Sexy and Stylish Heel Designs Every Woman Should Know About

Sexy and Stylish Heel Designs Every Woman Should Know About
Sexy and Stylish Heel Designs Every Woman Should Know About

When we talk about footwear, there are multiple options to dig into, such as sneakers, formal shoes, flats and much more. Among these options, one that really –and literally- stands out is what we know as the famous women Heels.

High-Heel footwear is something that speaks for itself, with its elegant cuts and beautiful edges, not an outfit exits that cannot be slayed with Heels.  

Other than the beautiful designs, heels is something deeply associated with being a woman. As little girls, we open our mothers’ closet and try all sorts of things and come out with half-faced covered with lipstick, the rest with eye shadow, her necklaces dangling down to our knees and tiptoeing in her oversized Heels.

We as little girls, desire to step into our mother’s shoes a.k.a her Heels.

Why do women even wear heels?

Heels are not only worn for fashion, it contributes to so much more. Globally, heels are perceived to be the most influential footwear, it adds too much more than only your height. When you wear a Heel, your body tends to balance itself to make you comfortable on your tiptoes.

At this point, your bust is out, shoulders pushed back, your spine is straight and your hips are protruded as well, all of which is the ideal posture of a mature woman who feels sexy about herself. Most of all, standing tall and strong, wearing heels gives a woman a push to her confidence level.

Types of heels

When you begin to wonder, there are multiple types of heels out there. You may have seen all of them but you might not have known their features and names accurately, until today. Here is your guide to the world of Heels.

  1. Kitten Heels

Yes, that is a type of a heel! As cute as its name, kitten heels are small and comfortable to be in all day long. If you cringe on the idea of having to spend an entire day in high heels, kitten heels are your best friend. They match all your outfits, especially one piece dresses.

Kitten Heels
Black Kitten Heels
  1. Cone heels

Exactly as their name suggests, Cone heels are a literal cone, broad on the above and thin along their way down. The best part about these is that they are available in all lengths and styles.

Red, white and black Cone heels
Red, white and black Cone heels


Cone heels are again something that fits with anything you are wearing, however, pairing them with short skirts and short dresses works out the best.

  1. Spool Heels

Spool heels are absolutely foolproof. It has the best shape for a beginner who does want to look like they are not beginners at all. You may take it to be training heels while you learn to walk gracefully in them.

cherry red Spool heels
cherry red Spool heels


These heels are wide upfront with a narrow bend in the middle to create a graceful shape, also making them easy to handle. Since these are one of the most comfortable types of heels out there, they can be worn daily during the office or when you plan to slay a party at the end of the day.

  1. Chunky Heels

Chunky heels are called a type of a bulky heel that has a wide stable base, preferably square in shape. Chunky heels have a density to it which makes it so much easier to walk in. you can even wear these while you practice to ace your best walk.

black Chunky heels
black Chunky heels


Most of the time, Chunky heels are not very high but they slay every look you put them in. just like their funky name, pair these with fun simple outfits to further enhance their appeal.

  1. Wedge Heels

Imagine walking on a flat base which is still higher than the floor. Is it even possible? Yes, that is possible with wedge heels. For women who despise the idea of putting themselves in pain for the sake of fashion yet they desire what heels have to offer, Wedge heels are the answer to their dilemma.

Golden color wedge heels
Golden color wedge heels


Mostly in heels, your weight is put as pressure on your toes which makes it difficult to flaunt them every day, however, in wedge heels your weight is equally divided on your feet, aiding in the natural way our feet are designed to function.

  1. Ankle strap heels

Have you ever experienced that when you buy a shoe, it fits properly but as you wear it regularly, they somehow become loose and uncomfortable? Women who fear tripping over due to the fitting of their shoes want to feel secure.

Silver Ankle strap heels
Silver Ankle strap heels


This is why they prefer straps. Ankle strap shoes are something as you make say, style with comfort. No matter what shape of heel you are in, as long as your ankle is secured with the shoe, you are out of trouble.

  1. Stilettos

The sexiest shoe to have ever been worn by a woman; stilettos. One cannot emphasize its beauty enough. Stilettos are a must-have footwear without which a closet is incomplete. These are one of those 6 to 7-inch dream shoes that literally brings life to your entire outfit, no matter what you wear.

Dark Red Stilettos
Dark Red Stilettos


Whether you are walking down the aisle towards your husband to be or entering through the gates of hell, your priority should be Stilettos.

Stilettos may be a little hard to carry at first but once you get the hold of it, it is your go-to style forever thus, stiletto heels have always been in style.

  1. Platforms

Platform heels are the best of all the worlds. They are a mixture of wedges, chunky heels and to some extent stilettos even. They have the comfort and uplift of wedges and chunky heels, even at the side of the toes, including the sexy shape and style of the regular stilettos.

black bad boy style Platforms
black bad boy style Platforms


Wearing these bad boys with bodycon dresses will get you all the eyes.


Hottest Trends of Heels in 2020 and their brands

The types of heels that exist will always remain the same, however, like every year there are new fashion trends in footwear.

This focusses on the type of shape of the heels, the embellishments on them and the type of cloth used to create them. A few following are the hottest ingoing heel trends in 2020.

  • Feathers

During the biggest fashion shows in the spring of 2019, feathered heels won many hearts along with the spotlight of the entire show. Flowing gorgeously with every step taken on the runway, caught many eyes.

Most of these brands included were Valentino, Prabal Gurung, and Simone Rocha.

  • Embroidery

Embroidery is always flaunted despite of being on clothes or shoes. The delicacy put into this intricate work is always appreciated.

Michael Kors killed it with their embroidered beauties in the spring ’19 show this year. These mostly included of boots and slides.

  • Sculptures heels

Sculpture heels may be unusual but 2019 is the year of everything unusual. Likewise, this gorgeous yet comfortable footwear is more than just shoes.

They give you an experience of uniqueness, a feeling of wearing architecturally made shoes with a hint of drama and class into your life. Extremely captivating, the sculpture heels are killing it this year.

  • Buckles

Buckles are at it again this year. Not like they have ever gone out of style, but buckles are hitting it off today as well. They provide an unusual formal edge to the typical, feminine footwear that women fancy. These are being flaunted on boots as well as sandals by Alexander McQueen and Sies Marjan.

An individual is often judged about their status by their shoes, thus it is extremely necessary to put attention on the footwear for an outstanding overall attire. Women, make yourself as loud, clear and confident as your flawless Heels. Outshine!


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