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Army Body Fat Calculator

Army Body Fat Calculator
Army Body Fat Calculator
Enter your height
Enter your Neck
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Enter your height
Enter your Neck
Enter your Waist
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The US Army’s fitness standards are considered unparalleled, especially for those who want to achieve specific fitness goals and track their performance. The Army Recruitment Standard is considered the most stringent and to remain an active part of the services, the soldiers have to satisfy these standards.

The Army Body Fat Calculator helps calculate the overall body fat percentage and determine if it satisfies the Army fitness standards. The soldiers and military forces have to meet these body fat standards to join the Army. It is not a regular BMI calculator, but it calculates body circumference measurements with respect to the individual’s height.

How to use Army Body Fat Calculator?

Measure your body fat and find out if you can join the US Army. To find out your body circumferential measurements, take another person’s help or you may also do it yourself. Take a non-stretchable tape and calculate all the measurements horizontally. After you have performed all the calculations, just put them straight into our body fat calculator. Without putting your head into complex complications, the calculator instantly provides you the right estimates.

Height: Measure your height while standing straight and without wearing shoes.

Hips: The hips measurements are only performed for women. The measurements are performed around the widest part of the gluteal muscles or buttocks.

Waist: The waist measurements are performed at the level of the belly button for men and around the narrowest area of the abdomen in women.

Neck: The circumference of the neck is measured right beneath the larynx and vertical to the neck.

Enter the values in imperial or metric units and press ‘calculate.’ The results will be estimated in the same unit once the values are entered in the body fat calculator.

US Army Body Fat Percentage Standards

These standards are slightly different in both men and women. According to the defined Army regulations, the body fat percentage standard for candidates to join the military services for different age groups are:

17 to 2030%24%
21 to 2732%26%
28 to 3934%28%
40 or above36%30%

After joining the military services, the body fat percentage standards for the active military personnel are:

17 to 2030%20%
21 to 2732%22%
28 to 3934%24%
40 or above36%26%

Our body fat calculator gives you results that you may use to determine if you can join military forces or not. Those who fulfill these standards are entered into the next phase, while those who cannot meet the criteria are put under the weight loss program.

Tips on Reducing Body Fat

Body fat is not easy to eliminate. Before planning on cutting down the unnecessary bulge of fat, it is important to know your body fat percentage, and if you are planning to join the US Army, it is essential to have a healthy body fat percentage. If, at any point, you feel that your body fat has increased and made it difficult to appear in the military services test, you need to reduce fat by following some effective tips.

  • You need to closely examine your intake of carbs, fats, and proteins and then decide which nutrients you need to take control of while consuming.
  • Do more resistance training exercises and focus more on gaining muscle mass. Increased muscle mass and strength have a positive impact on reducing body fat and produce positive impacts on your body composition.
  • Getting enough sleep is another important factor that can help reduce body fat. Enjoying quality sleep is important if you want to acquire a healthy body composition.
  • Once you have reduced the fat bulge, you may retake the Army body fat test to see if the results make you eligible to join military forces and how much more work should be done to reduce body fat.

Wrap Up

A measurement of general health and fitness is body fat. Body fat can affect a person’s immune system, cause issues during pregnancy, and increase injury chances. On the other hand, having low body fat percentages can also be detrimental because it affects immune system performance, reproduction, and injury risk. Knowing your body fat % allows you to analyze your general health and fitness better than looking only at your weight or BMI. Understanding your body fat will help you maintain a healthy weight and lower your chance of developing health issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the maximum body fat percentage the Army allows for the candidates?

It depends upon the gender and the age of the candidate. For men the maximum body fat percentage for men above 40 is 30%, while for women, it is 36%.

Why is it important to reduce body fat to join the army?

Considering body fat percentage has always been of top importance for the Army as physically fit people are more ready and active on the field. A good weight supports better physical health, increases service time, and improves military appearance.

What are the different types of body fat?

The body fat appears in different types and colors, including beige, white, and brown fat cells.

Can civilians use the Army body fat calculator?

Anyone can use the Army body fat calculator to determine the body fat percentage. However, it is important to understand that every Army has different body fat standards and should not be generalized everywhere.

Why is it important to maintain a healthy body fat percentage?

A healthy body fat percentage helps reduce cardiovascular diseases, improve energy, enhance productivity and athletic performance, and improve physical appearance.

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