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What are Bubble Braids? Origin, Method, Styles, Types

a girl having two bubble braids
a girl having two bubble braids

Braids are a trendy hairstyle; quick, simple, and easy! And it doesn’t end here. Braids are also one of the easiest hairstyles for long hair. While everyone appreciates an excellent French or fishtail braid, not everyone has the time, energy, and skill to style it.

Bubble braids are the recent addition to the braid list. This fashion trend is taking over social media. Stylish and fun, yet manageable and easy to do, bubble braids are a versatile and trendy hairstyle, allowing you to create beautiful looks.

What are bubble braids, and how do you make them? What are some of the popular styles? How did the bubble braid trend emerge? We are here with the answers!

Where did Bubble Braids Originate?

What’s the origin of the trending bubble braid hairstyle? As per the claims, it is said that the first bubble braid style emerged in the 1980s. Others believe that the trend came in the 90s. Regardless of when it appeared, it’s rapidly gaining popularity today, coming under the spotlight. 

What are Bubble Braids?

a girl having bubble braids
a girl having a bubble braid

Bubble braids are a trendy hair look today. While they are somewhat similar to traditional braids, they differ in style and look. Moreover, these braids are also easier and quicker to make.

The bubble braid looks like a bunch of bubbles that can be carried in different styles like pigtails, ponytails, or others. While they aren’t as easy to start, you’ll get the hang of it with some practice

Bubble braids are less of a braid and more of a spin on a usual ponytail. It’s all about tying your hair up in a ponytail and spacing evenly the bands to create an exciting bubble pattern.

Being a timeless aesthetic, bubble braids are perfect for every hair type. Furthermore, you can style it in different designs like bubble braids, ponytails, half-down, half-up, pigtails, etc. 

How do You do the Bubble Braids?

two girls having bubble braids
two girls having bubble braids

If you’re unsure how to do bubble braids in natural hair, we are here to guide you through the step-by-step process. This guide can create different bubble braids, including little bubble braids, single bubble braids, or bubble braid pigtails.

1. Collect the Materials

Before you start, it’s best to have all the materials at hand. Based on the number of bubbles you need, you’ll mostly need hairspray, styling cream, and multiple elastics.

2. Apply Your Hair Product

Of course, you don’t want curly hair in your bubble braids. Use a styling cream to keep the hair in place. If your hair is already mild, you won’t need a heavy styling cream; instead, a mild one. Apply the cream evenly to your hair and head to the next step.

3. Make a Ponytail

  • Now that your hair is ready pull it in a ponytail.
  • Bring your hair to the desired height and hold it using a band. Try to be as close to the scalp as possible.
  • At this stage, you can think about the number of bubbles you want to make in your bubble braid.
  • Now, divide your hair into two parts to make two ponytails; go halfway through the middle if you’re making a pigtail bubble braid.
  • For a half-up or half-down bubble braid, horizontally split your hair and tie the bottom hairpiece using an elastic.
  • Then use the top hair portion to make a ponytail.

4. Put on the Elastics

Your bubble braid can be unique to your style. Feel free to use as many elastics as possible and make as many bubbles as possible. Start tying your hair with elastics at a measured distance.

You won’t need a ruler for equal spacing; try to go as correctly as you can. If you want to add your personality to the look, try to use colored elastics!

5. Make Some Bubbles

Once you’re done with the elastics, it’s time to make the bubbles! Pull each of the hair stands between the elastics to release some hair and give the “bubble” effect.

With thick hair, it’s easy to achieve this effect, but with thin or fine hair, you may need a hair spray to achieve more giant bubbles.

6. Add the Final Touches

When you are satisfied with your bubble braids, it’s time to secure them. Use hairspray to hold the bubbles in place. If you like a bit of personal touch, feel free to add jewels, headbands, or stylish hair scarves.

Bubble Braid Hairstyles

The hairstyling options are endless, with bubble braids on short and long hair. Don’t know how to style your bubble braids? We’ve got you covered! Here are some of the most trending bubble braid hairstyles.

Bubble Braids Half Up, Half Down

a girl having bubble Half Up, Half Down bubble braid
a girl having bubble Half Up, Half Down bubble braid

A fantastic idea for a bubble braid is a half-down, half-up style. You make a half pony with this style, leaving the rest of the hair down. The small pony above is turned to pigtail bubble braids.

Two Bubble Braids

a girl having two bubble braids
a girl having two bubble braids

Another fantastic black hairstyle is the two high-up ponytail bubble braids. Make two high ponies and then make bubble braids for each one—a perfect, simple look to pull off every day.

Bubble Braids Curly Hair

two girls with curly hair having bubble braids
two girls with curly hair having bubble braids

Bubble braids also look equally well on curly hair. This hairstyle is a convenient choice to show off your hair volume while taming the hair better.

Make bubble braids for the top of the head and go down until the end. You can make one or more bubble braids as you desire.

Essentials and Tips for Bubble Braids

Bubble braids are an effortless look to achieve regardless of which one you are making. There cannot be a more uncomplicated hairstyle to flaunt. Whether it’s two buddle braids or any other style, here are some tips that can be helpful.

Adding Grit

Adding Grit
different hair products

If you want your hair bubbles to stay in place for longer, it’s best to use grit and your holding product to protect against wind and frizz.

Adding a little grit, your hairstyle will stay in place much longer. Finally, use a dry shampoo or finishing spray to make the look long-lasting.

Make Your Bubbles Before You Add the Next Hair Band

Make Your Bubbles Before You Add the Next Hair Band
a girl having bubble braids

While most instructions will guide you to place the elastics first and then make the bubbles, the results are better when you make the bubbles before moving to the next elastic.

After adding one band, use your fingertips to pull the hair gently and create a round bubble, then head to the next section.

Set the Spacing

Set the Spacing
a girl making a bubble braid from scratch

There is no one size for bubble braids, so you can easily adjust the size till you achieve the perfect size. For shorter hair, it’s best to keep the distance between the elastics to a minimum, but you can increase the distance with longer hair.

You can also make more bubbles with longer hair by leaving less space between the bands. There’s no one bubble braid look, so you can go as you desire.


Bubble braids are a popular style that many love and follow today. For most people, bubble braids and kids’ styling is as easy as for adults. If you also want a simple hairstyle with a unique and stylish look, bubble braids are the thing to go! Service body rubs near me.

Above, we have covered a complete guide about bubble braid. Are you interested in trying the look and joining the recent trend? Try it out today; we hope you love it as much as everyone else.


What do bubble braids mean?

Bubble braids are a unique braiding hairstyle where you make ponytails and tie them continuously along the way with elastics. The elastics are applied at an equal distance, and the hair is pulled out to give a bubble look.

Can you do bubble braids on curly hair?

Yes, bubble braids go as well with curly hair as with straight hair. You can style curly in bubble braids differently, like a high ponytail or pigtail braid.

How do you make bubble braids not stick out?

If you want the bubble braids not to stick out, try using mist hairspray and brushing your hair before making bubble braids.

Do bubble braids damage your hair?

If they are styled correctly, bubble braids don’t cause much damage to your hair. That’s especially true if you use scrunchies instead of elastics.

Are bubble braids a protective hairstyle?

Yes, bubble braids are a protective hairstyle that keeps your hair protected, neat, and managed. Moreover, the look is easily pulled out; not many efforts are required.

How do black girls do bubble braids?

The method of doing bubble braids is the same for everyone. Black girls also do bubble braids on their dark or curly hair with different hairstyles, like bubble braids with hair down style and others. Bubble braids are also a popular style amongst blacks.

Are bubble braids in style today?

Today, bubble braids are one of the trendiest braiding styles on social media and in reality. Many celebrities join in the trend and make different bubble braid hairstyles. If you like bubble braids, you can also join the trend.


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