Best No-Show Underwear for Yoga Pants

Best No-Show Underwear for Yoga Pants

Whether you’re going for a fun night out with your friends or enjoying a yoga session at the gym, nothing can be more annoying and dreading than a visible panty line. It isn’t just irritating but can be equally embarrassing. No one wants that, of course, to ruin such a perfect, fun time just because of that! Visible underwear can be very troublesome and, more so, embarrassing. If you want to avoid such an accident, you’re at the right place.

To help you uncover the solution to this embarrassing issue, we have searched the web to find the best no-show panties for yoga pants for fitting any size, shape, or preference. With our list of the best options, be ready to flaunt any type of dress, whether it’s a slinky skirt, close-fit, or a black dress; you’ll never have to face any embarrassing moments of visible panty lines.

While searching for the best ones is a hard job with so many options out there, we have collected a list of the best no-show underwear for working out that will leave you feeling confident, comfortable, and all prepared for your next yoga session. What are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

What is Yoga?

What is Yoga?

Yoga is defined as a spiritual discipline based on subtle science, focusing on establishing harmony between your body and the mind. This is achieved through deep breathing exercises, physical poses, and thorough concentration. Practicing yoga regularly offers multiple benefits to the body, including promoting strength, endurance, flexibility, calmness, and ultimately, overall mental and physical well-being.

Yoga now serves as a popular exercise being practiced worldwide, as it has started to gain more and more popularity. Modern yoga is of different styles, and people are free to choose the one they like based on their fitness levels and goals.

Do You Have to Wear Underwear With Leggings?

Do You Have to Wear Underwear With Leggings

Whether you should or shouldn’t wear underwear under your leggings is a question that most would need to answer. Some people don’t prefer wearing underwear with leggings because they can get uncomfortable, may show a visible panty line, or need a quick wash if you’re exercising with them on. Keeping these situations in mind, it becomes understandable why people won’t want to wear them.

The reason behind wearing underwear is also because the lady parts are more susceptible to bacterial growth. Not wearing underwear can lead to dampness resulting from sweat. This can be the ground for bacterial growth and lead to possible infection. Underwear can absorb this sweat and prevent diseases, hence are a good choice for yoga.

In most cases, you won’t want to wear underwear at home with your leggings, but many prefer an added protection layer when heading out. Wearing underwear under the leggings can be helpful for protection while offering added comfort when walking out or doing yoga. This is why some would prefer wearing underwear with leggings.

What to Wear Under Workout Leggings?

When you’re wearing underwear under your legging, you often will see panty lines in workout pants, so you might avoid wearing them altogether, which most people do. So, what can you wear under your workout leggings to avoid that kind of scenario? Wearing something colorful like black underwear will surely show through the leggings so in that case, it’s best to go for something that is the same color as the leggings. Nude-colored underwears are a good option because it can blend in well with your skin tone. For this case, seamless nude-colored bikini panties tend to be the best option for yoga enthusiasts because they are comfortable without any visible panty lines.

So the best things to wear under your workout leggings are thongs, nude-colored bikinis, boyshorts, or laser-cut underwear because they offer an extra layer of comfort, which most people need during their yoga and exercise sessions.

Why Should You Pay Attention to Your Workout Underwear?

Why Should You Pay Attention to Your Workout Underwear

While we spend a lot of time finding the perfect yoga gear, we often overlook the importance of having the right underwear for leggings. Why is it important to pay attention to your workout underwear? While we do not often realize it, workout underwear can affect the health of the private parts. Underwear offers an extra layer of protection, catching the wetness or sweat from exercising or yoga.

Suppose friction, heat, and sweat gather below the belt during yoga due to wearing ill-fit, tight, or non-breathable panties. In that case, you may be at risk of fungus growth that can lead to troublesome infections, or more so, even UTI, urinary tract infection.

Secondly, while workout leggings are comfortable, they can be quite revealing, often leading to visible panty lines. As a result, you may either feel overly conscious or experience discomfort. Another reason is that slips and wedgies during a workout can often get annoying. This is why you’d need underwear for your ease.

Preferred Underwear Types to Wear While Yoga

The problem with most underwear is that they are visible when worn under leggings, making them a little uncomfortable. People often tend to avoid wearing underwear because they show a visible panty line. Nevertheless, that isn’t the end. You have other interesting options of the best no-show panties for yoga pants that won’t be visible from your leggings.

Yes, there are several options ranging from thongs to interesting high-cut briefs. A suitable fabric and fit are needed if you want your underwear not to show. If you’re searching for the best no-show underwear for yoga pants, we have the perfect collection for you, but first, look at these types of underwear that work best in this scenario.

1. Boy Shorts

These are a type of underwear that offers a fuller coverage of the butt and end below the glut curve, and thereby no panty lines are visible.

2. Thongs

These underwear offer very little buttock coverage, making them nearly invisible when worn with leggings.

3. Seamless Perfect Fit

Seamless perfect fits do not have stitched and folded fabrics on the boundary side. Since they are made out of elastic, no extra overlapping material is left for showing lines.

Best No-Show Underwear for Yoga Pants

Here is our list of the best 10 no-show underwear for yoga pants. Let’s have a look,

1. Amazon Essentials Seamless/No Show Panties (XS-XL) for Legging, Low Rise Hipster Underwear Braguitas

Amazon Essentials SeamlessNo Show Panties (XS-XL) for Legging, Low Rise Hipster Underwear Braguitas

If you’re searching for no-show panties to wear with leggings. In that case, Amazon essentials seamless no/show panties are a great choice because these are designed with a bamboo fiber lining and a stretchy soft fabric that keeps you in comfort during your yoga exercise. Supporting a lineless design, say goodbye to panty lines because these seamless, no-show panties are best worn under leggings.

The best part of these panties is that they can absorb moisture and are also very stretchy, offering comfort and hygiene. The moisture-wicking feature ensures that these nylon panties keep you as dry as possible. Amazon essentials, no-show panties are available in several sizes to choose one according to your body shape. This set of 5 includes colors Black, Navy, White, Light purple, and Nude so that it can go with all your leggings.


  • Don’t move down or up when worn
  • Dry in 2 to 4 hours
  • Extra stretchy
  • Absorbs moisture, maintaining dryness
  • Best for yoga and workout


  • Some people may find it uncomfortable

2. Vince Camuto Women’s No Show Microfiber Hipster Panty Underwear Multi-Pack

Vince Camuto Women's No Show Microfiber Hipster Panty Underwear Multi-Pack

Vince Camuto women’s no-show microfiber panty multi-pack is an excellent combination of value and comfort all in one place. It supports a simple and easy pull-on closure making it easy to wear. The soft microfiber material ensures comfort and moisture absorption to keep the area dry. Moreover, these panties are easily washed and quickly dried.

The heat seal label is inside to give tag-free comfort. Moreover, the bonded waist and leg combined with the laser cut design give a smooth, no-show finish, ensuring no panty lines are visible. The multi-pack hipster microfiber panties are available in different colors ranging from nude to darker ones. With a  great range of colors, you can select the ones you like to match with your leggings.


  • Pull-on closure design
  • Simple and easy to wear
  • Soft microfiber guarantees comfort
  • No-show finish
  • Variety of colors ranging from nude to dark


  • It may ride up in case of excess activity

3. Seamless Underwear For Women – No Show Panties For Women Breathable Stretch Bikini Panties Soft Cheeky Hipster Panty- 5 Pack

Seamless Underwear For Women - No Show Panties For Women Breathable Stretch Bikini Panties Soft Cheeky Hipster Panty

This set of 5 seamless underwear for women are designed with an elastic, yet tough blend of Spandex and nylon that offers comfort because of their stretchy, breathable, thin, and light fabric. These can be easily hand or machine washed and dry quickly and easily. These low-rises, laser-cut panties are seamlessly invisible, not too tight or loose. Instead, they are just the perfect fit. The pack of 5 different colors makes it easy to match with your leggings or bra.

You can see the size chart to get the perfect fit to choose your size. These underwear are true to size, designed to fit perfectly. Moreover, the fabric is breathable and skin-friendly, giving you the comfort you need.


  • Elastic and tough material
  • Thin, light, breathable, and stretchy guarantees comfort
  • Laser-cut, low rise panties, neither too tight nor too lose
  • Size chart available for selecting the best fit


  • A bit extra elastic

4. Commando Women’s Commando Control Thong

Commando Women's Commando Control Thong

If you’re still in search of what underwear to wear with leggings, this commando women’s control thong is a great choice. It is designed with a seamless edge and high-rise design to ensure a no-show design. This control thong is a perfect blend of exceptional comfort and toughness. With light compression and smooth, comfortable fabric, a commando women’s thong is just what you need to wear under your leggings in your yoga classes.

Moreover, you have an option of five amazing colors to choose from; Black, Caramel, True Nude, and Mocha. The breathable and seamless design makes this a suitable choice ensuring comfort with no visible panty lines.


  • Comfortable and smooth fabric
  • Toughness and comfort guaranteed
  • Light compression
  • Amazing color options; black, true nude, mocha, and black


  • Fabric is a bit thin

5. Commando Women’s Butter High Rise Panties

Commando Women's Butter High Rise Panties

Commando Women’s butter high panties offer you the comfort and style that you need. These high-rise panties are made from soft butter fabric with a second skin for the stretch you need. It offers amazing convenience that you won’t want to take these off. Moreover, these panties support a hook for fastening it in place while the seamless waistband sits on the body flatly.

Unlike others, Commando butter high-rise panties give full rear coverage, ensuring utmost comfort throughout. Whether you want a nude color panty to wear under the legging, or a black one, you have the choice of selecting the one you like.


  • Style and comfort
  • Made with soft, stretchy butter fabric
  • Fastening with hook
  • Seamless waistband designed to flatly sit on the body
  • Offers full rear coverage
  • Available in nude and black colors
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Limited color choices

6. Fruit of the Loom Women’s Briefs (Pack of 6)


Fruit of the loom women’s brief offers a great variety of assorted color panties that will be perfectly worn under a legging. Made out of 100% nylon, these panties are stretchy enough to give you the perfect fit. Moreover, they can be machine washed and dried quickly and easily.

This seamless underwear smoothly fits under clothing with no annoying side seams visible. The flat ribbon supported by these panties lies flat against the skin eliminating panty lines and avoiding any irritation from the side seams. While being tag-free offers the utmost comfort, the comfortable and smooth waistband gives you the ease you need.


  • Assorted colors and style
  • Stretchy fabric guarantees the best fit
  • Machine washable
  • Elastic fastening
  • It easily fits under clothes
  • Smooth and comfortable waistband
  • Flat ribbon remove panty lines


  • Not very breathable

7. Calvin Klein – Ultimate Cotton Thong

Calvin Klein - Ultimate Cotton Thong

Calvin Klein is one of the best options for no-show underwear that help you redefine the aesthetics. These amazing women’s thongs are designed with a medium-size rise waist, offering you all-day comfort. It is made with 95% cotton and 5% elastane, making these comfortable and agile for wearing under leggings.

Made out of jersey and cotton stretch material, Calvin Klein Cotton thongs have the signature waistband of elastic. These thongs are suitable for washing in the machine and drying on a low setting. The stretchy cotton offers excellent comfort for everyday use. These amazing cotton thongs are available in three colors; black, blue, and grey, so you can select the color you like.


  • Value, style, and comfort
  • Medium rise waist for comfort
  • It can be washed in a machine
  • 5% elastane and 95% cotton blend makes them a suitable agile underwear
  • Elastic waistband
  • Comfortable for everyday use
  • Available in three different colors


  • Elastic waistband may be tight for some people

8. Boody Organic Bamboo EcoWear Women’s Full Brief – Ethical, Sustainable Underwear

Boody Organic Bamboo EcoWear Women's Full Brief - Ethical, Sustainable Underwear

Boody Organic bamboo women’s underwear is unique because it is made with sustainable materials. The unique and modern shape of this underwear makes it stay in place without moving here and there. It is a blend of 80% Rayon made of bamboo, 7% elastane, and 13% polyamide, making it a soft and comfortable fabric. The underwear can be secured in place quickly by pulling it up.

Uniquely enough, Boody organic eco wear underwear offers full coverage with an ultra-breathable,moisture-wicking, and thermo-regulating design perfect for maintaining hygiene and comfort. These ultra-comfortable, seamless panties are well-suited for sensitive skin. The unique and amazing feature of these no-show underwear is its organic design. You can find three colors beige, black, and white. You can use the size chart to get a perfect size.


  • Made out of sustainable materials
  • The modern shape makes sure the panty stays in place
  • Easy machine wash
  • Simple pull-on fastening
  • High waist, seam-free, and full coverage
  • Ultra-breathable, moisture-wicking, and thermo-regulating function
  • Suitable for sensitive skin


  • The tag makes it a little uncomfortable

9. Savage X Fenty Women’s Reg Microfiber Hipster

Savage X Fenty Women's Reg Microfiber Hipster

Savage X Fenty women’s microfiber hipster is another seamless and comfortable-fitting no-show underwear in many colors. With such a diverse range of colors, you can select the ones you want. Moreover, the size variety is also diverse, allowing you to get just the right fit. This mid-rise underwear gives full coverage. The waist and leg have a bonded microfiber design with a cotton jersey liner that offers breathability.

The 75% Polyamide and 25% elastane design make it suitable for machine washing while maintaining comfort. With a simple pull-on fastening design, you can quickly wear this underwear with yoga pants. These underwears are available in regular and hipster designs. The model wearing size is S, 5’7”.


  • Offers full coverage
  • Suitable for machine wash
  • Soft and comfortable fabric
  • Simple pull-on fastening design
  • Wide range of colors and sizes


  • It might not be suited for some individuals

10. Chantelle Women’s Soft Stretch One Size Seamless Brief

Chantelle Women’s Soft stretch one seamless size brief is another great no-show underwear option. The unique thing about this underwear is that it comes in one universal size, so there is no hassle about finding the right size. Made of 20% Spandex, 80% Polyamide, the gusset is designed with 100% cotton and a simple pull-on closure design. The pack includes a set of 2 nude, one black, and one poppy red fit available in XS-XL size.

It supports a 360-degree adaptable scratch to ensure the perfect fit as it comes in one universal size. The fabric is designed to last long and adapt to stretch to adjust to every body size. Loved by everyone, Chantelle Women’s seamless one-size brief is suited for all seasons! Moisture-wicking support promises to maintain hygiene.


  • Simple pull-on closure
  • Universal one size
  • Easy machine wash
  • Seamless high-rise silhouette design for more coverage
  • 306-degree adaptable stretch


  • Not breathable enough

Buying Guide to Pick a Perfect No Show Underwear

On your journey of finding the best underwear to wear with leggings, we have brought a few points and tips to keep in mind when you shop. Keep these points in mind for proper shopping.

1. Comfy-Ness

The foremost thing you need to consider when selecting underwear is comfort. You don’t want to buy underwear that irritates or pierces your skin or leaves red marks. The best underwear for leggings must be smooth, soft, and breathable.

2. Fabric

For something you’re going to wear under the leggings, always select a fabric that absorbs moisture and is lightweight. Nylon and Spandex blends are great options for underwear for leggings.

3. Seamless

If you’re going for underwear for yoga pants, forget the edges. Seamless underwear for leggings is often preferred because no panty lines are visible on the outer side of the leggings.

4. Size and Color

It is also equally important to wear the right-sized underwear. While large-sized underwear can cause visible, unnecessary folds, a smaller-sized one will be too uncomfortable to wear. Get the right underwear size for the best fit and comfort. Moreover, the right color also matters. Nude shades are often the best or a color that matches well with your leggings.


Whether to wear or not to wear underwear under leggings is highly debatable, so we felt the need to write this article. If you are someone who believes in wearing the best no-show underwear for yoga pants, this article is for you. While women should have the freedom to wear whatever they want, we have collected 10 of the best options for you if you’re going to wear underwear beneath your leggings. These no-show underwear are great for doing yoga because they eliminate discomfort and embarrassing moments.

Ultimately, the choice is entirely yours to make. While we have presented some of the options that we deemed as best, along with a guide for selecting the best ones, make sure to search thoroughly before you buy one for yourself. With so many options in the market, it’s always an excellent choice to do your research.


How do I know I am choosing the right size of underwear?

You need to measure your waistline; just wear what you’d typically wear in your pants. Use soft tape to measure your waistline’s natural curve. By wrapping the tape measure around the waist, you will get your underwear size in inches.

Before buying the right-sized underwear, take these measurements and buy one accordingly. Only in this way can one be sure of getting the right-sized underwear.

Do I need underwear for yoga pants as well?

You won’t usually need underwear when wearing your yoga pants, as a rule of thumb. You get the benefit that you won’t have any visible panty line. But the problem is that not wearing underwear can lead to infections because the moisture isn’t absorbed that otherwise would be absorbed by the underwear. So, if you plan on not wearing underwear under your yoga pants, make sure to wash the pants after each use. So, it’s upon you whether to wear or not wear underwear, but it’s still best to do so.

What material should I choose for the underwear while jogging?

When choosing underwear for jogging, try to avoid cotton because it can hold on to sweat and absorb moisture. A moist environment can lead to infections. Try instead for a stretchy, breathable, and smooth fabric like cotton to dry quicker and keep the sweat away. Therefore, the best material for underwear for jogging will be nylon or polyester mixed fabric that is flexible and stretchy, will absorb moisture, and dry quickly. Such a fabric will give freedom, comfort, and ease when jogging.

Is it better to run with or without underwear?

This question depends more on your preferred choice. If you like going commando, there is no harm but ensure to wear comfortable leggings. However, wearing underpants may not offer much support if your buttocks are heavy or have a pear-shaped body. For some people, not wearing underwear leads to discomfort. The choice of wearing or not wearing also depends on the type of leggings you’re wearing.

Can you wear white underwear with black leggings?

The answer is yes and no. You can wear contrasting colors if the legging fabric is thick and non-see-through. However, if you have see-through leggings, it is necessary to match the underwear and legging colors.

Another thing to consider is that white isn’t a preferred underpants color because it can stain easily. Discharge and sweating can lead to discoloration and wear-outs.

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