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Body Transformation of Andy Ruiz | How did he lost 55 pounds?

Body Transformation of Andy Ruiz | How did he lost 55 pounds?

Andy Ruiz is an American-Mexican boxer. He was a heavyweight champion in the past also. He defeated Anthony Joshua in the heavyweight championship. And won WBA, IBF, WBO, and IBO titles in 2019. He was designated the first Mexican to be awarded the title of heavyweight champion. He started his boxing career in Mexico. His first professional fight in the ring was in Mexico. Where he constantly won three fights in the same venue at different times. He became famous and a continuous season of fights was started. People started loving and appreciating him. Fighting in Texas, Las Vegas, and so on, he gained much popularity by winning most of his fights.

Family Background

Andy’s family migrated from Mexico to the U.S. His father had his own business and it was he who motivated him to be a boxer. He practiced in Mexico. And he started fighting at a very young age. He says he was given the nickname of “destroyer” because he always destroys things.

Full NameAndrés Ponce Ruiz Jr.
Date of BirthSeptember 11, 1989
Age31 years
Height1.88 m
OccupationProfessional Boxer
FatherAndres Ruiz Sr
Marital StatusMarried
ChildrenBella , Beverly , Richie
Net Worth$15 million

How did he get so much weight?

After his heavyweight championship, it was noted that he was putting on so much weight. He seemed bulky back in December 2019. His weight reached 310 pounds. He seemed to have piled up body fat. And he didn’t realize its drawbacks before he went into the competition against Joshua.

Body Transformation of Andy Ruiz | How did he lost 55 pounds?

The Motivation Behind Weight Loss

The time announcements called for him to lose the heavyweight championship in Saudi Arabia, he felt guilty. He acknowledged that he didn’t work hard. He said that he didn’t care about his physic and weight and didn’t practice the way he should struggle. He said that he didn’t want to make any excuses and it was all his fault. That was the moment when he tends to adopt a new lifestyle, concerning his weight. He started his new module of workout with a new instructor Eddy Reynoso. And people see incredible change in his body within a few weeks.

How did he Lose his Weight?

Andy Ruiz was very desperate and his coach revealed that he was very down. It seemed he was tired of his life. In his fight with Joshua, he appeared with the six-packs and Ruiz with a bulky body. He didn’t want to be lazy anymore.

He thought of changing his life for which he strictly changes his diet and workout routines.

Andy Ruiz’s Diet

His nutritionist revealed that Andy really made efforts to follow a strict diet plan. As he said to be “a little lighter” and “a little faster”. Here it is the diet of the heavyweight champion.


He tried to add the things that are healthy and don’t cause him to put on a lot of weight. In his breakfast, he would have an omelet with mushrooms, Spanish, and avocados. And at times, with the hash brown on the side. His breakfast is full of proteins, fibers, and vitamins. This is to help the heavyweight champion keep doing well.


He eats a healthy and light lunch. He prefers chicken salad; chicken with lettuce, cucumber, or tomatoes. And chicken wraps, chicken with some pieces of bread. Chicken breast opts for him because it helps in strengthening his muscles. As it contains a lot of proteins. It is low in fat with the fibers like vegetables and bread a healthier diet.


Ruiz likes to have rice for dinner. His nutritionist said that he had tried the rice in Saudi Arabia during his fighting days. And he loved them. She tried to copy that recipe and Ruiz usually has that rice for dinner. Sometimes he also takes pasta for dinner.


He has some snacks in between the daily meals. He wraps up a sandwich to have it at the time of snack. Moreover, to keep himself hydrated during the practice he takes fruits and nuts. He takes healthy snacks that help him keep going.

Cheat Meal

Andy loves tacos, specially marinated pork. Red meat was severely inhabited for his diet. But he loves that dish so much that he can’t deny eating it on Fridays. Every Friday, he eats tacos loaded with cheese and pork steaks.

Andy Ruiz’s Ideal Meal

Andy Ruiz likes pork streaks very much. His nutritionist convinced him that having red meat is healthier and can be a part of his diet if it doesn’t exceed 250g per week. So both of them have agreed to this point. And Andy can have red meat once a week.

Andy Ruiz’s Workout

Body Transformation of Andy Ruiz | How did he lost 55 pounds?

His personal trainer Eddy Reynoso revealed his tough workouts. It seems Andy was very conscious about his physic. His workout routines include heavy weight lifting, exercises, work out in the gym, running, and many other workouts. He claims that he has never done these things in his life before. He acknowledged the severity of his daily workout routines. He says he has never hired a trainer before but it seems his only concern now was his perfect look and fit body.

How did his fan react to his weight loss?

For his fans, he is an ideal man to follow if they want to lose weight. His diet and workout history are worth following. And not everyone can poke with the challenges he has gone through. His workouts are really hard to follow. People appreciate his efforts to keep his body healthier and slimmer. His new looks were amazing and incredible for his fans. He lost 55 pounds. He looks much slimmer in his present weight, 255 pounds.

How does Andy feel about his weight loss?

Body Transformation of Andy Ruiz | How did he lost 55 pounds?

Andy seems very happy at his weight loss. He said that he could heap and lope everywhere. He is feeling much lighter and faster. He can run actively in the ring. He works out harder and takes care of his diet in order to convert the body fat into muscles. His muscles are strong and he can fight well in the ring now. His weight loss also benefited him mentally. he is feeling mentally relaxed and able to learn new things now. He has moved to a phase of constant satisfaction from the desperate thoughts he had back in 2019. The way he utilized his time and energy is incredible.

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