40 Boho Room and Wall Decor Ideas For Inspired Living

Boho Room and Wall Decor Ideas For Inspired Living

Bedrooms are the best place to get a break from life, a time out to disconnect and recharge. If you are looking for ways to decorate and design your bedroom uniquely, the bohemian decor is one to consider. The Boho designs cover many textures, prints, colors, natural materials, and more. From trendy and modern designs to vintage and old ones, the bohemian decor covers everything for a wonderful bedroom.

Boho Living Room Decor Ideas

Are you up for decorating your room in the Bohemian style? Let’s have a look at the best boho room decor ideas.

1. Beautiful Boho Wall MirrorBeautiful Boho Wall Mirror

Mirrors can be a perfect boho wall hanging to add a bit of personal touch to your bedroom. With their ability to reflect light, your room enjoys a perfect boho look with natural brightness.

2. Woven Baskets for the WallWoven Baskets for the Wall

Sisal and jute woven baskets are a trendy boho wall art idea to add a perfect bohemian look to the room. On the wall, set a few woven baskets together or add in some plants if you wish.

3. Boho Style Metal PostersA girl with Boho Style Metal Posters

For a boho-style living room, it doesn’t get any better than metal posters that reflect your taste and style. There is a great variety when it comes to boho-style metal posters, so make sure to select those that reflect your taste.

4. Assorted Frames and TapestriesAssorted Frames and Tapestries

A Boho-style room usually incorporated earth-tone designs, but you can always go a little further with details with tapestries and frames that represent the bohemian culture. These designs equally work well for bedrooms and dining rooms.

5. DIY Wall HangingsDIY Wall Hangings

A modern boho living room can always be trendy with a little DIY work of art. You can add DIY work of your choice like beads and tapestries to add a little style and charm to a boho-styled bedroom.

6. Amazing Crochet HangingsAmazing Crochet Hangings

Beautiful yet functional crochet hangings can be a great addition to a boho chic living room or bedroom. These can be key holders or key strings that add a little boho touch to your room.

7. Frames on the Room ShelvesFrames on the Room Shelves

Boho framed wall art are also a perfect addition to the room to add a bohemian touch. Add the frames of your choice and blend them with your room’s color palette. Frames don’t just go on the walls, you can also set them on the shelves.

8. Boho Wall ArtBoho Wall Art

A boho decor living room can include different types of wall arts including paintings, frames, bamboo baskets, tapestries, abstract art, etc. Bohemian-style wall art is a great way to add a boho look to your room.

9. Boho Indoor PlantsBoho Indoor Plants

When it comes to boho living room decor, plants are never too much. Plants are fact, an essential part of a boho room aesthetic. Vines and hanging plants are best when hung over shelves, walls, and window sills.

10. The Ceiling SwingThe Ceiling Swing

A ceiling swing is a perfect boho living room furniture idea. A perfect place to enjoy the elegant look of a boho room or have a cup of coffee. Add a wooden free-floating swing from the ceiling.

11. Boho Room Floor Pillows with Vinyl RecordsBoho Room Floor Pillows with Vinyl Records

A colorful boho living room idea is to add decors like vinyl records on the shelves along with boho-style floor pillows to sit, browse, and enjoy them.

12. String LightsString Lights Room decor (1)

Along with a ceiling swing, the boho-themed room only gets better with string lights. A boho-styled room is always incomplete without light to set the mood right! Fairy lights are the perfect choice for such room decor.

13. Multi-color Throw PillowsMulti-color Throw Pillows

A boho living room includes a lot of color and style. So go ahead and style your boho modern living room with colorful throw pillows to complete the look.

14. Multi-color Throw BlanketsMulti-color Throw Blankets

One of the best boho living room ideas is to add a colorful touch with colorful throw blankets on the sofas and chairs.

15. Macrame Boho Wall DecorMacrame Boho Wall Decor

In terms of boho wall decor ideas, macrame wall decor is very famous when it comes to the bohemian style. These decors are available at different boho retailers and handmade shops.

16. Hanging BedHanging Bed

To add a real boho aesthetic room look, you can always go for a hanging bed to add an aesthetic bohemian vibe.

17. Morrocan RugMorrocan Rug

Boho living room rugs are also a great way to add a bohemian touch to your room. The Morrocan-style exotic rug is a perfect addition. Compliment the rug with comfortable seating around along with house plants.

18. Real Wood FurnitureReal Wood Furniture

Much real living room boho decor includes real elements so natural and real wood will be a good choice for a boho room. Add warm wood furniture and wall decor.

19. Add a Touch of BambooAdd a Touch of Bamboo

The natural tones of bamboo are also a great representation of the boho culture, adding a great look to a minimalist modern boho living room.

20. Boho Collectables on Wall ShelvesBoho Collectables on Wall Shelves

How can a boho dining room be complete without boho collectibles? Bring in some unique boho collectibles on your shelves like frames, woven baskets, indoor plants, printed jars, etc. boho wall baskets.

21. Boho DIY Fabric LampshadeBoho DIY Fabric Lampshade

A fabric lampshade is also a great dark boho living room option. Match the lampshade with the look of the room.

22. Rattan FurnitureRattan Furniture

Rattan furniture is an essential part of a mid-century boho living room. This includes Rattan chairs, bench, side tables, coffee tables, swing chairs, etc.

23. Leather SofaLeather Sofa

One of the best boho room decor ideas is a leather sofa to create a warm, cozy, and welcoming look to the room.

24. Wooden TV StandWooden TV Stand

Bohemian bedrooms often incorporate everyday items like the wooden TV stand accompanied by flowers and plants. You can also have a boho gallery wall around this decor.

25. Floral MotifsFloral Motifs

The boho accent wall of the room can be decorated with floral prints much like the original bohemian style. Mix and match floral motifs and prints of your choice.

26. Copper Boho Garden StoolCopper Boho Garden Stool

In addition to the boho living room rug, add a garden stool to be used as seating or a small table.

27. Natural LightNatural Light room decor

A modern boho bedroom is all about natural light. Whatever lighting you add, make sure to leave room for natural light to enter if you want a real boho room look.

28. Macrame Stylish Hanging LampMacrame Stylish Hanging Lamp

A stylish Macrame hanging lamp is also an exciting element to add to a boho room. With its natural look, it is sure to grab attention. 

29. Leather Curtain Rod for Boho Styled BedroomLeather Curtain Rod for Boho Styled Bedroom

If you want to achieve a boho bedroom look in the simplest way, organic leather and wood curtain rods are your choice to go. Coupled with boho wall tapestry and art, you’ll get the best bohemian look.

30. Tasseled Boho ChandelierTasseled Boho Chandelier

Add some warmth and charm to your room with a tasseled boho chandelier. It will add a great dimension and texture to your room. 

31. Kraft Paper ArtWorkKraft Paper ArtWork

Regarding boho wall baskets and decor, Kraft paper is a very inexpensive yet elegant choice. You can use it to make gorgeous DIY wall decorations to copy the bohemian style to a boho bedroom.

32. Boho Desert Abstract Wall ArtBoho Desert Abstract Wall art

Go for some large boho wall art to showcase the bohemian culture and its colors, shapes, styles, and art. After deciding on the type of art, don’t forget about the kind of lighting it’ll need to make an impact. Experts like Situ Lighting can help you choose the best art lighting. While in the bedroom, remember that bohemian culture is a lot about abstract prints and designs, so you’d need those for a boho bedroom.

33. Driftwood Organizer for JewelryDriftwood Organizer for Jewelry

One of the best bohemian styles is to add a driftwood organizer for your jewelry. Design this piece with yarn, wood, and hooks to hang your jewelry. 

34. Hanging HammockHanging Hammock

Hammocks are a great boho-style addition to your bedroom to enjoy a nap, read, or just relax. 

35. Wooden FlooringWooden Flooring

Wooden flooring is a great boho style to add character and warmth to your room. Pair it with a boho wall shelf with real wood art.

36. Sheer Boho CurtainsSheer Boho Curtains

To add a light look to your boho bedroom, go with sheer boho curtains with an airy and light fabric. This will give your room a Moroccan and bohemian vibe!

37. Ceiling PlantsCeiling Plants

To give a good boho aesthetic look to your room, hang plants from the ceiling. This is also a great way to display your plants at their best. 

38. Elegant Ceramic BannerElegant Ceramic Banner

While most of the Bohemian culture had bold things, you can go for something subtle and choose a string banner to make a statement. Also, add a boho wall clock to complete the look.

39. Boho Bliss with FeathersBoho Bliss with Feathers

Feathers are also a part of the Bohemian style, so they can be a great addition to a boho bedroom. Choose any type of real, or fluffy feather and frame it to be placed near a boho basket wall.

40. Add a DreamCatcherAdd a Dream Catcher

Dreamcatchers are another signature item of the Bohemian culture; you’ll find these in most boho rooms. 

Final Words

The Bohemian style is a blend of many bright colors, materials, and designs. Designing a boho room is easy, get your favorite things and set them up in cohesion. Here, we covered the 40 best boho room and wall decor ideas to make your dream room come to reality! Go ahead and merge your favorite ones.

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