Benefits of Inversion Table

Benefits of Inversion Table

Inversion therapy is the most trendy word these days as there are many people facing backpain, sciatica, and kidney stones issues, and one of the best, most accessible, and most convenient ways to get rid of these disorders is inversion therapy. It sounds like a fun activity, but it is the most effective solution to all these problems if used properly. Inversion therapy involves stretching the spine to get relief from back pain.

There were some side effects to doing therapy manually, but now you don’t need to worry about it as technology has made your treatment more accessible and more comfortable by introducing inversion tables. Undoubtedly, we live a busy and stressful life that impacts our minds and bodies. In these situations, the development of inversion tables is a great blessing as they have reduced the back effects of inversion therapy. They have made it a more modern and convenient term for all of us. By using inversion tables, you can get rid of chronic pain within months.

Inversion Therapy

Inversion Therapy

This therapy is specifically helpful for people suffering from spine issues. It involves bending down at a certain angle for a few minutes with the help of gravity and body weight. It helps the body stretch and elongate vertebrae spines and hence overcomes the pressure of discs. It is a trend now, but this therapy has been known for centuries. With the help of an inversion table, you can practice this therapy at home at your adjustable angle.

It was noted that inversion therapy somehow was a much more time-consuming process if you visit therapeutics or a doctor’s clinic. Furthermore, certain people are at high risk of danger when they bend their bodies with gravity and stand on their feet for a long time. The need for the apparatus was arising for such patients; therefore, they came up with this apparatus, i.e., termed an inversion table.

Inversion Table

An inversion table is a mechanical device specifically designed for people with spine traction. It allows the patient to lie down and invert their body at certain angles. It lowers gravity’s effect, enables the person to manage their body weight, and keeps it balanced due to ankle support with a ratchet mechanism. The locking mechanism holds the table, and the patient can invert their body. It lowers the pressure on the ankles and stretches the spines using gravity and body weight.

This way, it enhances the blood circulation in these specific areas, enhances the space between spines, and relieves the discs and vertebrae nerves. Also, it improves spinal health due to passive and noninvasive mechanical traction.

Inversion tables are used for getting relieve back pain and slipped disc issues. These tables are safe to use; however, if you have osteoporosis, joint problems, injuries, or any such disorder, it is better to avoid using an inversion table.

How to Use An Inversion Table

How to Use An Inversion Table

It requires lying down on the table and then tying your body via straps. Tilt your table until your head becomes lower than your heart. It is better to take a 5-10 minutes session to check how you feel. If you are a young one, start with short-span sessions at an angle of 30 degrees. It is not recommended to do a table session without any observer or recommendation of your therapist.

Benefits of Inversion Table

It is reported by the people who are using the inversion table regularly that it is a fruitful effort to bring positive health benefits. It helps in relieving pain, improving blood circulation, enhancing flexibility, and reducing muscle tension. We have taken down significant benefits of inversion tables in this article, such as

1. Corrects the Spine Alignment

Corrects the Spine Alignment

As we know, back pain occurs due to incorrect spine alignment, resulting in severe problems in the future. It happens because of bad posture and unnecessary stress throughout the day. These tables provide a gentle massage, and their constant use improves spine health by correcting the misalignment of spines and reducing back pain. The inversion tables are great for people suffering from spinal stenosis, herniated disc, pinched nerve, and degenerative disc disease.

2. Helps in Flexible Movement of Muscles

Due to back pain, regular activity becomes impossible. Physiotherapists recommend light movement for back pain; otherwise, it may decrease mobility or paralysis. Inversion therapy using an inversion table maintains flexible mobility of back and leg muscles. Hence it is beneficial for people who have back paralysis. In 2013, a study showed that inversion therapy plays an important role in reducing chronic low back pain. Inversion tables work on the principle of inversion therapy along with improving mobility. They also play an important role in loosening the tight low back muscles.

3. Decreases Mental Stress

Recently a study has proved that inversion tables have a vital role in reducing the mental stress level. When a patient lies on the table, keeping their head below the heart, this position activates the parasympathetic system and increases blood flow to the head. You have observed yoga experts recommend sleeping children with their bums in the air and heads down as this position relaxes the body. When you invert your body in a child pose, it controls stress and relaxes the body by calming the nerves.

4. Saves Patient From Sciatica

Saves Patient From Sciatica

As in most cases, back pain is due to our luxurious lifestyle. We do work by sitting in the wrong position, which bends our spines and leads to sciatica. Inversion tables are the best solution for people suffering from sciatica or requiring surgical intervention. A study stated that inversion therapy is far better than that physical therapy, and it also protects the patients from surgery.

5. Reduces the Use of Medicines

Reduces the Use of Medicines

People suffering from lower back pain usually depend on painkillers and medicines to live everyday life. Inversion therapy helps overcome the pain; hence people move towards less medication. A study on 47 women having severe low back pain with an 8-week inversion program shows visible results of inversion therapy. It was observed that after having eight weeks of inversion therapy, they got significant relief in their low back pain.

6. Helps to Clear Kidney Stones

Benefit of inversion table is Helps to Clear Kidney Stones

Inversion therapy is also beneficial for reducing painful kidney stones along with diuresis. It is used in hospitals to clear kidney stones. Mostly it is provided after shockwave treatment that breaks the kidney stones into smaller pieces, and inversion therapy helps to pass them out with ease.

7. Provides Relief from Muscle Spasms

These inversion tables are conducive to reducing the pain due to muscle spasms. It provides gentle distraction stretching that reduces the pressure on joints and relaxes muscle spasms.

8. Helps in Lymphatic Drainage

The inversion table helps in lymphatic drainage as reverse gravity allows easy flow of lymph fluid. The fluid moves away from the feet and then again to the feet when it to comes to the original position.

Side Effects of Inversion Tables

While going for inversion tables, certain things require attention. If you misuse the inversion table, you can experience some side effects. Read these points carefully to avoid any damage.

  • The inversion table works on the inversion therapy principle, and this therapy is not helpful for everyone. These tables are not suitable for people suffering from glaucoma. Such people feel pressure on their eyes; hence it harms their eyesight in this condition.
  • If you are suffering from knee pain or arthritis, it will affect your joint and lead to joint injury.
  • The inversion table lowers the heartbeat and increases the blood pressure.
  • These are not beneficial for people with heart issues, ear problems and not for pregnant ladies.
  • Its overuse may lead to headaches and blurry vision.


Inversion tables are great inventions for people having back and neck issues. Also, these tables make it easy to enjoy inversion therapy at home. But it is recommended not to use these tables at home without any expert guidance as specific risk factors may kill your health. Inversion tables are not beneficial for everyone. It is recommended to use them after your physiotherapist’s advice.


Is inversion therapy helpful for long-term use?

Although this therapy is considered the best, it provides temporary relief and is not beneficial for long-term use.

Can I use an inversion table at home?

Yes, but before that, it is required to concern yourself with your therapist. Because misuse can damage muscles and joints permanently, if you have any problem like blood pressure, heart problem, etc., it is suggested to avoid such activity.

What is the best angle to start if we use an inversion table at home?

It is better to start from an angle of 15 degrees, and after that, if you feel reliable, you can increase the inversion angle.

For older adults, what should be the inverted angle?

For older adults, it is better to tip back at an angle of 30 degrees. But still, the starting angle should be 15 degrees, and you can slowly increase it with time.

Is an inversion table beneficial for neck pain?

Yes, it is beneficial for both neck pain and lower back pain.

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