealing in this biography.

Alaina Marie Mathers selfie


Born on May 3, 1993, in the United States of America, with the birth name Amanda Marie Scott, is one of the two adopted daughters of Eminem, later named Alaina Mathers after adoption in the mid-2000s. She will be 26 years old by May 3, 2019. She has maintained a low personal profile just like Eminem. Unlike her siblings, she avoids social media as much as she can. She gets along with Eminem well and talks about him a lot in various talk shows that she visits.


Family Members and Early Life Account

Alaina Mathers is the biological daughter of Dawn Scott, the twin sister of Kim, Eminem’s ex-wife. Dawn Scott and Kimberly Ann Scott were related to Eminem’s family as his mother raised the twins as her own daughters after they escaped from their home because of their alcohol addictive stepfather. While living together Eminem and Kim fell in love and had to flee from their house to be together because of Eminem’s mother.

Alaina Marie Mathers Biography (Family Background, Life events & Net Worth)

Dawn Scott was a fanatic drug user. She did not know the identity of Alaina’s biological father because of her troubled life. Eminem adopted Alaina when Dawn’s drug addiction became worst. She would cannibalize anything to make herself high. Eminem tried his level best to keep Alaina from meeting her mother but they did meet once in a while.

Alaina Mathers was brought up by Eminem along with his biological daughter Hailie Jade and the other adopted daughter Whitney Scott Mathers, who was Kim’s daughter from her preceding relationship. They all got along well and even Eminem tried his level best to make them feel like actual sisters.

Eminem and Kim got married for the first time in 1999. In 2001, Eminem and Kim got separated after Kim was caught cheating with the bouncer of a night club named John Guerrera. Eminem was arrested later for physical assaulting of Guerrera and for occupancy of camouflaged weapon. Later they remarried in 2006 but separated again after just a month due to personal problems.

After their divorce, the rap king Eminem got the custody of Alaina and even changed her name from Amanda Marie Scott to Alaina Marie Mathers to protect her from the hardships of her past. This shows his love and affection for Alaina.

Alaina has a total of four siblings. She has two brothers; Adam Scott and Patrick Scott along with the two sisters Hailie and Whitney. It is reported that Adam Scott is Alaina’s twin brother who was born both mentally and physically unfit because Dawn Scott, their mother, kept using drugs even during her pregnancy.

Personal Life Events

Unlike other star kids, Alaina has kept her personal life low and hidden. It seems she has adopted this quality from his father, Eminem, who also is known for his secretive and hidden personal life. Both father and daughter don’t want their personal life in the limelight and therefore never discuss their private lives. Only a few personal details are known about Alaina that will be shared here.

Her mother who passed away in 2016 due to drug overdose never cared about her daughter or other children and started using drugs even before Alaina was born. Alaina had a very complicated and rough childhood due to her addicted mother but after being adopted by Eminem her life turned a new leaf. Despite being her uncle, Eminem raised her and cared about her future just as her biological father.

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As of her academic record, not much is known as like her personal details her educational and professional life were enshrouded by Eminem as he is a significant presence in her life and is neck deep concerned about her trivial matter. According to our knowledge, she studied Public relations from Oakland University in Rochester. She is very concerned about her studies and wants to stand on her own feet.

In order to be safe and keep her life secretive, she is also not interested in social media, as no record of her account on any social media has come into notice. Most of the accounts being run at the time are handled by her fans.

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She spends most of her time with her sisters and father to keep away from the limelight. Even though their father is a big star, Alaina Marie Mathers and her sister enjoy a very normal life.

Speaking of her relationships, it is also a complete furtive chapter of her life. Even though her pics with male friends were uploaded many times on social media but it was never confirmed either she was in a relationship with any one of them or not. She never disclosed any details about her relationships and still is very strict to the rule. But it is confirmed that she is enjoying single unmarried life.

 Alaina Marie Mathers Net Worth

Alaina Marie Mathers young

Being globally recognized as a daughter of 15 times AMA award winner and rap king Eminem she has no hardships related to money. Regardless of being fostered, she enjoys a very splendid, indulgent and comfortable life thanks to her father. She benefits a lot from her father, who has a massive net worth of about $190 million, built, amplified and reinforced from his music career.

Being the daughter of a rapper, record producer and songwriter she has no difficulty regarding money and doesn’t have to work like his father who worked at many jobs in his childhood to make both ends meet. She is not interested in following her father’s. Therefore, she keeps herself away from the entertainment industry. As of now, she has not owned any net worth. Alaina is still under the preserved custody of Eminem who caters her with all his prerequisite. She is likely to receive a big fortune from her father’s 190$ million worth.

In the bird’s eye view, after a difficult childhood, Alaina Marie Mathers is now enjoying a contended and upbeat life with her father and sisters.

Facts about Alaina Marie Mathers

  • Alaina is not active on social media.
  • Her mother became drug addict to cope depression.
  • Her mother died on 19 Jan 2016 , because of the over dosage of drugs.
  • She is pet lover.

FAQs about Alaina Marie Mathers

What is her date of birth?

Alaina Marie Mathers was born as Amanda Marie Scott. Her date of birth is 3rd of May 1993.

Is she the biological daughter of Eminem?

She is the niece of King of Rap and according to sources she still calls him “uncle” even after the adoption.

Are her parents alive?

Her father is not known whereas her mother died on 19th of January 2016. As per sources, she died because of heroin overdose.

What is the education of Alaina Marie Mathers?

She graduated in 2016 from the University of Oakland. Her specialization is in public relations.

Can I get a link to her social media accounts?

Alaina does not have any social media account. Even if there is one, it is not known to public. Her private life is very hidden and the King of Rap does his best to protect the privacy of his children.

What is her nickname?

She was given the nickname ‘Lainey’ and it was mentioned in the song ‘Mocking Bird.’

What is her net worth?

The actual net worth of Alaina Marie Mathers is not known. Sources suggest that she is yet to begin earning and the main contributor to her net worth is the fortune of her fatherly figure, Eminem.

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