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Best Edge Control Products for Natural Hair: Ultimate Guide to 24-Hour Edge Tamer

Best Edge Control Products for Natural Hair

Baby hairs look cute, but most of the time, they can be frizzy, unmanageable, and can be tough to style. The baby hairs, or more technically, we call them edges, grow at the perimeter of the hairs and can be a hard-tester for your hairstyling skills. Tying hairs back in the bun or ponytail can be tough when the edges are wispy and stubborn to get over.

The best edge control products for natural hair are affordable, reliable, and tame the frizz to help you achieve a sleek and neat look. These are highly moisturizing, promote hair growth, and add shine. An all-day hold to the flyways and edges with smooth finishing to the edges is what you can expect from 24-hour hold edge control products.

Below, you will find amazing 24-hour edge tamers, which are made to nourish and feed your edges for thicker growth. For all those ladies who are struggling to tame their edges, investing in these edge control products ensures smooth and manageable edges.

Best Edge Control Products to Buy in 2023

Infused with hair nourishing and strengthening ingredients, the below-mentioned edge control products are the best to achieve Insta-ready hairs. If you have never tried an edge control product before or want to add another one to your haircare stash, these products are good to consider and worth your money.

Kiss Edge Fixer GluedKiss Edge Fixer Glued

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A soothing fruity smell that oozes out of this edge fixer glue by Kiss takes your edge-taming experience to another level. This refreshing edge fixer provides maximum hold to untamed baby hairs, and with biotin in its composition, you can achieve smooth-looking edges and increased hair elasticity all at once. The fixer comes with six beautiful and tangy fruity fragrances such as pineapple, watermelon, cherry, and others to give your hair edge better hold while also refreshing your scalp. The clear formula ensures that no product residue is left behind.


  • Delicious, fruity smell
  • It ensures maximum hold.


  • Fragrance might trouble some of the consumers.

Crème of Nature Perfect Edges Extra HoldCrème of Nature Perfect Edges Extra Hold

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The multiple awards that this edge control product has won make it stand tall in the list of best hair edge tamers. With the improved formulation and Argan oil in its composition, you can expect great results in terms of taming the hair edges. Besides Moroccan Argan Oil, it also has castor oil, keratin amino acid, hydrolyzed wheat protein, and sweet almond oil, which nourish and hold the edges. For those ladies who struggle with creating sleek hair buns, ponytails, or smooth hairstyles without flyways whirling around their hairline, Crème of Nature Perfect Edges Extra Hold is just the right product. It has a non-sticky composition and adds shine to the tresses.


  • Alcohol-free composition
  • It does not harden the hair.
  • Smells good.


  • Leaves slightly oily reside.

Cantu Natural Hair Edge Stay GelCantu Natural Hair Edge Stay Gel

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Enriched with the hair-soothing properties of shea butter and being free from silicones and sulfates, this hair edge stay gel ensures a moisturized scalp and manageable, frizz-free edges. The rich composition helps relax the friction that may result from heat or chemical treatments and gives your hairstyle a smooth finish. It is paraben-free and has glycerin, cocoa butter, and jojoba oil packed in its composition, so it does not leave hair hard.


  • Suitable for fine hairs
  • Hydrates the edges


  • It might feel flaky on the scalp.

EBIN New York 24-Hour Edge Tamer – Extreme Firm HoldEBIN New York 24-Hour Edge Tamer – Extreme Firm Hold

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Sometimes, individuals complain of the hair tamers being flaky on the scalp, and if you, too, are looking for a flake-free edge control product, EBIN New York 24-Hour Edge Tamer is the perfect solution. It works great, especially on virgin hairs, and gives you unruly and swaying hair edges a good hold for 24 hours. No flake or residue will be left behind, ensuring a smooth and clean scalp after the product application. It is loaded with argan oil, hydrogenated castor oil, and PEG-7 glycerol cocoate, widely popular ingredients for achieving healthy tresses.


  • It is suitable for natural, untreated hairs.
  • Great ingredients composition
  • Encourages hair growth


  • Greasy formulation

Dr.Miracle’s Style Edge Holding GelDr.Miracle’s Style Edge Holding Gel

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If you do not feel comfortable applying a fragrant edge control formula to your edges, Dr.Miracle’s Style Edge Holding Gel comes with a clean scent that does not feel overpowered. It has jojoba oil, aloe vera, and honey, which are experts’ recommended ingredients to nourish the untamed edges. It provides superior hold to the edges, and with its deep-conditioning ingredients, the thin edges are encouraged to grow. It keeps the hair edges controlled for longer and also locks in the moisture to achieve healthy hairs.


  • Provides excellent hold
  • It does not have an overpowering scent


  • None

Design Essentials Sleek Edge ControlDesign Essentials Sleek Edge Control

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If you are starting out with an edge tamer, you may start with Design Essentials Sleek Edge Control. It is suitable to provide your hair edges with a light yet strong hold and has a mild fragrance that is soothing and does not bother. It provides intense shine to the hair and gives sleek finishing to the flyways, giving you insta-worthy hair styling. It does not leave residue on the scalp, is flake-free, and tames the rebellious edges, and is especially suitable for thick hairs. It is manufactured with peptides, glycerin, and hydrogenated castor oil to nourish deep hair.


  • Light fragrance
  • Deep-nourishing formula
  • Provides hold for longer hours


  • Slightly greasy

Carol’s Daughter Back Vanilla Edge Control SmootherCarol’s Daughter Back Vanilla Edge Control Smoother

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If your edges are brittle and have lost their natural luster, you may try out this edge control smoother by Carol’s Daughter that is guaranteed to seal the split ends and give a manageable texture to the untamed edges. Black Vanilla Edge Control Smoother’s gel-based formula is soft and packed with rosemary leaf extract, honey, and aloe leaf juice to smooth the edges. The product’s smell is quite sweet and is loved by the consumers. Also, the clear, gel texture of the edge control tames the flyways without leaving any residue.


  • It has hydrating properties.
  • It also treats the split ends.


  • Not too long-lasting

Hicks Transformations Hicks Edges Styling GelHicks Transformations Hicks Edges Styling Gel

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The smooth and non-stickier formulation of Hicks Edges Styling Gel is an absolute favorite for tapering the cuts, repairing the edges, and giving hairs a sleek finish. It has hydrogenated castor oil that ensures deep conditioning and smoothens the unmanageable edges. It is grease-free, non-flaky, and gluten-free. Hicks Transformations Hicks Edges Styling Gel provides a strong hold for a maximum of 24 hours and imparts a silky smooth shine to the hair edges.


  • It does not make hair greasy.
  • It provides maximum hold.


  • It might leave residue on the scalp.

What Makes the Hair Edges Thin?

Whether you want to style your natural hair straight, do braids, twists, or just in a simple bun, the edges are usually not given much attention. Although these are tiny hairs, they play a vital part in the overall hair finishing. The unsightly and tough-to-manage edges are due to hair thinning and can damage your hair if not treated on time.

So, what makes hair edges thin? Let’s find out below.

Hair Wigs & Extensions

Hair extensions, wigs, and tight braided extensions are usually the culprit of hair thinning on the hairline. Since the hair extensions pull the hairs down, the edges become thinner and cause hair damage.


If you are a fan of hair accessories and love wearing caps and headbands more often, you probably have witnessed hair frizz on the edges. It occurs when these accessories, when placed tighter, produce friction that pulls away the hair moisture and leaves the edges dehydrated.

Chemical Treatment

Our edges are the most delicate part of hair, and if treated with harsh chemicals, they easily lose their luster and strength. The chemical products have ingredients such as sulfates, which are unsuitable for the scalp and extremely harmful to the edges.

Tight Hairstyles

Tight hairstyle is the enemy of the hair edges. When pulled tighter, the hair weighs on the back, which damages the follicles. Too much tightening pressure leads to causing hair tension and irreparable damage to the follicle, which is also a contributing cause of alopecia.

Is Edge Control and Hair Gel the Same?

The application of edge control products in moisturizing and nourishing the edges makes people wonder if the edge control is the same as the hair gel. Putting it simply, NO, the edge control is not the same as the hair gel.

There is a notable difference between the consistency of both hair products, as edge control is thicker and manufactured with less liquid. Hair gel, on the other side, is less thick, less sticker, and has a more liquid-based formulation. Edge control products have advanced formulation that specifically suits the hair edges. They dry faster, so you can’t wait to style your hair. Hair gels, sometimes, give hair edges a hard texture that stays till the next wash.

Things to Consider When Buying Edge Control Products

  • When hunting for the best edge tamer, always consider the level of hold that you want for your hair edges.
  • The edge control products that are based on water work perfectly for straight and wavy hair, while the oil-based edge tamers are suitable for dry and coily hairs. Choose the one according to your hair type.
  • Don’t choose the edge control product that is too runny.
  • If you are starting with the edge control products, choose the one that provides medium hold.
  • The hair edge tamers should be alcohol-free, and alcohol is notorious for rupturing the hair moisture barrier.
  • Look for edge tamers with castor oil, glycerin, or aloe vera in them, as these ingredients are helpful in promoting growth in fragile hairs and strengthening them.
  • There is no point in using an edge control product that makes your hair dry. So always check the ingredients list wisely.

Bottom Line

You can style your hair whatever you like without worrying about frizz and unruly edges if you use the correct edge control solutions. The aforementioned items are reasonably priced and packed with nutritious components that encourage hair development and give locks lustrous shine. These are suitable for all hair types and cover the unruly flyways to give you an instant-ready, elegant look.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the main ingredient in edge control?

In most of the edge controls, glycerin is the common and main ingredient that keeps hairs moisturized.

What is an edge tamer used for?

The edge tamer is used to tame the unruly hairs by temporarily straightening them, giving hairs a smooth and silky texture.

Does Edge Control cut your hair?

Edge control products are generally safe for health, but using them with more frequency sometimes causes damage to the edges and breaks them. The consistent work on the edges disturbs their delicacy and also leads to hair breakage.

Can I use shea butter as edge control?

Shea butter works impressively well to give your edges a smooth texture. Although shea butter is not a replacement for edge control, it works well for the health of the edges.

How long does edge control last?

The edge control products nourish your edges and give them a smooth appearance; these effects last an entire day.

Is Edge Control stronger than gel?

Edge control is usually thicker and stronger than the gel and is designed for the hairline. Its strong formulation helps style the fine hairs and gives your edges a smooth appearance.

Is Edge Control good for your hair?

The edge control products are generally safer for the edges, but using them too frequently often leads to breaking the edges. Since our edges are delicate in nature, the longer an alcohol-based edge control stays on the follicle, the more likely it is to damage the hair follicles.

Is it safe to use Edge Control every day?

No, using edge control daily damages the edges and leaves them dry. Since the edges are fragile, layering edge control products daily can increase tension and make them prone to breakage.

How can I make my hair edges grow faster?

You can make your hair edges grow faster by avoiding tight hairstyles, moisturizing the edges regularly, and brushing them regularly with a soft-bristled comb.

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