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Are Your Eyes the Windows to Your Soul?

You may not be aware of it, but your eyes are telling people all about what you think and how you feel even when you haven’t said a word. Humans have a highly developed understanding of communication via body language, and one of the most expressive parts of your face is your eyes. You don’t have to be openly weeping for people to know you feel sad, and you don’t have to be shouting and screaming for someone to know you’re angry. This is why the eyes have been termed the windows to your soul because in most cases they are revealing your true feelings.

Is it really your eyes?

Not exclusively, no. The expression on your face will probably give a good indication of your emotions, but the eyes complete that picture and remove any doubt. They will also give you away even when you are doing your best not to show your feelings. If you feel attracted to someone, your pupils will dilate, and there’s nothing you can do to stop them. So if the person your talking to is in any doubt, a glance at your eyes should tell them what they need to know.

Using your eyes to your advantage

There’s a good reason that make-up has always been concentrated around the eye area, and that is to accentuate the beauty and expression of the eyes. Making eyes look bigger with mascara and eyeliner enhances their appeal, as large eyes are perceived to be both more attractive and less threatening. This fact has been known and exploited for thousands of years; just have a look at a picture of ancient Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, who was a big fan of kohl. Being able to make eye contact with people and allowing your eyes to be part of the communication process is socially advantageous, and your chances of achieving a sale or getting a date are increased accordingly. On the other hand, if you want to isolate yourself, dissuade people from approaching you and avoid eye contact, covering your eyes by wearing dark glasses can be a definite barrier to interaction.

Taking care of your eyes

We all rub our eyes when we’re tired, but it’s not a great way to treat the delicate skin around the eye socket. Use moisturizers that are designed for the eye area and avoid poking about in your eyes to minimize the risk of damage and infection. If you have vision problems, make sure you have appropriate corrective lenses so that you are safe to drive and help avoid headaches and eye strain. You could try one of the alternative treatments available from a reputable specialist like The Center for Vision Development, who can assess your suitability for corrective therapies. Staying up late, stress, poor diet and lack of fluids can all affect the appearance of your eyes, making them bloodshot and sore, so eat well, drink plenty and get a good night’s sleep.

Whether you believe the eyes are the windows to the should or not, they are certainly a window into your personality, health, and state of mind, so take care of them and don’t forget what amazing functions they have in addition to the miracle of sight.

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