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Andrea Bocelli Weight Loss – Did He Really Lose Any Weight?

Andrea Bocelli Weight Loss

Andrea Bocelli is an Italian singer, songwriter, and producer. His singing career started from the bars where he used to play opera. He worked at a bar to finance himself for his Law studies. His life is full of traumas.

He fell prey to congenital glaucoma in his childhood. At twelve, he lost his eyesight. Despite this, he keeps on studying and excelling in his singing career. He studied and practiced law. But later on, opt to choose singing for his career. He started his singing career with Luciano Pavarotti. Until now, he has produced over 90 million songs. His name is written in the genius book of world record.

Andrea’s Physical Appearance

Andrea Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli was never a bulky person. He is a lean and strong man from the very beginning. From his early young age till now, he hasn’t gained much weight to be criticized or talked about. But gaining or shedding a few pounds at times is common for everyone. That was the case with Andrea, his weight fluctuations were considered as a sign of his bad health. Noticing his early childhood history, people thought he was ill or something.

Full NameAndrea Angel Bocelli
Date of BirthSeptember 22, 1958
Zodiac SignVirgo
Age62 years
Height6′ 0″ in feet and inches
MotherEdi Bocelli
FatherAlessandro Bocelli
SiblingsAlberto Bocelli
ResidenceVersilia in Tuscany
Opera singer, song writer, actor, author, lawyer, pianist
Current Marital StatusMarried
SpouseVeronica Berti
Matteo Bocelli, Virginia Bocelli, Amos Bocelli
Net Worth$100 Million

From Where Did the Rumors for His Weight Loss Begin?

Andrea Bocelli Christmas Concert

It was from a live Easter session in April, he performed at the Duomo Cathedral. He played music of the hope, one of his famous songs. His fans noticed that he has lost some weight. He was looking thinner than before. Fans usually keep an eye on the activities and appearances of their favorite celebrity. They noticed that Andrea has lost his weight all of the sudden. About which he was concerned whether it was because of any illness.

The same scenario was also noticed in 2018. When many people noticed him be more fragile and weak. A person once asked his wife in a post on Facebook. But later it turned out that was not a matter of much concern with Andrea.

Did He Really Lose Any Weight?

From his appearance in the Easter session, people saw him leaner. They were worried about his health. They thought he was suffering from bad health, which caused him to lose weight. They were curious about his health.

The answer to the question that whether he has lost any weight is a big No. gaining or shedding a little weight at some point in your life is not a big deal. This happens to everyone.

You may also feel the transformation in someone’s appearance because of the clothes. Some clothes are designed this way to give a lean thin look to the person wearing them.

Or there are multiple reasons for a person to have a slight change in his appearances. That was the case with Bocelli. People felt good to find out that he was not suffering from any bad health. And there was not any change in his weight.

Diet Plan of Andrea Bocelli

Noticing a few ups and downs in weight may be due to the change in dietary habits. The eating phenomena change during travels and at different places. In the case of this 61 years old singer, he never let himself be bulky. Because of the following reasons, he was never bulky.

  • He says that he was not fond of eating much from his childhood. He used to refuse meals. He would run all day, and his mother tried to distract him to eat something.
  • His house lady was a good cook. He liked her cooking. He ate sweet dishes or cakes made by her on occasions. It tells he doesn’t like sweet much except the fried donuts with vanilla icing.


  • During his studies and bar job, he could hardly manage money for studies. Which he couldn’t afford to spend on luxurious food. He had to travel about 200 miles for his college. He was a busy person, and never had enough time and money to relish the food. Therefore, he never had the arouse of food even at his young age.
  • Sharing his present food habits, he says he can’t eat much. This is maybe due to his professional life, old age, or health. But he doesn’t eat oily or heavy food.
  • The most common dish he usually eats is pasta. He eats simple food. The pasta is cooked in olive oil, with no sauces or butter. He doesn’t waste his time cooking or eating.


  • He eats as many vegetables as he can. He says vegetables are good for his health and keep him hydrated.
  • He uses meat two to three times a weak only. He declared that meat is dangerous for health. That’s why he tries not to use much meat.
  • He takes much care to keep himself hydrated. He had a rider backstage only to provide him water frequently. He gives him water only. He doesn’t deal with any calories.
  • He uses wine after successful concerts or releases. He is not a usual drinker. He drinks only to celebrate his success.
  • He also likes a decent cup of coffee. But that’s not usual indeed.


  • When asked about his favorite restaurants, he listed down many. It seems he use to eat out. He told about the quality difference of many hotels. He goes out to eat at times. But he says he wouldn’t prefer an extravagant meal. This depicts how simple his eating habits are.

Just a few days back, he posted on Facebook about his family health. He exposed that he and his family members were diagnosed positive for COVID-19. He says they all were fortunate enough to recover through this disease by the end of March.

andrea bocelli was diagnosed positive for COVID-19

He preferred not to expose the news early because he didn’t want any hassle among his fans. But he said they were fully recovered. He suggested his fans prevent themselves from the pandemic.

We have the slightest notion that his fragile look during the Easter days may be due to the coronavirus. Though he declared that he and his family have gone through hard times. They suffered a lot in this pandemic. But they all are fully recovered now. And enjoying a healthy and normal life.

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