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Why Buying a Sofa Online is a Good Idea

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Technology has proven to be the most remarkable aspect of modern-day evolution. From using fitness apps to ordering meal prep ingredients and furniture online, we need more reasons to come out of the house. Online shopping is convenient and easy to use, but it can be daunting for large-item purchases such as fridges, TVs, and cheap living room sets.

Sofas are the centerpieces of living rooms and should therefore be comfortable, durable, and good-looking. Buying a new sofa means a lot of window shopping, looking at colors and fabrics, comparing prices at different shops, measuring and negotiating discounts, and finally getting it delivered. Buying online still has the same process, somewhat slightly differently.

Why You Should Consider Online

Online shopping may be your only option if you live in a remote area or need help getting to the stores. You may also live in an area with limited variety, or they need to have what you want; chances are you will find it online.

Most stores have both physical and online stores, so there are more chances you can get a sofa from an overseas store. With that said, always look out for delivery charges and T&C’s some retailers offer free delivery if you order over a certain amount. Other retailers will charge you if they have to re-deliver if you aren’t available. Make sure you go through the delivery terms thoroughly.

MeasurementsSofa Measurements

When buying from the physical store, you can sit on the sofa, measure it, and feel the fabric before deciding. Buying online limits this process, but there are ways to work around it, firstly, measure, re-measure, and measure again. If you can measure a sofa with the dimensions you want, whether in another store, your friend’s, or your old one, then measure your space and compare it with the measurements online. If these things are impossible, you can use another piece of furniture, like a chair, to get the proper measurements. Lastly, remember to measure the doorway.

FabricDifferent fabrics for sofa

You can ask your retailer for fabric samples; the more, the better. Then, you will see the color in a real-life scenario and try to get them in big sizes. Joybird and Restoration Hardware are great with fabric swatches.


One of the great things about buying online is the discounts, and most retailers offer discounts for first-time buyers. Some also offer additional discount codes to sign up for a newsletter or join their mailing list. These discounts range from 5% to 25% or more. Suppose they need something on their website, call/email and ask. You can combine these discounts with your bank affiliate reward programs or discounts. Just be patient when working the online discount system.


To ensure the online buying experience doesn’t leave a bitter taste in your mouth, make sure you read and read with understanding, especially their returns policy. Know when you can return the sofa, who is liable for the delivery fees etc. Also, review reviews to check other people’s experiences with the retailer and how the retailer has responded in the past. Read more about home improvement techniques.

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